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What To Put In Your Diaper Bag?

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It’s a bright sunny day and you have decided to step out with your child. Remember, you are taking your child out of their comfort zone and yours, and you need to be prepared. You don’t necessarily have to carry all that your child is familiar with or has grown used to, but there are some essential things that you must pack in your diaper bag.
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Checklist: What To Pack In Your Diaper Bag?
    • Diapers: Carry one diaper for every hour that you will be out. Add a few extra ones, just to be at peace. If you are planning an overnight excursion or trip, carry a full pack of 24 diapers. You can always buy a top up later, if required
    • Wipes: Just like diapers, wipes are a must-have in your diaper bag. Make sure you carry a big travel-size pack or stash three-four small travel packs in your bag. If possible, carry smaller packs in a resealable plastic pouch or zip-lock bag, to keep them from drying. Wipes can be used to not only wipe and clean messy baby bottoms but to also wipe dirty surfaces and sticky hands.
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    • Hand sanitizer: Each time you change the diaper or clean your child, ensure that you use a hand sanitizer. This is especially true in case of places where there is no provision to wash your hands
    • Changing pad: A fold-able and portable changing pad is extremely handy when you are out with your child. There are disposable ones, ones which come along with a diaper bag and ones that can be reused – all kinds available in the market. There are also the ones made of water-resistant material to help you clean and dry quickly. You can also use a hand towel as a changing pad
    • Extra set / sets of clothes: An extra pair of clothes is a must. If possible, throw in two or three extra pairs of soft or warm clothes, as per the weather, and add a pair or two of socks as well. Babies tend to need a change of clothes more often than toddlers and preschoolers
    • Baby’s feed in a bottle: If you are breastfeeding the baby, then you may not quite need to worry about your child’s milk requirements. But if you are bottle-feeding your child, please ensure that you carry a bottle of formula or expressed breast milk with you in a cooler. Keep a small nursing cover in your diaper bag as well . For older kids, carry their snack in a container with a spoon
  • Carry bags to discard used diapers: Carry bags made of paper or biodegradable material are the best to use for disposing used and soiled diapers. They can also be used to store soiled clothes, bibs and towels
  • Baby blanket: Many children are fond of their very own blankets as it provides them with warmth and comfort. If your child is one of them, carrying their favorite blanket is a must
  • Diaper rash cream: As your child grows up and is under potty-training, they may not wear diapers on a regular basis. Your trip may be an occasion on which they could wear a diaper after a long time. At such times, they could develop a rash on their sore bottom. It is best to keep a diaper rash cream in your diaper bag
  • Vaseline: Dryness of the skin could be a result of a dry and wintry weather. It could also result from extreme heat. Scratches, bruises, bumps and falls are common when on a trip. At such times, Vaseline helps!
  • Bibs or burp cloth: Children tend to spill food and soil their clothes. When you pack your diaper bag, put a bib in it to save the hassle of changing clothes after every meal outside. Burp cloths are essential for wearing over your shoulder while you burp your child. They are non-space consuming little pieces of rags that can fit into the nook of your diaper bag quite easily
  • Sunscreen or hat: You don’t want to expose your child to the sun. Babies have sensitive skin and you don’t want your child to suffer tans and burns. Cover your child up in layers and keep them away from direct sunlight. Use a sunscreen lotion on children above the age of 6 months. A hat that also covers the back of your baby’s neck is good. Make sure you carry them both in your diaper bag
  • Sippy cup: Toddlers could drink milk, water, juices and even soups in a sippy cup to avoid spilling and soiling of clothes. A sippy cup comes in handy here
  • A favorite toy: To avoid tantrums and meltdowns, carry a small toy that is your child’s favorite. Keeping your child calm when outside, is no mean feat!
  • Pacifiers: If your baby is used to a pacifier, do not hesitate to carry more than one in your diaper bag. Make sure you pack them separately in plastic baggies
  • Nursing pads: If you re breastfeeding, slip in a couple of breast pads to avoid embarrassment from those leaking breasts
  • First aid kit: You never know when your baby will get colicky or develop a fever. So it is advisable to carry a small first aid kit with the basic medicines for your baby, some band aids , pain reliever and other first aid essentials

While all of this may not be ready with you all the time, try to keep a small diaper bag with basics such as diapers, wipes, pacifier, empty bottles, small can of formula and bibs ready. It will save you a lot of hassle if you ever go on a quick unexpected trip. Do not forget to stash your wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, bottle of water and keys as well in your diaper bag!

Tips To Buy A Good Diaper Bag
  • Before picking a diaper bag, just don’t go by its looks, try it on for size. What is convenient for one mom may not be the same for another mom
  • Just don’t stick to a conventional diaper bag design. You can broaden your search and look for bags meant for other purposes like a backpack which can be doubled as a diaper bag
  • It is a good idea to buy to diaper bags: a small one for quick unexpected trips and a big one for longer getaways
  • Pick a bag which has multiple compartments as this makes life easier and items more organized in the diaper bag
  • A waterproof lining is a boon as it makes cleaning easy in case of any spills
  • Also prevent leaks by packing liquids such as medicines in a small plastic bag
  • To make life easy for you, pack similar items like clothing in a resealable bag

So all those mommies out there, what’s in your diaper bag? Do share it in the comments section below.

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