12 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule – Sample Schedule, Problems and Tips

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12 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule

It is the birthday month for your little one. You may notice that your one year old undergoes severe sleep regressions and other over-tiredness related sleep problems. Many toddlers tend to transition to a single nap during the 12th month. You must help lengthen the awake timing to ensure they take two naps during the day. A 12 month old baby sleep schedule should essentially comprise two daytime naps and proper night sleep.

With your baby reaching so many milestones, they need all the energy to keep them going and enough sleep time to relax them as well. But increased activity levels also mean that your to-be toddler will refuse to sleep. It is important to establish a proper sleep routine. Are you wondering about how you do that? In this article, we shall discuss the sleep schedule of a 12-Month-Old baby. Let us get started.

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How Much Should a 12 Month Old Sleep?

A 12-month-old needs to sleep for an average of 14 hours daily. Some babies may sleep between 12 to 16 hours, considered regular sleeping hours. The 12-month-old needs two naps during the daytime of one to two hours, and the gap between two naps should be atleast 4 hours.

Many babies tend to try transitioning to a single nap during this period. But parents must ensure that they take two naps a day. They are still too young to transition to a single nap.

Can You Sleep Train a 12 Month Old Baby?

Sleep Train a 12 Month Old Baby

Yes, you can train a 12 month old baby though the process may get challenging as babies develop their own personalities by now and want to do things their way. Increased activity levels and restlessness add to the challenges on the part of parents and caregivers who are trying to sleep train their babies. For this reason, most doctors suggest training their babies at as early as 4 to 5 months of age.

This means your little one is older to get sleep trained by the time they turn a year old. But parents must not lose heart. Ensure you do not stop the training due to meltdowns and sleep resistance. Continue to encourage them to sleep better day by day.

Make sure to choose the best sleep training methods that suit your little one. Three standard sleep training methods exist Cry-It-Out, Ferber Method, and chair. Try out any of them for better results.

Also, remember that your little one is old enough to be sleep trained. Sleep training is not going to be an easy-peasy task. Foster more patience towards the baby and do not be harsh when they resist sleep.

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12 Month Old Baby Sample Sleep Schedule

A 12-month-old baby still needs two naps during the day. Many parents and daycare providers try to shift them to a single daily nap. The following is a sample sleep schedule for a 12-month-old baby.

Sample Time Awake/Nap/Bedtime
07:00 AM Stays Awake
10:00 AM Nap Time
11:00 AM Stays Awake
02:00 PM Nap Time
03:00 PM Stays Awake
06:30 PM Bedtime Routine
07:00 PM Bedtime

The above sleep schedule assumes that the baby is awake for 3 hours between two naps and sleeps for one hour for each nap during the day.

What is 12 Month Sleep Regression?

Your little one is going to turn a year old very soon. The 12th month is a period where the sleep patterns of babies change drastically. Even if you sleep train your little one, sleep regression appears out of nowhere and all of a sudden. The following are some of the symptoms of the 12-month sleep regression.

  • Adverse and changing sleep patterns.
  • Waking up frequently at night.
  • Irregular sleep timings.
  • Fussy and cranky when awake.

These signs of sleep regression are typical. Most parents understand that sleep regression is about to arrive. It could be tiring during this period. Being patient and learning to solve sleep problems can help them.

Top Sleep Problems Expected From a 12 Month Old Baby

Sleep Problems of a 12 Month Old Baby

Sleep problems are widespread among babies when they are busy trying to achieve their milestones on time. Let us discuss all the sleep problems they could face to help them cope with sleeplessness.

1. Developmental Milestones

Both physically and mentally, developmental milestones can hamper the sleep patterns of your little one. Seeing your little one walk and talk the first words is so exciting. But, they go through a lot of stress to achieve them. Fighting the nap is the primary sleep problem that they face.

2. Separation Anxiety

By 12 months, your little one understands when you are around and not. Most babies start moving around the house searching for their parents when they are not around. This is known as separation anxiety. Many parents notice that the little one wakes up the next moment the mother wakes up. Even if the babies sleep, they could sense the mom is not around. Try offering them an alternative like their favorite toy, soft pillows, or snuggly items to give them the warmth.

3. Teething

You may notice that your little one has a lot of teeth sprouting. Teething could create pain and numbness, which can hinder the sleep pattern of the babies. They may find it difficult to sleep with the pain.

Sleep training can be provided to babies as early as 4 months. If you have not trained them, now they may find it difficult going to sleep on their own.

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Top 5 Tips to Help Your Twelve Month Old Baby Sleep

Tips to Help Baby Sleep

Parents are the primary source of support for babies. You can help your little one to cope with sleep problems. Let us see what we can do.

  1. Help them follow a bedtime routine. Give them a warm bath, a whole meal, a good atmosphere, a bedtime book, and a lullaby to help them understand that it is time to sleep. By 12 months, your little one would understand the difference between day and night. The bedtime routine helps them to sleep on their own.
  2. When your 12-month-old wakes up at night, offer them consistent comfort. Allow them to self-soothe for a few minutes before lifting. Lift them only if they become fussier and crankier. Also, ensure not to cultivate unnecessary habits during the midnight wakings.
  3. An overtired baby cannot sleep well at night. Many parents believe babies will quickly go to sleep, but an overtired baby will find it challenging to sleep through the night. Make sure you give them proper sleep during the day.
  4. On the flip side, if you allow your little one to sleep for a longer time during the day, their night sleep pattern could be hampered.
  5. Offering a comfortable space and environment could help in sleeping better. Ensure that the room is neither too hot nor too cold.

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When Should You Consider Calling a Doctor?

When you find that the sleep pattern of your 12-month-old is altered and it is difficult to deal with it, reach out to the assistance of your child’s doctor. They can help you.

A 12-month-old baby is grown enough to sleep well. But, the rigorous activities during the day may keep them awake. Sleep is the key to a happy, healthy baby and 12 month old baby sleep schedule should have enough sleep hours to help them relax and rejuvenate.

To help your little one deal with sleep regression and other sleep problems, try to understand them and help them cope with sleep problems. Happy Parenting.


1. What Should the Number of Naps and Nap Duration be For a 12 Month Old Baby?

A 12-month-old should take two naps during the day for one hour each.

2. What Are the Average Daytime Sleep Hours For a 12 Month Old Baby?

The 12-month-old can sleep for an average of 2 hours during the daytime.

3. What Are the Average Nighttime Sleep Hours For a 12 Month Old Baby?

The average nighttime sleep required for a 12-month-old baby could be 10 to 12 years.

4. At a Stretch, How Much Should a 12 Month Old Baby Sleep at Night?

At a stretch, the 12 month old baby can sleep for 8 to 10 hours at night.

5. What Are the Average Total Sleep Hours Per Day For a 12 Month Old Baby?

On average, the total sleep hours per day for a 12-month-old baby could be 14 hours. Some babies might sleep for anytime between 12 to 16 hours.

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