Cornflakes During Pregnancy: Good or Bad

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corn flakes during pregnancy
The hormonal change plays a vital role during the pregnancy phase. Sometimes you get mood swings, while at other times you start to feel lethargic. The overall requirement for the developing baby keeps increasing so a pregnant mother should have a healthy diet that provides enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and lipids. A well-balanced diet is extremely essential during pregnancy. Are Cornflakes during pregnancy a good option?

Pregnancy hunger pangs tempt the mother-to-be to munch and snack all the time. An ideal option to fulfill that is a healthy low-calorie cereal. Cornflakes as a cereal is a fulfilling meal at other times, but during pregnancy, can you have them. Read the article to know more.

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What is Corn Flakes?

Cornflakes are a breakfast cereal that is made by toasting the flakes of corn. They are a low-calorie, yet fulfilling meal. The most common way of having cornflakes is by mixing them with milk and sugar. You can add fruits and nuts to your cornflakes bowl to make it healthier. The best part is that you can find different varieties of cornflakes such as plain, flavored with salt, malt, sugar-frosted, almond-flavored, strawberry, banana, mango, honey, etc.

What is the Nutritional Value of Cornflakes?

Corn flakes are fat-free and cholesterol-free. Some brands are fortified with minerals and vitamins. Thus the nutritional value varies with brands.

However, one Cup (25 gms) of cornflakes  basically contains:

Nutrients Value
Calories 95
Carbohydrates 21.4 gms
Protein 1.7
Sugar 3 gms

Why Eat Corn Flakes During Pregnancy?

Cereals offer lots of benefits. Therefore, when many expecting mothers think of a healthy breakfast cereal they often opt for cornflakes and milk.

  • Pregnancy hormones play topsy-turvy with the system, often causing fatigue. Cornflakes are high in carbohydrates, which helps fight tiredness and improve energy levels.
  • Cornflakes are enriched with iron, fiber, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine which makes them a relatively healthy snacking option.
  • Having cornflakes with milk and fruits is a healthy breakfast or snack option for pregnant women.

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What Are the Benefits of Eating Cornflakes in Pregnancy?

Benefits of Eating Cornflakes in Pregnancy

Cornflakes are rich in fibre, which is extremely good during pregnancy as they help in regulating blood pressure and helping with constipation issues. Other benefits of eating cornflakes during pregnancy are:

  • One bowl of cornflakes per day helps in reducing the risk of preeclampsia, a high blood-pressure condition that can be dangerous for both the mother and the baby.
  • Consumption of a bowl of cornflakes the first thing in the morning fills the stomach and helps in satisfying hunger pangs.
  • Corn flakes help to keep weight under control during the pregnancy phase.
  • Due to the rich fiber content, cornflakes can help in avoiding the condition of hemorrhoids.
  • Cornflakes are also enriched with folic acid, which helps in the reduction of the risk of any birth deformities.

What Are the Unfavorable Effects of Eating Corn Flakes When Pregnant?

Having corn flakes in excess can be troublesome as the ones that are available commercially are rich in fat, salt and sugar content and are not too healthy. Other unfavorable effects of eating cornflakes during pregnancy are:

  • Excessive intake of cornflakes can also lead to bloating, intestinal issues, abdominal pain and gastric issues.
  • The body’s capacity to absorb minerals iron and zinc eventually decreases if corn flakes are consumed in excess.
  • Having corn flakes with grains can lead to acidity.
  • Cornflakes are enriched with nutrients. However, they are not a high-quality source of nutrition when compared to fresh produce.
  • If you are experiencing irritable bowel syndrome, too much consumption of cornflakes will aggravate the condition.

Does Eating Cornflakes By Expecting Mother Linked With Spina Bifida in Babies?

As per new research, expecting mothers who eat sugary or highly processed food such as cornflakes have a double risk of neural tube defects in unborn babies. High blood sugar is linked with fetal abnormalities. Cornflakes are high in sugar. Therefore, it increases the level of insulin in the mother’s body. High levels of insulin are linked with birth defects.

Are There Any Healthy Alternatives For Cornflakes During Pregnancy?

You can have wheat flakes, rice flakes, and fortified cereals as a healthy alternative to cornflakes. Add some protein (like nuts) to your cereals. This will help to reduce the surge of blood sugar levels. You can also add fruits like berries, apples, or bananas.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Eating Corn Flakes During Pregnancy

Tips to Keep in Mind While Eating Corn Flakes During Pregnancy

In case you relish having corn flakes for the first meal of the day, have it in moderation. When you eat cornflakes during pregnancy, make sure you follow these rules:

  • Always check the contents list of the cornflakes you want to buy. Try and avoid the ones that consist of artificial flavored corn or sweeteners.
  • Check the expiry dates and always buy a fresh batch of cornflakes.
  • In case you wish to add sweetness to the cornflakes, opt for natural sweeteners such as honey or strawberries.
  • Always consult a nutritionist prior to changing the diet.
  • Keep your nutritionist or gynecologist informed about your diet habits to ensure that you are eating the right foods for a healthy pregnancy.
  • To keep nausea at bay, you can have cornflakes with milk instead of having them dry.
  • It is good to have corn flakes only for breakfast if you had it the same way before pregnancy and not with or during other meal times.

The consumption of cornflakes is highly beneficial and does no harm if taken in moderate quantities. Medical experts suggest that a pregnant lady should be able to take at least six small meals in order to keep her energy levels intact as well as her blood sugar levels stable. Cornflakes are a healthy option but it is advisable to follow the tips and look for any adverse effects so that they can be treated in time as pregnancy is a phase where one needs to be very careful.

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1. Can I Eat Corn flakes During Pregnancy if I am Craving For Crunchy Food?

Yes, by all means. Cornflakes are super crunchy. If you choose the right variety, it can be very healthy too.

2. Is Cornflakes a Balanced Breakfast During Pregnancy?

Cornflakes are eaten as a healthy breakfast by many across the world. However, you can add some fruits to increase your nutrient intake. It can make it a wholesome meal.

3. Do Cornflakes Add Weight During Pregnancy?

No, it does not. It is light and low in calories. It also keeps you full for longer.

4. Can Eating Cornflakes During Pregnancy Lead to Digestion Issue?

For some, it might. Excessive intake of cornflakes might cause bloating. It is also packaged food and thus over consumption can be unfavorable.

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