Combing Baby’s Hair

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Combing Baby's HairSome babies are born bald while some sport a thick and dense mane either in perfect locks or like they are having a bad hair day. New-borns also shed their hair during a phase called “telogen”, which is usually followed by new hair growth. Like other parts of the body, baby’s hair care is equally important. Different babies have variety of hair texture, colour, growth etc. Some have curly hair while others have straight hair. The only issue which is common for almost all the babies is how to take care of their hair or how to comb them? None of the mothers want to hurt her baby while combing. When babies grow up they do not like to be combed at all. While you struggle with the tangles, they will make it harder for you by screaming and crying.

  • Tips on shampooing Baby’s Hair
  • Tips to comb baby’s hair

Tips on shampooing Baby’s Hair

These simple tips may be very helpful for you:

  1. Infants do not need shampooing hair every day. Washing the hair once a week with a baby shampoo should suffice. If weather permits and if it’s really needed, then twice in a week is okay.
  2. Once you shampoo your baby, dry her hair the using towel gently.
  3. Generally, infants do not have tangles so they need to be combed gently using soft bristle brush. Baby combs with the rounded ends are also good choice as they do not hurt baby’s scalp.

Tips to comb baby’s hair

Combing hair is not an issue with infants, but if your baby is more than six months old, he/she may make it challenging for you. Here is what you can do:

  1. Always prefer wide toothed comb to detangle the hair.
  2. You may use some oil or serum (not always) if the hair are badly tangled.
  3. Start from the hair-ends near the neck. Hair in this area often gets messed up. Use your fingers to open up the knots. Hold some section of hair and try to detangle those without putting pressure on the roots.
  4. Making sections and combing them will make it easier for you.
  5. Once you are done with the combing, you may make a loose ponytail using soft elastic band if your baby’s hair are grown enough.
  6. To prevent tangles you can make a loose ponytail while your baby sleeps.
  7. Keep a separate comb or hair brush for your baby, which no one else should use.
  8. Never make a ponytail when hair is wet. Let them dry naturally.

Frequent combing and hair care regime should be followed to avoid messy hair. Comb your baby’s hair twice or thrice in a day to keep them smooth and healthy. Go for a hair-trim periodically if you feel your baby’s hair are always messy or tangled. If you have a baby girl and you want to try different cute hairstyles, it’s good. But never tie her hair too tight. Use soft and good quality clips or bands or head bands. Do not use hair products like spray or gel or any other solutions on your baby’s hair. Let them be natural for a few initial years.

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