10 Comfortable And Stylish Shoes For Pregnant Women

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Comfortable And Stylish Shoes For Pregnant Women

There’s no denying the discomfort that one experiences during pregnancy. Aches and pains are common as well. And there’s certainly no running away from the pregnancy waddle and swollen feet. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons states that pregnancy can lead to permanent and significant changes in the arch of the feet. It is not easy to find comfortable and stylish shoes for pregnant women.

This means you can expect your foot to grow a decent half- or full-size during pregnancy. While water retention causes swollen feet, hormonal changes cause increased sweating leading to sweaty, itchy, and smelly feet. Your increasing weight adds to the stress that your feet experience. At such times, all you need is a pair of safe and comfortable shoes. And why not add some spark to your footwear to bring out your style?

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How To Select The Right Footwear During Pregnancy?

There are some factors to taken care of while selecting comfortable and stylish foot wear during pregnancy. Read on.

Offers Support and Comfort

You will experience soreness in your feet given the weight and edema. Shoes that offer maximum comfort and support your ankle, sole, arch and toes are a must


With every passing day during your pregnancy, bending and viewing objects placed at your feet turns into a challenge. Tying shoelaces is a genuine pain during pregnancy. Shoes that are easy to wear such as slip-ons are an excellence choice

Are Roomy or Sizeable

Excessive sweat on your feet followed by foul odor is a norm as you approach your third trimester. Also, a permanent increase in your foot size is a strong possibility. Footwear that is roomy, wider towards the base to accommodate toes, and a size larger than the usual are the best to invest in during pregnancy

Are Made of Breathable Material

Leather or canvas as shoes uppers are deemed the best materials. These super-comfortable, breathable materials help release the trapped moisture and offer the much-coveted relief during pregnancy

Have a Safe Sole

Investing in flat-soled shoes and avoiding heels should be nothing short of a mandate, during your pregnancy. If you ever do have to wear heels, you must ensure to wear heels that are wider at the base and are lesser than 2 inches

Look Stylish and Cutesy

Who says comfortable footwear is never good-looking? Ensure that you invest in super comfortable yet elegant and cute shoes during your pregnancy

10 Comfortable And Stylish Footwear To Pick During Pregnancy

Well yes, finding comfortable yet stylish shoes can be a quite a task. Look no further, as we have put together a list of such amazing shoes to help you have a safe, healthy and stylish pregnancy!

1. Bellies

Wearing bellies works out best during pregnancy. They help evenly distribute your body weight and enables you to walk without a fear of tripping over and falling. Many brands sell bellies that can in fact expand and contract by up to a size, all on their own, to support your feet during and after pregnancy

2. Loafers

Loafers are flat-soled and have a comfortable upper body with accents for support. These shoes are also easy-to-wear and offer maximum comfort. Invest in loafers that are flat, short and have heel throughout the sole to help you walk with ease and balance. No wonder this is one of the comfortable and stylish shoes for pregnant women

3. Clogs

Clogs made of EVA material and a perforated design not only provide respite from sweat but also massage your feet with their foot bed nubs.

4. Flip flops

Smart design, easy-to-wear, roomy, breathable, cushioned, lightweight, flexible and great grip – flip flops present all the features that feature in the criteria for choosing a good pair of shoes during pregnancy

5. Sandals

Sandals offer style and comfort. The wide platform heels that are wedged and open toecap with buckle and ankle strap is the best sandal design that one can come across

6. Moccasins

These slip-on shoes in their classic ballet style are extremely trendy. Add a sprinkle of animal print, especially the leopard print, and you have a style statement to make! Their round toe shape and leather fabric make them roomy and breathable

7. Work Shoes

While the above-mentioned ones are casual shoes, business moms need a little more during their pregnancy – a good and sturdy pair of work shoes. There are plenty of brands that target the moms to be and offer you the most comfortable work shoes that make you concentrate on work and forget all about the aches and pains in your feet

8. Classic Boots and Wrap Boots

Boots that look sleek and smart, yet are amazingly easy on your feet are a rarity. And these are the very ones you need during your pregnancy. Boots are a must during winters. Their design keeps your feet warm during harsh winters.

Also, shoes that come with a wrap allow you to alter their fit as per your requirements. Tightening or loosening the calf of the boot can bring you much-needed relief as your feet swell. These is no doubt, comfortable and stylish shoes for pregnant women.

9. Platform Shoes

Shoes that are wide at the base, flat-soled, platform-heeled at about an inch, have a rounded toe region, can be closed with an elastic band, and are lined with cotton fabric have a nice ring to them. These very shoes offered by many leading brands add style to your pregnancy footwear collection!

10. Wedge Booties and Ankle Boots

Wedges of suede with a height not exceeding 1 inch make for super stylish work and casual wear! These shoes are a delight to the feet and your eyes! Swollen ankles may not allow you to wear knee-high boots. Ankle boots offer your feet support like no other. Market is loaded with some of the best ankle boots to choose from, during your pregnancy!

Chic outdoor pregnancy outfits, smart office wear for pregnancy, and soothing casual maternity wear, can all be teamed with cool, comfortable, and fashionable shoes. After all, flashing style during pregnancy is also necessary! Enjoy your pregnancy.

If you have any more comfy and cute footwear styles that were a boon to you during your pregnancy, then do share them with us in the comments section below.


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