Is It Safe To Eat Sweet Corn During Pregnancy?

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Congratulations! Once you discover that you are pregnant, you find yourself excited and happily looking forward to welcoming the new member into your family. Pregnancy is a period where you need extra nutrients and minerals in order to ensure you have a healthy diet. What about eating sweet corn during pregnancy?

Sweet and crunchy sweet corn would be a wonderful pick during this phase and something that most moms develop a craving for during pregnancy. However, the big question about the safety of consuming sweet corn during pregnancy hovers around you. Read on to know more about this.
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Is it Safe to Eat Sweet Corn During Pregnancy?

Yes, sweet corn during pregnancy is completely safe to eat, and you can munch this to your heart’s desire. So next time when hunger pang strikes you, you can munch on the boil, steam, or grilled sweet corn.

Top 12 Benefits of Sweet Corn During Pregnancy

Sweet corn is loaded with vital minerals and vitamins that are highly beneficial for the healthy progression of the pregnancy. Following are the top 12 benefits of eating sweet corn during pregnnacy.

1. Contains Ferulic Acid

Sweet corn contains a considerable amount of Ferulic acid which has been proven to be effective in fighting tumors and lowering the risk of cancer in the breast.

2. Loaded with Beta-Carotene

Sweet corn is packed with beta-carotene that is one of the main compounds that provide Vitamin A, and this vitamin helps to promote the healthy development of skin and mucous membrane in the fetus growing within you. It also provides a much boost to your immune system during the pregnancy period.

3. Vitamin B 12

Sweet corn also has a considerable amount of Vitamin B12 that is extremely important to avert anemia during the pregnancy phase. Vitamin B 12 is excellent in assisting the growth of new cells in the blood. It also provides a tremendous boost to your immune system.

4. Rich in Phytochemicals

Corn is also loaded with phytochemicals that are good for you during pregnancy.

5. Rich in Fibre

Sweet corn is also loaded with fiber and protein that are important during pregnancy. It helps to avert constipation issues that are extremely irritating during the pregnancy phase.

6. Loaded with Folates

Corn also has excellent quantities of folate, which is imperative to lower the chances of birth anomalies like spina bafida in the fetus growing within you. Just a single serving of corn has 60 gms of folate.

7. Traces of Thiamine

The requirement of thiamine during the conception period increases. Corn has considerable traces of thiamin that is ideal for the development and growth of memory in your fetus.

8. Rich in Zeaxanthin

Sweet corn also has a good amount of zeaxanthin that provides security and protection against any muscular degeneration.

9. Rich in Pantothenic Acid

It is found in plenty of sweet corn. Pantothenic acid is known to aid normal functioning of all the organs during the conception period.

10. Corn is Rich in Antioxidants

Sweet corn is loaded with antioxidants that help to combat cancers.

11. Packed with Potassium

Corn is also a rich source of potassium that is an important mineral which is necessary during pregnancy. A large helping of corn provides you with 360 mg potassium.

12. Lowers the Level of Bad Cholesterol

Studies prove that consuming “corn husk oil” is effective in reducing levels of plasma LDL by lowering cholesterol absorption in the system.

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How Can Sweet Corn be Added to Your Pregnancy Diet?

Corn is a healthy food that can be substituted for the various junk foods that you normally snack on whenever you desire to snack on something. Although it is a plant, sweet corn is added to a lot of dishes these days.

  • You can add corn to your sandwich, salads, soup, or toast to enhance its taste.
  • It can be added to pasta, pizzas, and rice dishes.
  • A pregnant woman can also eat corn on the cob directly by just grilling or barbecuing it.
  • You can have boiled sweet corn with a seasoning of your choice.

Precautions While Consuming Sweet Corn in Pregnancy

Although sweet corn is loaded with various nutritional benefits during pregnancy, one needs to adhere to certain precautions and tips to ensure that it does not harm you or your baby in any manner. Given below are some precautions that need to be taken while consuming sweet corn during pregnancy:

  • Never go for corns that are sold on the roadside as they are always prone to high-temperature conditions that make sweet corn lose its flavor due to sugar present in it being converted into starch.
  • Make sure you buy husks that have fresh green color while purchasing sweet corn.
  • Do not store it for more than a couple of days as it loses its freshness.
  • Corn has considerable quantities of fatty acids so avoid eating too much sweet corn if you have a risk of any heart issues.
  • Always go for fresh sweet corn rather than canned ones.
  • Although corn does have numerous health benefits, eating excess corn can trigger unwanted adverse effects. So make sure you have sweet corn in moderation.
  • Make sure you ask your doctor’s advice before including corn into your daily diet.
  • Refrain from removing the husk to keep the corn fresh.
  • Keep the corn in an airtight container and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Avoid adding artificial sweeteners or flavors to the corn kernels.

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Tips to Cook the Corn the Right Way

The following tips will help you to cook the corn the right way so that you can reap all its benefits:

  • Boil some water with a generous amount of salt in a saucepan. Add corn. Cook for about 4 minutes, or until the kernels are soft but still crunchy.
  • Boiling corn in milk is an excellent tip that helps bring out its natural flavor.
  • Pressure cooking the corn is the easiest and fastest way to cook corn. Put corn and water to the pressure cooker and cover the corn and pressure cook for 3-4 whistles. Let the pressure release naturally.

Yummy Corn Recipes

You can incorporate sweet corn into your pregnancy diet in a tasty way. Following are two yummy recipes for sweet corn:

1. Corn Chat

Sweet corn chaat is a spicy and tangy snack prepared with steamed or boiled sweet corn and spices. No cooking expertise is required for this simple, easy to prepare chat.

2. Corn Soup

Sweet corn soup is a nutrient-dense dish that is palatable for pregnant women. It helps to curb hunger pangs in a healthy way. It is easy to make and adding other vegetables will enhance its nutritive value further.

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Which Type of Corn to be Avoided?

Corn is an entirely safe food. However, some corn products are unsafe and should be avoided during pregnancy:


Popcorn contains trans fat. Overconsumption of popcorn during pregnancy will hinder its healthy progression. Likewise, salted, buttered, and caramelized popcorns are not a healthy option during pregnancy.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup contains a large amount of added sweeteners, which increases the risk of gestational diabetes.

So mommies, did you consume sweet corn during pregnancy? What are the benefits you derived from eating sweet corn during pregnancy? In what ways did you include it in your pregnancy diet? Do share all this and more on sweet corn in the comments section below.


1. What Happens if We Eat Sweet Corn Daily During Pregnancy?

Corn is rich in carbohydrates and nutrients. Therefore, eating sweet corn every day might lead to weight gain during pregnancy.

2. Is Sweet Corn Hard to Digest During Pregnancy?

It is important to cook sweet corn well so that it turns tender. Also, it is important to chew the corn well before ingesting it. Otherwise, eating sweet corn during pregnancy may bring about issues associated with indigestion.

3. Is Sweet Corn Good for Babies?

Sweet corn is high in B vitamins, iron, potassium, and zinc, all of which are vital minerals. All of them are necessary for the baby’s healthy growth and development.

4. Can Eating Sweet Corn During Pregnancy Improve my Baby’s Immunity?

Sweet corn is rich in antioxidants. When you eat sweet corn when pregnant, these anti oxidants can get passed on to your baby. The phytochemicals can improve your baby’s immunity too.

5. Can Eating Sweet Corn While Pregnant Improve Brain Functions?

Sweet corn is a rich source of thiamine. This is an important component for brain function. It can also promote your fetus’ brain development.

6. Can Eating Sweet Corn During Pregnancy Lead to Heart Issues?

Sweet corn is rich in fatty acids. Over consumption of this can lead to heart related issues. Especially when you are pregnant and the heart is already stressed more than usual.

7. Can I Eat Frozen Sweet Corn When Pregnant?

No, it is not advisable. Pregnant women are advised to opt for fresh sweet corn over frozen ones. Adding frozen sweet corn that is not cooked well can lead to food poisoning.

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