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How To Avoid Pregnancy After One Month?

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To see the two stripes on the pregnancy test stick is a dream come true for most women, but at the same time, the same two strips could also be a cause of worry. If the pregnancy is unplanned or if your health condition does not allow for pregnancy at the moment, then the only safe recourse is to go for an abortion. There are many reasons why a couple might opt for abortion, though we will not go into that now. At the moment the question that is pertinent here is, how to abort in the first month of conceiving? Are there natural ways in which an early pregnancy can be terminated? Is it painful and does it come with side effects? Let’s try to calm your mind on these questions.
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  • How To Terminate An Early Pregnancy?
  • Side Effects Of Terminating Pregnancy After One Month?
  • How To Avoid Pregnancy After One Month Naturally?

How To Terminate An Early Pregnancy?

Ideally, there are two ways in which pregnancy can be terminated in the first month or for that matter in the first trimester.

  1. Medical: In this medicines are prescribed to end the pregnancy. These medicines cause contractions of the womb that aid abortion. However, this can be done only in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. Mifepristone is the medicine used which blocks progesterone and thins the lining of the womb
  2. Surgical: This is done in a clinic; it requires a minor procedure to terminate the pregnancy. This includes any of the following, depending on the patient’s need and condition.
    • Abortion by suction: In this a special tube (cannula) is inserted into the womb through the vagina and the cervix. It is simple, safe and takes less time (max upto 10 minutes). Suction can be done in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
    • Abortion by scraping (D and C):
      In this a sharp instrument called the curette is used. It is common and takes about 15 to 20 minutes and in most cases the patient is under anesthesia during the procedure. In this the cervix has to be stretched so that the curette can be inserted into the womb which at times can be quite painful. This can be done within the first month

Side Effects Of Terminating Pregnancy After One Month?

Though for certain reasons, abortion may be the only option that couples may be left with, there are some health concerns that you need to be aware of:

1. Medical Abortion Causes

  • Heavy bleeding, heavier than the normal menstrual bleeding
  • Many women experience cramping
  • Sometimes, it could cause infection and bleeding and in some cases, some of the pregnancy tissues might not be completely removed. This could lead to further complications
  • Some women complain of nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea

2. Surgical Abortion Might Cause

  • Infection and in some cases, endometriosis
  • In some cases, the abortion might not remain incomplete and therefore it causes further complications because some portions of the pregnancy tissue remains
  • Sometimes, uterine, bladder or bowel perforations are possible due to the surgery performed
  • In some cases, a surgical abortion might cause harm to the uterus or cervix and therefore may cause complications to future pregnancies. It could even lead to future abortions

couple with doctor for abortion

How To Avoid Pregnancy After One Month Naturally?

If you are looking to avoid medications and surgery and want to go the natural way, here are some ways and foods that are recommended.

  1. Papaya: Papaya has phytochemicals that contain contraceptive properties. These inhibit progesterone. Not just that, they are rich in oxytocin and prostaglandin, which boost labor contractions. Those who want to avoid complications can opt for this fruit to do the magic
  2. Pineapple: This fruit, rich in Vitamin C and proteolytic enzyme Bromelain is known to soften the cervix and cause miscarriage. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple, effective home remedy, pineapple should be the answer
  3. Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds consumed in large quantities are known to trigger abortion. They can be fried and mixed with honey or soak it overnight, drain the water and drink it for a month for desired results
  4. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is normally used to stimulate the uterus to ease delivery but if you consume in huge quantities without cooking, it can aid abortion. When cooked, the compounds in the spice break up. Because of the strong smell and taste, many women prefer to take cinnamon supplements instead. But remember to consult your doctor before you decide on this option. In some women, cinnamon is known to cause allergic reactions
  5. Green tea/ Chamomile herbal tea: Excessive consumption of green tea is known to cause infertility and cause miscarriage. Similarly, several cups of the herbal tea (Chamomile) also induces abortion. For this, you need to mix dried chamomile with boiling water, rest the tea for a couple of minutes, strain and drink it
  6. Hot water bath: Surprising, but true. A regular hot water shower with extremely hot water in combination with herbs and other methods is also known to aid abortion. This tires the mucous membrane surrounding the vaginal wall and instigates the removal of fetus
  7. Heavy exercises: Doctors normally recommend taking it easy in the first few weeks of pregnancy. They caution against vigorous exercises, climbing too many flight of stairs at once. Of course, this in itself is not a sure shot method unless combined with diet that accelerates abortion
  8. Frequent intercourse: Frequent penetration early on during pregnancy is known to harm the fetus. The orgasms cause contractions in the uterus, which is not good for someone in the early stages of pregnancy. Besides, prostaglandin found abundantly in the semen is known to inhibit fetal growth

Abortion is not an emotionally easy choice for most couples. However, sometimes situational emergencies leave some couples with no other option. The feeling of guilt overpowers all other physical pain that women endure during this phase. Therefore, it is important that women who undergo abortion keep themselves occupied so that they can be free from negative thoughts. Eat healthy foods and keep yourself hydrated post–abortion and don’t indulge in heavy stressful work for the next couple of days. Also, avoid heavy exercises, sexual intercourse and use of tampons for at least two weeks after an abortion or until you feel physically and emotionally strong.

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