100 Hindu Goddess Lakshmi Names for Your Baby Girl

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Written by Bindu Raichura

Bindu Raichura

Wealth, fortune, beauty, and happiness are believed to come in with the arrival of tiny divine feet of baby girls at home. Many Hindu mythology believers feel blessed to have the birth of a girl child in their family. And to embark on this blissful journey, they feel obliged to name their girl child with the name of Goddess Lakshmi/ Laxmi Herself.

Baby Girl Names Inspired By Goddess Lakshmi:

The Goddess is said to be the wife and ‘Shakti’ of Lord Vishnu and also forms the Tridevi (or Trinity) of Hindu Goddesses, with Goddess Parvati & Goddess Saraswati. You would be surprised to learn that there are not one or two but a whole niche cluster of Goddess Lakshmi names. Here is a list of different names of Goddess Lakshmi with their respective meaning, to choose from (in alphabetical order):name of goddess laxmi

1. Aditi:

Free and boundless or mother of the Gods.

2. Aditri:

Of highest honour or the learned one.

3. Amala:

One who is pure and spotless.

4. Aarna:

River or waves.

5. Amritaayai:

Heavenly nectar.

6. Anaghayai:

Sinless one.

7. Ameyaa:

Magnanimous or the one without any boundaries.

8. Aakarshini:

Beautiful and attractive.

9. Akshara:

Alphabet, syllable or speech.

10. Bhagvati:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

11. Bhargavi:

It’s a sacred durva grass.

12. Bhagyashree:

Fortunate or lucky.

13. Charika:

One with the divine discus.

14. Chanchala:

Like wind or agile and nimble.

15. Dhaarana:

One who understands everything.

16. Dhanya:

Bringing wealth, fortune and blessings.

17. Dhanyasri:

Name of Goddess Laxmi or a raga in Hindu classical music.

18. Devashri:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

19. Divyasree:

Divine or heavenly.

20. Dhruti:

One who brings light.

21. Harini:

A female deer or the name of an apsara or yellow jasmine.

22. Haripriya:

A name associated with Goddess Laksmi.

23. Hiranyasri:

One who is like Gold or imperishable.

24. Indira:

Beauty and splendor.

25. Isvari:

A ruler or one who is divine or the goddess of fortune.

26. Jagruti:


27. Jaladhija:

Daughter of the ocean.

28. Jeevika:

Source of life or water.

29. Kalakarni:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

30. Kalyani:

Most auspicious.

31. Kamala:

Lotus flower.

32. Kanti:

Brightness of the moon or lovely or desire.

33. Khilaa:

Blooming or an addition to a hymn.

34. Kshirabdija:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

35. Kshirodaja:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

36. Kuhu:

The sound made by a cuckoo bird or a new moon.

37. Lakshmi:

Goddess of fortune, wealth, grace and beauty or the wife of Lord Vishnu.

38. Laksmika:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

39. Laksmipushp:

Ruby or flower belonging to Goddess Lakshmi.

goddess lakshmi names

40. Laksmitva:

Name associated with Goddess Lakshmi.

41. Lavanyasri:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

42. Lokamatri:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

43. Mahalakshmi:

The great Goddess Laksmi.

44. Mahasri:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

45. Mahavibhuti:

Name of Goddess Laxmi

46. Mahavidya:

The one blessed with knowledge and intellect.

47. Manasvini:

Mother of the moon or the one with a peaceful mindset.

48. Manimala:

A string of jewels or beauty or splendour and luster.

49. Maya:

A dream or illusion or supernatural power or wealth, wisdom and compassion.

50. Maulasri:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

51. Narayani:

Name of Goddess Laksmi or Goddess Durga.

52. Netri:

Name associated with Goddess Lakshmi.

53. Nitya:

Constant or never-fading or eternal.

54. Padmamalini:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

55. Padmavati:

One who possesses lotuses.

56. Padmaja:


57. Padmakshi:

One who has lotus-like eyes.

58. Padmalaya:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

59. Parthivi:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

60. Prakruti:

Nature or creation.

61. Ragini:


62. Ramaa:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

63. Rambha:

The name of the most beautiful celestial being.

64. Riddhi:

Prosperity or success or good fortune or in abundance.

65. Rukmini:

Wife of Lord Krishna.

66. Sampada:

Wealth or success or prosperity or in abundance.

67. Sananda:


68. Sanatani:


69. Sarvamangala:

Name associated with Goddess Lakshmi or Goddess Durga.

70. Shahvati:

Eternal-one or the earth.

71. Shubha:

Auspicious or fortunate or beautiful or splendour.

72. Siddhalakshmi:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

73. Sindhuja:

Born of the ocean.

74. Sri:

Prosperity or radiance or beauty.

names of goddess lakshmi

75. Srinidhi:

Divine treasure.

76. Srihastini:

One held in the hand of Goddess Lakshmi.

77. Srikaya:

One who is devoted to God.

78. Sridevi:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

79. Shreya:

Auspicious one or the one with good fortune or the blessed one.

80. Sryahya:

A lotus

81. Sriratna:

A precious gem.

82. Sudiksha:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

83. Sureshvari:

Name associated with Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Durga.

84. Suvarnada:

One who is golden and blessed with riches and fortune.

85. Sumangala:

One who is all auspicious.

86. Trikalika:

Omniscient or the one ever present across three periods of time.

87. Trishikha:

One who is in the three Vedas.

88. Tanushri:

Delicate and divine beauty.

89. Tharunika:

Youthful and beautiful.

90. Urvi:


91. Vahnisvari:

Name of Goddess Laxmi.

92. Vaidheeki:

One who is in the form of the Vedas.

93. Vama:

Charm, wealth and fortune.

94. Varavarnini:

Name associated with Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Durga.

95. Varunavi:

Name of Goddess Lakshmi.

96. Vasudha:

The earth.

97. Vibhuti:

Sacred ash or glory or wealth and prosperity.

98. Vijayalakshmi:

Goddess of victory.

99. Vishnushakti:

One who is Lord Vishnu’s power and energy.

100. Yashaswini:

Successful one.

So after going through the above-mentioned list of Goddess Lakshmi names for baby girls, you must have understood that there is a proper blend of royal and modern names of the Goddess. Hope you have been able to select the perfect name for your little angel!

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Bindu Raichura,

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