Design A Perfect Nursery with These Essentials

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When you’re a new parent, one of the most fun things you get to do before your baby arrives is to set up a perfect nursery. But since you’re just starting out, you might not know which items are nursery essentials.

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We suggest starting off with the basics. Read on to find out the essentials of designing any nursery!


1. Invest A Good Crib And Mattress Set

This may seem obvious, but all babies just need a good crib and mattress in a perfect nursery. It’s just a basic that every parent relies on, and it’s an item that will be used even as they grow.

The best way to sort through all the options is by looking at reviews and seeing what other mums and dads have to say. However, according to Mommyhood101’s reviews, it’s becoming more commonplace for sites to post fake reviews, especially on high-demand products like cribs.

That’s what makes real mom blogs so important; you’ll gather trustworthy feedback from parents, and you’ll find the crib that’s best for your nursery’s design, size, budget, etc.


2. Think About A Theme With Lasting Power

Next, when you’re setting up your nursery, you need to think about a theme that’ll look good as it ages. While it might be funny to imagine a Tiger King-themed nursery or some other pop culture trend as the centrepiece of the room, just remember your baby is going to be seeing this room for quite a few years. A color-coordinated nursery with no Intellectual Property characters is always a safe bet.

That being said, if you want to put a pop of personality into the room, try using fun posters and stuffed animals to add flair. That way, you still get to put up timely references, but if you get tired of them, it’s easy to swap out. So, if you change your mind, you can re-theme the room without repainting.


3. A Trash Can That Actually Locks Away Odors

New parents always underestimate the smell of diapers. So, investing in a good odor locking trashcan can absolutely save your life, and your nose.

These trashcans can be surprisingly expensive! That’s why you should consider talking to parents whose kids are transitioning out of diapers and see if you can get a good deal on their used diaper genie or other heavy-duty trash can. You’ll save a ton and they’ll get the bulkier can out of their house. It’s a win-win situation.


4. Toys Without Batteries

Though the newest flashiest electronic toy on the market always seems the coolest, you’ll end up wanting your kids to spend some time playing with toys that don’t need batteries.

The reason for this is twofold: first, most parents want to make sure that kids are not reliant on screens. Also, for your own sanity you don’t want toys that make loud sounds stationed around the nursery.

This is especially true if your kids tend to play at all hours of the day. You’re going to want to sleep at some point without hearing the musical chimes that come out of kids’ toys.

When you purchase toys without batteries, you’ll immediately foster a sense of imagination and creativity in your baby. These “simpler” objects help them grow without needing technology right away.



Not every nursery is going to be the same, and that’s what makes these rooms so special. When you take the time to set up this space with the essentials, you guarantee that your nursery will be as unique as your new baby.

Is there something we’re forgetting? Tell us what your perfect nursery room essential is below!

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