Can I Take Bath After C- Section?

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Every pregnant woman aims for normal delivery, but then due to certain circumstances, C section becomes inevitable. And also, nowadays, a lot of pregnant women are voluntarily opting for a C section as they are terrified of the pain that they have to undergo while giving birth and prefer to take the easy way. But then C section does come with its share of disadvantages, and a lot of precautions need to be taken after the surgery. Read 8 Common discomforts after a C-section. Once you are home from the hospital, you may long to fix a warm and relaxing bath after C Section by yourself, but then your mind is filled with doubts as to whether you can indulge in a bath after C section? Read on to know more about things about it given in the below one.
shower after c section
Can I Take Bath After C Section?
When Will You Take a Bath After C Section?
Why Should You Be Careful While Taking Bathing After Cesarean Section?
Precautions While Having A Bathing After Cesarean Section
Benefits Of Having A Bathing After Cesarean

Can I Take Bath After C Section?

The answer for can i take a bath after C Section, and it is No! It is suggested that you wait at least 2 Weeks after the surgery before indulging in a fully submerged bath. It is because it is imperative to keep the incision area relatively dry. Also, you can strain yourself and the abdominal area by getting in and out of a bathtub, and this can delay recovery.
Usually, it takes around a week to ten days nearly after the C section surgery for the stitches to dry up and heal totally and having a bath before the many doctors do not actually advise this thing. Though he may allow you to take a shower the day after the surgery, this will reduce the risk of infection. But ensure that you do not scrub the incision area. After the shower, dry the area by patting it gently or with a blow-dryer set on the cool setting. Also, make sure you do not remove the bandage or strips that have been used to cover the area. The best option would be to wait until this bandage falls off by itself before thinking about having a warm bath. Having a shower may be OK, but taking a warm bath is allowed after a week or ten days only. Read C-Section Scar care For Quick Healing And Recovery.

When Will You Take a Bath After C Section?

Take a bath right after you had a c-section surgery is a strict no. The cut will take around a week nearly to heal it. If the sutures get any wet, the wound may become infections and may lead to further problems or complications. Sterile strips are useful to cover the wound, and it needs to fall off by themselves before the area should be washed. Check with your doctor about the same or any questions about it.

Why Should You Be Careful While Taking Bath After Cesarean Section?

Once you have undergone a C section surgery, Your doctors will advise you to be alert for any aches and pains, bleeding from the vagina and fever as there can be chances of infection of it. The new mom will be given a sponge bath at the hospital by the nurse with adequate care and precautions. It’s safe to take a bath when the incision has completely healed, which is generally after 7 to 10 days post-surgery. Taking a bath after C Section requires more attention and precautions than vaginal delivery. Also Read: Bathing After Delivery

Precautions While Having A Bathing After Cesarean Section:

Your doctor will be the best person who can provide you with the correct advice as far as having a bath is concerned and what precautionary measures should be followed. Just take care that you follow those instructions strictly to avoid any unwanted complications that may arise due to having a bath too soon or carelessly. However, the tips that you can follow once you are ready to take a bath after C section:

  • Let the water run very gently over your incision during your bath
  • Gently apply antibacterial soap to the area of incision by just frothing the soap in your hands and applying those suds onto the incision
  • Take care not to rub the incised area when you are having a bath
  • After washing with water, pat dry very gently with a fresh towel
  • Now slowly apply the prescribed ointment onto the incised area carefully
  • Never use too hot water or too cold water for the bath. Ensure that the water is at the right temperature for your bath
  • Take care not to apply any strong oils or perfumed products while having a bath as it can irritate or infect your incised area
  • Never use a bathtub for around one and a half months as a bathtub is never drained and cleaned after each use. So there are high chances that you may catch an infection from the bathtub. Even minor infection can lead to a lot of complications
  • Also, if you are still bleeding, then you may contaminate the bathtub for everyone else. And you don’t want to do that. So wait until the incision is completely healed
  • Also, there is a risk of slipping while getting out of the tub

bathing after c section

Benefits Of Having A Bathing After Cesarean:

Having a warm bath after C Section with care has immense benefits too. The benefits include

  • Indulging in a warm your bath after C section has a therapeutic effect on the fatigued body of the new mom
  • It helps to soothe and relax the pelvic area which has undergone a lot of trauma
  • It aids to ease those hemorrhoids that are swollen after delivery
  • It also works to soothe the repairing of the episiotomy

So do go ahead and follow what your doctor has recommended as far as a bath after C section is concerned. It is sure to relax you and help you heal physically and emotionally, too, after the ordeal of birthing.
When did you take your bath after C section surgery? Do share your experience in the comments section below.

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