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Can Social Media Use Be Positive for Mental Health?

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Social media is a great platform that allows people to share their opinions and general activities of life. It is one of the most prominent features of our lives, especially in recent times. There are equal pros and cons to using social media, especially when it comes to mental health. We are observing a sharp increase in mental health issues. Several people are dealing with mental problems and their adverse effects. Some things can significantly trigger your mental health issues. Social media is considered as a platform for awareness as well as a triggering factor.

Social Media

Most of us do not have fancy lives, and getting too much insight into people’s lives can trigger us significantly. The factor of comparison and low-esteem issues can take over your day and start to make you feel worthless. You can do nothing to avoid social media distress, but you can indeed change your mindset. The change in attitude is gradual, and you must change your perspective to observe the positive aspect of social media. There are many positive factors when it comes to social media. A person must always seek all the benefits they want from social media platforms.

How to use social media in a way that benefits us?

There are a lot of good things and bad things about social media. We undoubtedly benefit from the increase in connectivity. However, we let the negative aspects of social media get to us. If we look deeply, we will realize that social media has many perks. The only issue is that we ignore the bonuses and only absorb negativity. Let’s have a look at all the ways that are crucial and beneficial in helping a person to sort out their mental health:

1.     Follow positive pages

Does deleting social media help with anxiety? Social media is not only about glam and the high-class world. There are a lot of pages on social media that allow you to gain substantial knowledge. You can follow some insightful pages and seek guidance from them.


There are a variety of positive quote pages that genuinely makes us feel good in dark times. You must follow those pages as a positive reminder to start your day. You can also set one of your favorite quotes as your wallpaper. The continuous reminder of the blessings in your life is gratifying.

2.     Join mental health community groups

What does social media do to your brain? When we struggle with mental health issues, we appreciate people who share their first-hand experiences with us. If you look around you, you will not see many people willing to share their experiences with you in person. Social media can act as a great tool when it comes to getting insight and information.


If you need help, you can join such groups to write about their experiences with mental health. When you know that people are going through mental health issues, you do not feel alone. You can also share your own experiences with people to help them as well.

The community pages for mental health also has a lot of information. You can gradually build your perspective and gain knowledge on how to reduce depression or anxiety. You can also personally reach out to people individually and ask for help.

3.     Strengthen knowledge

Can social media help improve mental health? We all rely on Google for information. However, there are times when Google fails to understand our question. People on social media, such as influencers, play a massive role in spreading awareness. The knowledge we gain from social media applies to a vast area. You can grasp all the knowledge and use it within your life.


Earlier, people used to be clueless when it comes to mental health issues. People on social media have started to talk about such matters. The knowledge put out on social media is vital to help people get through dark days.

4.     Communicate with professionals

How does social media positively affect mental health? There are a lot of doctors or professionals who run their own social media pages. Sometimes, we like a therapist that is maybe based in the UK. You can always contact them through their Instagram account to ask for a virtual session. Many things are available online, and people are using the information for their benefit.


Sometimes, there is no way to get access to a therapist or a doctor due to a lack of information. You can use social media to collect information about doctors available in your city. You can also directly message them on social media for guidance.

5.     Pages for health improvement

There is no doubt that half of the things we know today is due to social media. We get to know about all the trending stuff on social media and how it helps us. Recently, CBD products have gained a lot of popularity due to its impeccable mental health benefits. You can quickly get infused edibles CBD products and wholesale CBD oil online. There are a couple of products that can contribute to improving our mental as well as physical health.


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