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Beautiful Tamil Names For Baby Boys And Baby Girls

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Tamil names are quite interesting as they are closely attached to literature, culture, qualities of Kings and queens and names of God / Goddess. Here are few such lovely authentic and beautiful Tamil names of boys and girls (respectively) given below –
Tamil baby names

  • 30 Tamil Names For Boys (zh to be pronounced as “L” )
  • 30 Tamil Names For Girls (zh to be pronounced as “L” )

30 Tamil Names For Boys (zh to be pronounced as “L” )

  1. Mukhil: Cloud
  2. Pugazh (to be pronounced as Pugal): Fame
  3. Dhakshin: God of teachers (Dhakshinamoorthy)
  4. Ilambarithi: historical name of a junior prince (Ilam meaning younger)
  5. Semparudhi: historical name of a famous prince (Sem meaning prosperous
  6. Imayan:The one who protects like eyelid ; the one who is as great as the Himalaya (Imayam in Tamil means Mountain, generally noting the Himalayas)
  7. Paari: A legendary Chola King who gave his charriot for the jasmine plants
  8. Pugazhendhi: The one who carries fame
  9. Parthiban: Another name of king Arjuna in Mahabharatha
  10. Sabapathi: The Leader
  11. Sundar: Handsome
  12. Gopal: Another name of Lord Krishna
  13. Karky: Black King (Kaar refers to black and Ki – the one who rules)
  14. Magizh: Happiness
  15. Kabilan: Name of a Saint
  16. Kamal: Lotus
  17. Adaravan: The first Veda ; Another name of Lord Ganesh
  18. Nandu: Lord Shiva’s bull is called Nandi, epitome of male soldier-ship
  19. Nagul: Happiness ; Another name of Lord Shiva
  20. Karthik: Another name of Lord Muruga
  21. Ananthu: Happiness
  22. Mahesh: Happiness
  23. Paridhi: Prince
  24. Dasarath: King in Mahabharata
  25. Manoj: Masculine
  26. Danvanth: The King who broke the bow
  27. Ganesh: God
  28. Vishal: Magnificience
  29. Vignesh: Another name of Lord Ganesha
  30. Vikaas: Education

Tamil names for baby

30 Tamil Names For Girls (zh to be pronounced as “L” )

  1. Yaazhini: As melodious as the music of Veena (instrument played by Lord Saraswathi)
  2. Malarvizhi: Girl with eyes like a flower
  3. Kayalvizhi: Girl with eyes like a fish
  4. Ananya: Unique
  5. Suganya: Another name for Goddess Parvathi
  6. Amogha: Excellence
  7. Janani: Birth
  8. Mithushri: Friend
  9. Kowsalya: Wise
  10. Krithiga: Name of a star
  11. Keerthika: One who is famous
  12. Malliga: Jasmine
  13. Deepika: Lady of Lamps
  14. Jayanthi: Success
  15. Samiyuktha: Goddess Devi ; Durga
  16. Viveka: Intelligent
  17. Prathyuksha
  18. Nandhini: Delight, pleasure ; a daughter
  19. Narmadha: Good Mother ; Also refers to the river Narmadha ; Mother of Vedas
  20. Ilakiya: Who leads Literature
  21. Vinodha: Magical
  22. Santhini: Peaceful
  23. Yasodha: Lord Krishna’s mother
  24. Anitha: Powerful and complete
  25. Anandhi: Happiness
  26. Veena: Music instrument primarily played by Lord Saraswathi
  27. Meera: Prosperous
  28. Meenakshi: famous Goddess in historic city Madurai
  29. Durga: Goddess
  30. Kamala: Lotus
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