6 Night Time Tips For Mothers-To-Be

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Being a mother is a great and rewarding feeling as you’ll be able to bring life to this world that you sheltered in your own body. Some people say that being a mother is exhausting as you’re up all night. You’d be surprised with how easily you can pick up with the habits and responsibilities of being a mother like you’ve been doing it for the longest time.  

While you prepare for your little one to comes out, you may want to enjoy your pregnancy period and allow yourself to have a good night’s sleep. It’s very common for pregnant women to feel uncomfortable during the night, especially during the third trimester where the baby is getting bigger and heavier. Don’t worry, listed below are the tips on how you can have a great night while you’re pregnant:

1. Invest in A Good Mattress:

Who wouldn’t love to lay their bodies in the best and most comfortable bed ever? Sleeping in a comfortable mattress is highly essential, especially for pregnant women who experience plenty of body pains due to carrying an added weight on their bellies.  

When looking for a mattress online, you should check the product reviews as some features may not be what you expect them to be once they reached your home. You can visit various websites or this page to see which mattress would be perfectly fit for your household.

2. Drink Water Early:

You know how many bathroom trips you need the whole day and how exhausting it is. You should try drinking less water in the evening, if you want to enjoy your sleep time and reduce the amount of time visit the bathroom. Don’t worry, you can take as much water as you want during the day. Just try to keeping the volume at the minimum during the night.

3. Destress Your Mind:

As a pregnant woman, you should avoid feeling stressed as it could affect the baby’s health. During your bedtime, you should try to de-stress your mind so you will be in a relaxed and peaceful state as you go to sleep at night.

You can try doing some breathing exercises, meditation, prenatal yoga, watching your favorite movie, knitting, or taking a warm and relaxing bath. You should keep yourself happy and pampered as your baby can feel the same emotion you have during your pregnancy. 

women doing Exercise

4. Exercise Regularly:

Exercising regularly not only improve your health, but also results to a great night of sleep. You can choose to exercise regularly.

When it comes to building your workout routine, it doesn’t have to be intense. You only need to keep up with a regular phase that won’t overwork your body. You can even do a morning walk in the park or practice yoga. Your pregnancy workout shouldn’t only allow your body to move but it should also improve the circulation of blood and reduce your nighttime leg cramps.  

When working out, try to keep your latest routine at least three to four hours before your bedtime so it won’t disrupt the way you sleep. 

5. Maximize the Use of Pillows:

During your pregnancy period, you’ll be surprise how comfortable sleeping is when you have full pillows for your body. You could use a pregnancy pillow as you’d be more comfortable in sleeping on your side while hugging a little pillow with a flat pillow between your knees.  

You should always put one pillow below your belly and between your knees for a proper posture. Avoid using additional pads on your head as they can block your breathing while you sleep.

women cooking

6. Keep Track of What You Eat:  

Your baby would react to a particular food that you eat within the day. If your baby keeps on dancing when you eat sugary or spicy foods, you should list them down on your food journal so you can avoid eating those kinds of food before your bedtime. In this way, you can prevent your baby from dancing up all night from the food that you eat. 

You should bring a food journal with you wherever you go. Even if you have no plans of eating while you’re out, you’ll never know if you catch yourself hungry mid-day. 


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, and you should cherish the months you have with you as you shelter your baby with you inside your womb. While the process can be joyful and tiring, at the same time, you should look for ways how you can have a night of great sleep. Your body needs the most energy as it’s going to make you and your baby healthy and strong.  

Moreover, there are plenty of nighttime tips that could help you achieve a peaceful night of sleep that could help you feel energized in the morning. But above all, always try to keep yourself relaxed and happy so your baby can feel the same way, too. 

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