Breastfeeding Positions

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Being a mother, breastfeeding is one of the natural acts in the world. Making milk is natural and your newborn needs as soon as he/she is born in the delivery room. As you are new, it requires a lot of practice. As you have become a new mom, the very first attempt of breastfeeding is really a haphazard job; however, with time and practice, you will become a master to feed your little one. You could also find it uncomfortable and painful initially. Here are some of the best breastfeeding positions that would help you greatly in filling up the tummy of your newborn child.

Cradle Position

Cradle Position

The Cradle Hold:

This breastfeeding position entitles you to support your baby’s head with the crook of your arm. For this, you have to consider the chair that comes with accommodating armchairs or feed on bed with ample of pillows. Rest your feet on coffee table, stool or on any other surface in order to keep away from leaning on your little one. Women who have had a C-section may find this position difficult due to abdominal pain

The Cross Over Hold:

Also referred to be cross-cradle hold, this position entirely differs from the cradle hold position. In this, you do not support your baby’s head. Instead, your arm switch takes the role. If you are feeding your baby from the right breast, use your left arm to support the child. Do not forget to rotate his/her body so that his tummy and chest are facing towards you. With the help of your fingers and thumb, below his ears and behind his head, gently guide his mouth to your breast. Works best for small babies who face trouble in latching to the nipple.

The Clutch or the Football Hold:

Well, this is just like what it sounds – you position your baby under your arm on the same side you are feeding on and have the baby’s nose level with your nipple and her feet should be towards your back. You could support the baby and your arm on a pillow, guide the baby to the nipple, chin first and ensuring you do not push her more than required. Suits women with C-section deliveries

FootBall or Clutch Position

Football or Clutch Position.

Reclining Position:

Lying down on the side in bed is another position to feed your baby. Lie down keeping your back and hip in a straight position. Place several pillows on your back for support. As your baby is facing you, bring him closer to you and support his head with your hand. In case your baby needs to be closer or higher to your breast, place a folding blanket or pillow under his head so that he does not strain too much to reach your nipple. You can also lift your breast with your fingers so that he/she can reach comfortably.

While breastfeeding, it is very important for you to give full support to your breasts. Always vary your routine and find the position that is best comfortable for your baby. Take a few breaths, relax and then a nurse. Henceforth, follow the techniques and feed your baby with all the comforts.

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