3 Safety and Security Tips for New Parents in 2020

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There is nothing that can prepare you for having your first child. You can read all the books in the world and talk to a million loved ones who have done it before. But everything changes the day you become a parent and experiencing it is the only way to truly know what that means. Fortunately, there are some things you actually can prepare for. Because knowing what it really means to “become a parent” is different than taking the practical steps to prepare for the big day. This is definitely the case in a few areas related to safety and security. We all know that we need to protect our new baby from day one, and there are a couple of common-sense ways to get this right. Specifically, you should take the following three actions before your new bundle of joy arrives.


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1. Baby-Proofing Your Home

Safety is job No. 1 for any parent. Love, education, and enrichment are all wonderful — and very necessary — parts of being a caregiver. But going back to the ancestral days of our species, we must first and foremost serve as protector and guardian to our young ones. Fortunately, you don’t have lions and snakes to worry about in modern times. You do, however, live in a modern home full of heavy and electric things. So take as much care as possible and complete all the baby-proofing strategies that you can around the house.


2. Upgrading Your Home Security

Now is also a good time to consider the safety of the whole family by upgrading your home security. You don’t have to go crazy and turn the house into Fort Knox. But there are some excellent smart-home technologies on the market now that are cheap, easy, and effective. Most importantly, they will give you a little extra peace of mind when you lie down each night for bed. You can start with some smart locks and then maybe add a few security cameras or an alarm system. Chances are, you will never have to deal with robbers or intruders, but part of being a parent is taking all the precautions you can.


3. Future Planning for Financial Security

As you deal with the whirlwind days ahead, it’s easy to procrastinate on any longer-term issues. But it is best to get a jump on big life issues like college tuition planning and financial stability as soon as possible. One simple way to help protect your child’s future is by having a life insurance policy in place. While we all hope our kid will live a very long life before he or she ever has to confront the pain of losing a parent, you need to make sure that your loved ones are protected in case tragedy strikes.


Being Smart and Playing It Safe

There is nothing more important than keeping your newborn safe. This obligation obviously doesn’t end until they mature into a full-grown adult and leave the nest. Ultimately, everything good in life requires a baseline level of safety and security — and providing that for your child is critical. You should start by preparing for life with a toddler by baby-proofing your home. Then make some common-sense upgrades to your home security. And, finally, be sure to think long-term about the family’s financial health by protecting yourself with life insurance. As much as every parent tries, there is no way to guarantee that your baby will forever stay safe and sound. But you need to do as much as you can to shift the odds in your favor. So play it safe from day one, and you will be able to rest easier knowing that you’ve done everything in your power for the new love of your life.

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