10 Home Decor DIY Trends You Can Try with Your Family This Winter

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With winter just around the corner, families are looking for all sorts of fun activities to do with the kids. As we are all spending more time indoors, why not look to home decor DIY to keep you all entertained? From prepping the house for the holidays to refreshing the kids’ bedrooms, there are endless possibilities. Read on to find out the top ten ways to try with the whole family this winter.


#1 Upgrade your living space


Living spaces are where families spend most of their time, especially during the colder winter months. This year is no exception, and you may wish to have a total refresh of your space to make it cozier in time for Christmas. Start with the basics if you are short on money, and find the perfect couch for your kids to relax on by looking at some honest reviews online before buying.


#2 Make your own Christmas stockings

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With Christmas in the air, get the kids involved with making their own Christmas stockings, which you can hang above your fireplace in the lounge. Using some old clothes or fabrics, fashion a recycled stocking using a simple sewing pattern. To avoid any nasty accidents, why not use magic webbing to stick your stockings together using an iron, instead of a simple needle and thread.


#3 Craft some Christmas decorations


It’s not just stockings that get everyone in the mood for Christmas; the best Christmas decorations are homemade. From tree baubles to Christmas wreaths, add a classy but personal touch to your home this winter when you involve the kids. For your wreath, collect old twigs from the yard to make your masterpiece.


#4 Create some scented candles

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Winter is all about making everyone feel cozy and warm. Sometimes, the perfect lighting or some winter scents can do this. Although your kids might not be using candles, it’s a fun DIY activity to get everyone involved with. Get your kids to pick some scents using a winter scent guide or some essential oils for aromatherapy. Then, follow a handy online tutorial to turn your candles into works of art. These could even make the perfect Christmas gifts!


#5 Make some wall art


Kids always make their own art. From crayon drawings as toddlers to their own photographs as teenagers, the chances are you’ll have a lot of budding talent in your family. Why not ask your kids to make their own artwork with the promise of framing it around your home? This will get their creative juices flowing, even on darker days. This is also a great way to get your kids to spend time outdoors, especially if they want to take pictures inspired by nature.


#6 Craft a birdhouse for your yard

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Winter isn’t just a time to stay indoors. It’s a time when your yard may need some sprucing up, too. Attract the winter birds in your area by making a simple birdhouse. To save on time and safety, make the birdhouse shell yourself before your kids attempt to paint it. These will be colorful and friendly, so will easily add a splash of personality to your outdoor space.


#7 Refresh old furniture


Sometimes, you don’t need to buy new furniture to give your space a refresh. Repurposing some older pieces is a great way of helping the planet and injecting some personality into space. One of the most popular ways to do this is by adding a simple lick of paint to an old chest of drawers or wardrobe. Using kid-friendly paints, spend an afternoon spicing up pieces that may have lost their character.


#8 try out bunk beds

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It is every kid’s dream to have a bunk bed. With more time on our hands, why not turn to the kids’ bedrooms and make their beds into bunk beds. This requires some more skill but is a great idea for large families and those who wish to free up more room for their kids to play in.


#9 Get into knitting


Knitting isn’t just for grannies. More and more people are learning how to knit blankets for their homes, and not in the traditional way. Lately, giant knitting has risen in popularity, mostly because you use your arms as the knitting needles! Even if you don’t end up with a masterpiece, this is something every kid will love delving into. Take a look at a beginner’s guide here.


#10 Make Christmas lanterns from jam jars

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Unique Christmas decorations are hard to come by, which is why many families now make their own. Using old glass jars from jam or peanut butter, decorate with kid-friendly glass pens and twine before connecting them with string lights. This is another great way to let your kids’ creativity shine through, and will become something that adds an extra layer of warmth to a room all winter.

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