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Common cold is the most common affliction in the world with high recurrence. Almost every human being suffers atleast once from cold in his/her life. Medically common cold is termed as a viral infection as its a contagious illness and is most common among children because of their unhygienic and carefree attitude. The most common virus for this ailment is “Rhinovirus” cause of atleast 35% of cold which occurs in human body. Some other members of the same family are adenovirus and coronavirus.


Normally human body starts showing a reaction 2 or 3 days after when it comes in contact with the virus. Some of the common symptoms are as follows

  • Nose and throat are the most affected area of body when cold occurs
  • Sneezing and running nose
  • Sore throat
  • Sometimes a mild fever
  • Headache


Since 90 % of common cold which occurs in human are not dangerous so, over the counter medicines from a pharmacy can be a perfect medicine for cold. Though cold itself gets cured in some days as human antibodies do not  give shelter to its intruders. During cold a person should avoid using antibiotic due to its harmful effects on human body. pregnancy pillow


If cold exists for more than a week then its a matter of concern as it doesn’t last that long and a person should immediately seek an advice from his doctor. A severe cold can lead to bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, etc and is the major cause of asthma.


  • The best way to deal with cold is to take precautions and be hygiene conscious.
  • Giving the child some curd can help in curing cold as it has active cultures.
  • Make sure your child takes plenty of rest and drinks a lot of water.
  • If he can, make him some hot tea with a pinch of ginger and black pepper on it.
  • Make him have some tomato or chicken soup.
  • A good way is taking a steam as its unblocks the nose passage and gives relief while breathing.

Some precautions if taken can prevent you from getting common cold like, teaching your child hygiene – be cautious when you eat something; avoid using the common napkins or towels, always wash your hands after shaking it with other people as it prevents the transmission of virus.

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