Chickpeas During Pregnancy – Benefits and Side Effects

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Chickpeas during pregnancy

Cravings increase during pregnancy and many expecting mothers have witnessed this. But is it safe to eat anything and everything during pregnancy? Well, you must maintain a proper balance while you consume food during pregnancy. Chickpeas are another thing that expecting mothers just love to eat when they are hungry. But is it safe to eat chickpeas during pregnancy?

Well, you must be very careful about your diet especially between the first to the third trimester. Of course, everything which comes with some benefits has some drawbacks too. Scroll down to know everything about the benefits and side effects of chickpeas during pregnancy.

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What are Chickpeas or Chana?

Chickpeas are something that is not just a healthy snacking option but also is a good source of fiber. Pregnant women who are in search of some healthy snack, prefer chickpeas as a good alternative to unhealthy snacks like chips, oily food, and other such things. Mainly, chickpea is extracted from a plant which makes it a protein-based snacking option.

Another good advantage of chickpeas during pregnancy is that it has nutritional values which are good for a baby’s health as it helps in maintaining bone health and keeps the skin healthy and muscles strong.

Are Chickpeas During Pregnancy Safe to Eat?

Of course yes. Why not? Numerous health benefits and essential ingredients make chickpeas, a safe eating snack during pregnancy. Chickpea contains calcium, potassium, fiber, and other essential ingredients which are required during pregnancy. Another benefit of eating chickpeas during pregnancy is that it contains “folate“, which is another important intake when it comes to pregnant women. It will be an ideal option if you consume chickpeas without cooking as they will then lose their nutritional value and hence will become unfit for rating for pregnant women. This is why chickpeas are considered to be a safe option for consumption during pregnancy.

Benefits of Eating Chickpeas During Pregnancy

benefits of chickpeas

Chickpeas or Chana acts as a wholesome food and hence it has plenty of benefits to offer during pregnancy. Chickpeas are known to be a versatile source of legumes and hence, if consumed raw, have the following benefits for pregnant women:

1. Treats Constipation

There are chances that you might have problems related to bloating or constipation during pregnancy. Hence to help yourself with problems like these, it will be an ideal thing to consume chana or chickpeas during pregnancy. Now you must be wondering how chickpeas are of help when you are suffering from constipation at the time you are expecting? Well, it is the fiber present in chickpeas that keeps constipation at bay.

2. Prevents Birth Defects

When you are expecting, you must make sure that you are consuming enough ‘folate’ as it helps to nurture your baby’s health and also provides you with enough proteins so you stay healthy during your pregnancy. Also, consuming enough chickpeas during pregnancy lowers the chances of birth defects and premature births.

3. Helps the Baby to Grow in a Healthy Way

As discussed above, chickpeas have all the essential ingredients which are needed for the growth of the baby. If expecting mothers consume chickpeas in a good amount during pregnancy, it will benefit their fetus to grow healthily as it ensures the good development of tissues and body muscles. Chickpeas or chana are also a good source of protein for both the baby and the mother and hence it is a good supplement for good health for both.

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4. Chickpeas Keep Problems Related to Anemia at Bay

Do you know how anemia can be treated or reduced? It is with the help of iron. Iron is the biggest ingredient present in chickpeas. It is very useful if you make a regular habit of consuming chickpeas so it will be beneficial in the prevention of problems related to anemia in your fetus.

Side Effects of Eating Chana During Pregnancy

Acidity in pregnant women

Well, as we mentioned earlier in our blog, everything which comes with benefits has some other disadvantages as well. The same is the case in the consumption of chickpeas too. Unlike the numerous benefits provided by chickpeas during pregnancy, it also has some demerits. Let’s discuss them in detail, so you don’t fall into the trap:

1. Allergic Reactions

It is possible that during the time of pregnancy, you might have some allergic reactions. It is because of any ingredient which may or may not suit you during this time. Chickpeas also have several ingredients which can cause an allergic reaction. Hence, it is highly recommended to discuss with your doctor before consuming chickpeas during pregnancy to avoid any kind of complication.

2. Do Not Consume in Extremely Large Quantity

During pregnancy, it is likely that you might be feeling more hungry than usual and hence you keep on eating no matter what. To avoid any kind of congestion in your food pipe, limit chickpeas consumption and eat in intervals.

3. Chickpeas Can Cause Acidity

Well, if you have experienced acidic reactions in your body after consuming raw chickpeas, then it is recommended to first soak the ‘chana’ overnight and then consume. It will not cause you any reactions and hence will keep your digestive system checked.

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How to Cook Chickpeas?

channa soaked water

Chickpeas are very hard. So, to make it edible, you need to first soak it in water to make it soft. After which you can start cooking them as per your taste:

  • The first step right after boiling is to pour the chickpeas into a bowl and then soak in cold water and leave it overnight for about 10-12 hours.
  • Make sure you add soda to it. This is to soften the chickpea’s skin. Do consult your doctor if soda is fine with you.
  • After that, start adding the soaked chickpeas into the pressure cooker and add spices into it and leave it to cook.
  • Leave it for around an hour.
  • After an hour, slow down or simply turn off the flame.
  • Let them settle.
  • Check if they are fully cooked or not. If they need more cooking, simply turn on the flame.
  • If you want gravy, then add water to it. If not, simply check the spices as per your taste.
  • Ready to eat.
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1. How Many Chickpeas Per Day is Safe?

Do not consume more than 2 bowls of chickpeas in one day. If you over-consume, there are chances that you might feel uneasy or acidic. So, just consume the amount you think your body can take and adjust accordingly.

2. What Happens if You Eat Chana Every Day?

If you do consume chickpeas every day during your pregnancy, it not just helps to keep your blood sugar level controlled but also aids you in weight loss. You must be thinking about how weight loss is possible during pregnancy. Well, it keeps your weight checked and keeps the bad toxins at bay, which keeps you and your baby healthy.

3. Do Chickpeas Cause Gas During Pregnancy?

No, intake of chickpeas doesn’t cause you gas during your pregnancy. It is because of the high fiber content present in them.

4. Are Chickpeas Easy to Digest?

Chickpeas has an ingredient known as “Raffinose”, which helps digestion. Hence, eating more chickpeas can ease your bowel movements as they are easy to digest.

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