Baking Soda Pregnancy Test And DIY Tests

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Baking soda pregnancy test

Missed periods or late periods could likewise be because of individual reasons. There are a lot of DIY home pregnancy tests, but we focus on one in this article- the baking soda pregnancy test. The homemade baking soda pregnancy test can be taken anytime during the pregnancy. Does the baking soda pregnancy test really work?

It has worked for numerous ladies, and you can attempt it as well! There is no damage in attempting this test since it is easy, and you can do it at home. The HCG levels, as a rule, arrive at a high point after the tenth seven-day stretch of pregnancy, and it is smarter to endeavour this test after that. Did you miss your periods? If the response is YES, at that point, there are chances that you are pregnant! You can also check the top pregnancy test kit in India article to buy one to confirm.

In This Article

Missed Periods or Late Periods Could Likewise be Because of the Specific Reasons

It’s not that every missed period means pregnancy. There can be multiple reasons for this:

  1. You forgot to take your contraception pills and wound up losing more than 2 or 3 tablets.
  2. Intake of an emergency-preventative pill could influence your period date.
  3. When you quit taking anti-conception medication pills, it could also be the reason for delayed periods.
  4. It could be because of weight gain or a dietary problem.
  5. When you do a lot of workouts, it could also be the reason for missed or postponed periods.

There are different explanations behind the late periods which you have to check with your doctor! A lady’s body is difficult to understand, and it is ideal for testing with a specialist. At the point when you realize that you have not had sex in quite a while, there is no compelling reason to check whether you are pregnant or not!

However, if you realize that you didn’t use any protection during intercourse, you should take a pregnancy test to make sure.

Now, as you know the reasons behind the pregnancy, we are here to discuss the most used homemade Pregnancy test with baking soda.

What is the Baking Soda Pregnancy Test?

The homemade baking soda pregnancy test should be possible whenever during the pregnancy. The thought behind the test is to include a couple of drops of the expecting mother’s urine in a spoonful of baking soda pregnancy test and check the acidity of the urine.

If you are pregnant, you will see some bubbles. This is because baking soda or chemically known as sodium bicarbonate responds with most acids. While there is no logical support to this test, it is said that it can even foresee the sex of the child.

Baking soda during pregnancy has been utilized traditionally to decide it and still is being used by several people all over the world for a DIY pregnancy test. It is a straightforward, minimal effort, and beneficial locally established technique to recognize the hCG hormone (pregnancy hormone) in the urine. Discover how this simple everyday ingredient can disclose whether you are pregnant or not.

How Baking Soda Works in Testing Pregnancy?

The human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG is available in the urine during early pregnancy. Baking soda can be utilized to check whether the test is positive or negative. The response of baking soda to the pee discloses to you whether hCG is available in it. If it is present, you are pregnant.

 Baking Soda Pregnancy Test -How Accurate is it?

Does this question often occur, whether how accurate is any other DIY or baking soda pregnancy test? The pregnancy test with baking soda is a mainstream strategy in Asian nations. Individuals in India, for the most part, select this strategy, and they state that it is exact.

At the point when you are doing this test, you will get a feeling like you are a researcher in a lab. There is some science behind this test! Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate responds with the vast majority of the acids. At the point when it does, it begins to bubble.

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It is a custom-made pregnancy test that can assist you in knowing what’s going on inside your body.

The precision level of this test is 50%. The outcome is undermined because the acidity of the urine relies upon numerous different parameters in the body. The acidity level changes every day, relying upon the food choices, water consumption, and so on, making it an extremely poor and lose marker of the pregnancy.

On days when the mother is dehydrated because of nausea or a general decrease in water consumption, the urine will, in general, be increasingly acidic, prompting a wrong prediction. The baking soda pregnancy test is a decent indicator of the urine’s acidity.

How to Do the Pregnancy Test with Baking Soda at Home?

You have looked through the whole World Wide Web, and you are most likely not getting the perfect method for a baking soda pregnancy test! This is what you have to do-

  • Take a cup or a compartment and include 2 tbsp of baking soda in it.
  • Include 1 tbsp of your pee.

Ensure that your hands are clean before you gather the urine. The compartment ought to be spotless in which you are collecting the urine. You need a tbsp of urine to check whether you are pregnant or not.

If baking soda starts fizzing, it implies that you are pregnant. In any case, if the baking soda doesn’t respond with the pee, at that point, you don’t have anything to stress over. Realize that this test is 50% precise, which implies you would require another strategy to check whether you are pregnant or not.

Note – For best outcomes, you should include the first pee of the day. It is free from every one of the sugars and different other ingredients that you would devour for the remainder of the day! Additionally, the first pee of the day contains elevated levels of HCG.

You should abstain from doing this test in the middle of the night. The center of the night urine contains a low degree of HCG! You have to recall this little detail.

How to Perform This Test?

This test is a simple procedure that you can do at your home with no critical equipment. While doing this test, you are probably going to feel like a research center researcher working in a lab.

What You Need

  • To do the baking soda Pregnancy test, all you need are some fundamental things from your home?
  • A spoonful of baking soda.
  • Some urine gathered just before the test.
  • A container to gather the pee.
  • Another little box to hold the baking soda.


  • Wash your hands before you collect the urine to keep it safe from contaminating particles. Wear latex gloves if necessary.
  • Hold the beaker under yourself as you sit on the toilet and pee into it.
  • Take some baking soda in a glass container and include a couple of milliliters of urine onto it.
  • Right after adding it, if there is a bubble, it shows that you are pregnant.

It is favored that you play out this test utilizing your first urine of the day as the pee may get weakened during that time as you drink water. The baking soda pregnancy test is exceptionally straightforward and secure and should also be possible ahead of schedule as the primary trimester.

While the test may not be altogether exact, it very well may be a fun method to test your pregnancy results, particularly if you would prefer not to hold up until you get a pregnancy test. It is likewise one approach to add some enthusiasm to the pregnancy procedure.

Nonetheless, to confirm your pregnancy, it is regularly prescribed that you go to a doctor to get an increasingly precise aftereffect of your pregnancy. Your primary care physician will have the option to play out some blood tests or urine tests to confirm your pregnancy.

What are the Other DIY Pregnancy Tests?

There are various DIY pregnancy tests that you can attempt! Some of them are referenced underneath –

  1. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test: If the trial is sure, then the toothpaste will go blue or will begin frothing!
  2. Soap Pregnancy Test: The cleanser will start foaming or frothing when the outcome is sure.
  3. Sugar Test: The sugar will bunch up when you are pregnant.
  4. Bleach Pregnancy Test: The arrangement will begin bubbling. To know more on how to do a Bleach pregnancy test click here.

How to Get the Best Outcomes Out of a Pregnancy Test?

As we mentioned before, you should check pregnancy promptly in the first part of the day because the HCG level is high! Here are a few different ways to get the best result out of the pregnancy test.

You must drink heaps of water before taking the test. Just before you sleep, you can drink a lot of water, which would assist you with urinating before anything else. Keep your pregnancy test prepared by that point! When there is a high measure of fluid in your body, the best results would be in the morning.

You must sit tight for in any ev§ent 10 minutes to get the outcomes. Ladies can get eager to check the outcomes. Tolerance is the key! You have to hold up at any rate of 10 minutes! It might even take 30 minutes, yet you would get the outcomes!

If you need a surer result, you can do a similar pregnancy test or attempt some other strategy, no doubt.


For surer outcomes, you should check with your doctor. HCG is a kind of hormone which is done when you are pregnant. We prescribe you to take the test first thing in the morning before anything else. This post is not the last decision! You should consistently counsel your doctor for the master’s conclusion!

Whatever the outcome is, we might want to congratulate you! Having a child will completely change for you for good. It can mend the connections and get immense satisfaction in an individual’s life!


1. Can I Confirm my Pregnancy With a Baking Soda Test at Home?

Many women do. This has been followed for decades by many cultures. If the baking soda fizzes when you add it to the urine, you are supposedly pregnant.

2. Can my DIY Pregnancy Test at Home be Accurate?

No, it cannot. These tests are not scientifically backed. Also, DIY tests can be influenced by how each person does the test.

3. Will my Doctor Accept a Baking Soda Pregnancy Test?

This is not medically approved. Since there is no scientific evidence for such a test, doctors won’t accept it. Doctors prefer a lab blood test to confirm pregnancy.

4. Can the Baking Soda Pregnancy Test Determine the Gender of the Baby?

Some people believe it does. However, there is no research on this front or scientific backing. You will just have to wait till the baby is born, to be sure of the gender.


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