Jalebi During Pregnancy – Is it Safe to Eat?

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Ambili Kartha

Jalebi During Pregnancy

If you are Indian then there is no chance that you have not tasted jalebi in your life. This dessert is very popular in India and it has the strength of making the entire world its fans. No wonder Tesher and Jason Derulo dedicated a song to this orangy circular sweet dish!  During pregnancy you can have a sudden craving for jalebis but is it safe to eat jalebi during pregnancy?

Jalebis can surely satisfy your sugar cravings during pregnancy but being deep fried they are not quite healthy for you. Too much intake of fried and sugary substances during pregnancy can result in unnecessary fat gain and increase the risk of diabetes, digestive, and cardiovascular problems. In this article, we will discuss the risks of eating jalebi during pregnancy and how to control your cravings for jalebis during pregnancy. You will also get some healthy alternatives to jalebi that you can munch on during pregnancy. So let’s get started. 

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Is it Safe to Eat Jalebi During Pregnancy?

The safety of eating jalebi during pregnancy depends on the quantity and frequency of its intake. In simple words, eating 1 or 2 jalebis occasionally is completely fine during pregnancy. You can occasionally cheat on your pregnancy diet plan for the sake of your satisfaction. But do not make it a regular habit as then it can cause trouble. 

On average 1 jalebi contains 44 calories per piece. Jalebis are made of refined flour or maida which doesn’t contain fiber. Moreover, they are fried in ghee or oil which increases their fat content. And most importantly in 100 grams of jalebi, almost 30 grams is only sugar as a jalebi is not a jalebi unless it is dipped in sugar syrup. 

So, jalebis surely should not be in your regular diet during pregnancy or any time in life. But you can have 1 or 2 of them on special occasions or make jalebi at home when you truly crave it.

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What Are The Risks of Eating Jalebi During Pregnancy?

Gestational issues

There are multiple risks of overconsuming jalebi or any other fried sweet dishes. The risks of eating jalebi during pregnancy are-

  • The core ingredient of jalebi is maida, which is full of carbohydrates but doesn’t contain fiber. Maida can cause poor bowel movement and constipation which you surely want to avoid while pregnant.
  • Maida along with sugar and oil can spike your blood sugar levels and result in heart problems and diabetes.
  • The crunchy texture of jalebi comes because of its deep frying in ghee or refined oil. Uncontrolled intake of these food items can increase your fat intake. It can make you obese and create complications in pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Fried food items can also cause gastric problems.
  • Often in sweet shops, they use the same oil again and again to fry several lots of jalebis. This type of oil is extremely harmful to your health as the smoking point of oil diminishes after several uses.
  • Sugar is considered as white poison as this simple carbohydrate can increase the glucose and fat absorption rate in your blood. So gradually reducing sugar intake is good for you and your baby.

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Are There Any Healthy Alternatives to Jalebi During Pregnancy?

Are There Any Healthy Alternatives to Jalebi During Pregnancy_

So, are there any healthy substitutes for jalebi during pregnancy? Multiple healthy food choices can satisfy your sugar cravings without harming your health. Here is what you can try as healthy alternatives to jalebi during pregnancy-

  • Dark chocolate can provide you antioxidants, protein, and fat with much less sugar intake than jalebi. But you must eat it in moderation
  • The craving for sweet and sour taste is generally associated with pregnancy. Mango or tamarind pickles can provide you with natural sugar with a tangy flavor 
  • Yogurt along with fruits and nuts is extremely healthy for you during pregnancy, as it is a rich source of animal protein and calcium  
  • Homemade fruit jams with no or minimal sugar can be another option

So you need not avoid Jalebi completely if you are pregnant. Eating one or two pieces of jalebi once or twice a month is all right. Just ensure you eat nutrient-rich food throughout your pregnancy days to balance it.

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1. Does Sugar Affect The Baby During Pregnancy?

Yes, high sugar intake during pregnancy days can affect your baby. Sugar consumed by the mother can impact the brain development of the baby, and result in gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and premature births. The chances of the baby suffering from obesity also get high.

2. Can Sugar Cause Birth Defects?

Uncontrolled sugar intake or high blood sugar levels of the mother can cause birth defects in the developing baby. Studies show that babies can be born with defects in the brain, heart, or spine as a result of high sugar concentration in the mother’s blood during pregnancy.

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