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Do Fertility Treatments Cause Cancer?

4 min read

Nowadays infertility is on the rise. As a result of this a lot of women are undergoing fertility treatments and are taking fertility drugs to help them conceive. But the use of these fertility treatments come with their own share of fears. Some women undergoing these treatments fear about the chances of having a healthy baby, whereas, some are worried about the possibility of having multiples and to top it all now there is a buzz about these fertility treatments increasing the risk of breast or uterine cancer. But do fertility drugs really cause cancer? Let us find out the possibilities and probabilities.
fertility drugs

Do Fertility Drugs Cause Cancer?

One of the most successful ways to treat infertility is with drugs. The drugs basically:

  • Bring about ovulation in women by raising their estrogen levels temporarily
  • They help the ovaries to produce eggs by providing follicle stimulating hormone
  • They stimulate the egg growth with a combination of follicle stimulating hormone and luteini