It is believed that a woman’s journey becomes complete once they become a mother. It is that feeling which every woman looks forward to. A time in life which many are blessed with while so many others who aren’t as well. Medical science has been progressing and devising new methods for making this possible, as well. Pregnancy for some women is very smooth and for others very confusing. Maximum times, women realize they are pregnant when about four weeks have passed by as most of the early symptoms in pregnancy are very similar to the ones faced before the menstrual cycle.

Some early pregnancy symptoms could be tender breast, fatigue, cramps, nausea, headaches, mood swings constipation, etc. All these signs do not happen instantly but gradually and could happen to one pregnant lady but not to the other, however, very common signs that one needs to look for are fatigue, nausea with or without vomiting, and the increasing frequency to pass urine.

So, let us have a detailed insight and understand the first week’s signs of pregnancy and even answer some of the questions below to get a better idea regarding the topic.

How To Find If One Is Pregnant After 1 Week?

To be able to find if one is pregnant after one week has passed is tough as the first week of pregnancy is very similar to the first few days of the menstrual cycle. All the women are aware of the signs that indicate that their period cycle is approaching. The periods are a pre-preparation for the body of the woman to be prepared for getting pregnant. That is the reason why the symptoms are similar, as well.

Let us have an insight on all the symptoms that can indicate one is pregnant after passing of 1st week and these are as below:

  • Fatigue:

The body after conceiving shows increased levels of progesterone and low blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure with high levels of production of blood. It can take up all the energy, thus making one very tired and sleepy. The rise in the basal body temperature may also contribute to fatigue during early pregnancy.

  • Tender Breasts/ Nipples In Early Pregnancy:

This is a common symptom for the pre-menstrual cycle as well, but in the early stages of pregnancy, the breasts can become full, heavy, or sore due to hormonal changes. The nipples may also feel sensitive or even painful to touch during early pregnancy. It will turn darker, as well.

  • Cramping or Bleeding During Early Pregnancy:

During the early stages of pregnancy, some pregnant women experience cramps and bleeding similar to PMS. This bleeding or spotting is called implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding occurs when the fertilized egg gets attached to the uterus lining post two weeks of fertilization. The bleeding of this type is lighter in color than the regular periods.

  • Headaches During Early Pregnancy:

During the early stages of pregnancy, high blood circulation can lead to increased frequency of headaches. Recurring headaches can be a sign that you are pregnant.

  • Mood Swings:

Estrogens and progesterone are hiking significantly at the beginning of the pregnancy. The hormonal changes have a big influence on the mood of the expecting woman. These hormonal changes often make a pregnant woman very emotional and weepy.

  • Constipation:

Due to the high level of progesterone, the food passes very slowly through the intestine leading to constipation. Constipation, which bothers the woman throughout her pregnancy, may starts in the early pregnancy itself.

  • Dizziness:

Low levels of blood sugar or blood pressure can trigger the pregnant woman’s slight levels of faintness.

  • Nausea:

Early stages of pregnancy are characterized by nausea or morning sickness, and it could be with or without vomiting. This happens due to high levels of Oestrogenand is a very common symptom during the early stages of pregnancy.

  • Missing The Period Cycle:

All the symptoms mentioned above are a slight indicator of a lady being pregnant. Out of the most apparent and a noticeable symptom is not getting the period cycle at the right time. This is the time, and a pregnancy test should be done at home. The pregnancy test offers the best results if taken within one or two days of missing the period cycle, and even if the test shows negative, it should be retaken after few days have passed to be sure. In case it is positive, one should immediately consult a doctor and start the prenatal precautions and care.

However, these signs can also indicate some type of ailment or pre-menstrual syndrome. At the same time, some pregnancy happens without any significant signs. All bodies are different and can act differently to pregnancy. However, the commonest symptom of pregnancy is counted as missing the period cycle.

Can Clearblue Detect 1 Week Pregnancy?

During the early stages of pregnancy, the HCG levels in the body are increased, and the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test helps in detecting the pregnancy hormone and is close to 99% inaccuracy of the results. This test can be conducted as early as around five days before missing the actual period cycle to the day when the period has been missed.

The Pregnancy Test of Clearblue with Weeks Indicator offers women with many advantages as below:

  • It provides results regarding the pregnancy close to 99% accuracy from the due date of the period.
  • It is unique than others as it is the only test that helps in assessing weeks of the conception of pregnancy (could be from 1, 1-2, 2, 2-3, 3, 3+).
  • It is a sensitive one and can be used before five days of missing the period cycle.
  • It is a reliable one and uses recognized techniques.
  • It is easy and user-friendly and has no complications.
  • It is highly trustworthy as Clearblue is a globally reputed brand for selling fertility kits as well as pregnancy test kits.

Does Your Stomach Hurt When You Are One Week Pregnant?

Some pregnant women start feeling some cramps in the lower abdomen post a week after the ovulation process. This generally takes place due to the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus lining. Early weeks of pregnancy also are characterized by cramping, which is the result of stretching and growth of the uterus.

What Happens In The First Week Of Pregnancy?

Do you know the woman’s egg is the biggest single cell in the entire human body? You’re not actually technically pregnant during your first week of pregnancy. This is the time when the body is preparing for the arrival of a fertilized egg. Since no baby has been formed, there will not be any baby bump, but one might feel bloated due to hormonal changes or retention of fluid in the body, cramps or discomfort. Cervical mucus may also increase during this time.

Can A Pregnancy Test Show Positive At 1 Week?

It is getting a positive result of the pregnancy test is done on the first day of the period cycle that was missed shows two weeks since conception has taken place. But with better and sensitive tests, one can come to know the conception of pregnancy by as early as eight days.

In case the tests are taken too early, it becomes difficult to detect the HCG, so it is best to be taken a day later than your expected period by the first urination in the morning

So, there are very few chances of the pregnancy test to show positively in one week.

Thus, as seen above, the first week of signs of pregnancy are very similar to that of the pre-menstrual cycle and could be confusing as well, so it is important to keep a watch on the body and understand the indicators it shows. No baby is seen in the first week of pregnancy. Still, the body is already in the preparation mode for conception, so this is the ideal time when one can resort to healthy lifestyle changes and increase opportunities for having a healthy and smooth pregnancy.