3M Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filter: Your answer to control Indoor Air Pollution

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After living in the US for 8 years, I moved back to Mumbai with my family in June’18. As a mother of two young children who almost always want to go out and play, Mumbai’s air is a big concern for me. It’s funny how the outdoors was seen as a great place for inhaling fresh air. But now, we can’t let our children out for too long without masks. It is sad and unfortunate that things are getting further complicated than this.
In the recent two months, I have had to rush to the pharmacy more than ever before because of their abnormal sneezing and frequent complaining about a burning sensation in their eyes and throat. It was heart wrenching to see my otherwise healthy 8-year-old on inhalers and nebulisers. Initially, I suspected it to be an effect of the changing seasons but after multiple visits to the doctor, I know better. The presence of extremely harmful pollutants in the air is the main reason behind the allergy-like symptoms amongst children.
This is when I started researching air pollution. I realized that our children are the most affected by air pollution because, for their body size, they breathe more air and also spend more time playing outside.
But that was not it. The air at home is same as the air outside in the city. When we breathe, besides the vital oxygen, we also inhale micro-dust, smoke, bacteria, virus, allergens, and many other harmful contaminants. And this not just leads to simple breathing issues but can impact your lung health in long-term.
According to the analysis of pollutants and particles in the air, the indoors are also no good because pollutants measuring 2.5 micrometres in diameter are lurking inside our houses too and these can cause more damage to the health of our children.
The more I learned about air pollution the more I panicked. I bought air purifiers and plants. Did they help? Were my children safer now? I felt helpless. I had a choice. Move back to the U.S. or do something about it. I decided to do something about it.
I wanted something which cleans air properly, compact, silent, easy to operate and of course not pinching my budget. Since we were already using air conditioners at home, I decided to buy 3M Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filter for our Air Conditioners.
3M AC Filter
I bought 3M electrostatic Air conditioner filter from Amazon . 3M Anti Pollution Filter helps converting AC into air Purifier.
What 3MTM AC Filter does?
3M Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filters are designed to complement the existing filtering screen of your wall mounted air conditioners to enable it to remove PM2.5 and other Micro-Particle pollutants from the air inside your home so you can clean your air while you cool it.
Benefits of 3M Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filter:

  • Removes 83% of PM 2.5 and Micro-Particle content from indoor air within an hour of application
  • Purifies the air in your room
  • Easy & quick do-it-yourself application
  • Affordable way to purify indoor air

AC Filter

Is it Easy to use?
Well Yes, It is very easy to install the Filter onto the Air Conditioner. All you need to do is remove the AC mesh and attach the AC filter as per instructions provided. It is very and convenient to use and change AC filters.

3M AC filter

What can you expect?
The filterate traps microparticles and over time turns from White to Black ensuring the trapped particles are not in your lungs.

3M AC Filter
After 3 months of using this product, I am happy that we spend almost 80% of our times in house and to a great extend I am able to secure my family from air pollution. I suggest 3M Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filter  is a must at every home.

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