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Air Conditioner Safe During Pregnancy

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pregnant women sleeping
The phase of pregnancy is very delicate for both the mother and the baby. With a plethora of do’s and don’ts, there happens umpteen hormonal changes and mood swings of which we have no control. Keeping in mind all the changes taking place, the body at times is not able to adjust. It is normal for the mother to find the house stuffy even though it isn’t, heat and humidity are the biggest let outs in pregnancy leading to unpleasantness and making the mother irritating.

  • Does Exposure To Hot Whether Affect The Normal Progression Of Pregnancy?
  • Why Expecting Mothers Need Air Conditioning?

It is believed that mothers should be kept away from the air conditioning or use it on a minimal basis to prevent the cold air that could lead to fever and cold. This statement is widely used, but no one knows how true it is. So, let’s unravel some myths and find out the reasons as to why it is important for the pregnant mommies to be in air conditioners.

Does Exposure To Hot Whether Affect The Normal Progression Of Pregnancy?

It is very important to avoid or reduce the exposure of pregnant women to extremes in temperature. Studies have proven that staying in an in extremely hot or cold area during the initial seven weeks of pregnancy is associated with preterm delivery. The exact reason for this phenomenon is still unknown.
However, it is found that staying in an extremely hot place throughout the pregnancy is connected with an increased risk of preterm delivery. The risk is actually found to increase by 6 to 21 percent at 34 weeks and 36-38 weeks respectively.
The researchers came to the conclusion that the stress underwent by the expecting mothers may get in the way of the normal development of the placenta or it may alter the flow of blood to the uterus. Either way, it can increase the chances of preterm labor.

Why Expecting Mothers Need Air Conditioning?

Why should the room of the expecting women be properly air-conditioned, especially, when pregnancy is during the warmer months of summer? Well, we shall be studying about the reasons and even know why the pregnant mommies need air conditioning. Some of them are as under:

  •  Fresh Air Is A Must In Pregnancy: It is not very uncommon for the pregnant women to spend the crucial last few months inside the home, and this is the time when the quality of air one breathes really matters. This is important both for the mother and the unborn baby. Without adequate air conditioning, the house environment cannot provide enough circulation of fresh air. Along with that, there are several health hazards that can be accrued to hot and humid air. The most common is the growth of molds which is the result of excess humidity. Thus, having an adequate and properly serviced air conditioner at home assures that the air in the house is devoid of all sorts of pollens, dust and various other allergens that could have been transported by the duct. When the interiors are properly conditioned, we can close all the doors and windows so that air remains cooler. Fit air filters to wall-mounted ACs or use air purifiers to reduce exposure to PM2.5 & PM10 particles. 3M Electrostatic Air conditioner Filters  help you Keep the Indoor air clean
  • It Is Mandatory To Get Adequate Sleep And Rest : As per the surveys conducted on pregnancy, it has been seen that there exists a co-relation with respect to the quality and quantity of sleep one gets during the pregnancy phase. It has been also seen that due to lack of proper sleep, there exists low birth weight and pre-mature delivery issues. But sleep patterns do get obstructed if the temperature shots too high, especially in the summer season and in absence of a proper cooling system in place. Thus, having a properly installed air conditioning system not only purifies the air from allergens, but even helps to fight heat issues in summers leading to proper sleep and comfort which is a mandate for the pregnant mothers. It is extremely important for the mother to get ample rest and comfort during these nine months as it directly affects the baby as well.
  • One Is Prone To Get Sultry And Sweaty During Pregnancy : Heat intolerance is a common cause amongst the pregnant ladies that could also be due to weight gain, lack of physical fitness, less mobility and changes in the diet. All these together can lead to excessive sweating and make one uneasy and uncomfortable. However, if one has an adequate air conditioning system in place, it helps in making the body cool when one starts sweating or feeling excessively hot. Hormones play a significant role during the pregnancy phase and all these hormonal changes lead to a surplus of other diseases. Hormonal changes and mood swings make the pregnant lady irritated, which increases chances of fluctuation in blood pressure levels and headaches.
  • Less Mobility During The First Nine Months :Generally, pregnant women have been seen complaining of swollen feet and ankles. With that happens weight gain and many other changes that can lead one to stay indoors. Swollen feet are a common phenomenon, especially during summers. Because of these and many other reasons, one prefers to be indoors and even though walking daily is advised yet having an adequate air conditioning system helps in the entire phase of pregnancy. Pregnancy as a phase is different for different ladies, some find it a cakewalk while some go through many difficulties. In either case, the movement is restricted, and one needs to be cautious, particularly in the first trimester and the last trimester as they are crucial for the mother and the baby. Staying at home requires them to feel at ease and comfortable as it is believed that mothers should stay happy during the entire nine months for a healthy and happy baby later in life.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that expecting mothers get a relaxing and comforting environment, along with a proper and healthy diet. It is crucial for pregnant women to stay free from allergens and get proper and fresh air. So, because of the reasons listed above, one can understand the need for air conditioning for pregnant mothers.

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