Does Cinnamon Boost Fertility?

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Does Cinnamon Boost Fertility?

Indian spices are best known for their great nutritive values and medicinal uses. Spices like cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, asafetida, and many more are used from ages to treat various diseases. Out of this cinnamon (also known as dalchini in common language) is a well-known spice. It has various health benefits, including boosting fertility.

So, let’s have a look at how cinnamon can be helpful in boosting fertility and overcoming infertility in detail. We will also come to know the various tips to boost fertility using cinnamon.

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How Does Cinnamon Boost Male Fertility?

To enhance fertility in both men and women, cinnamon plays a key role. Its natural properties boost the fertilization process. Given below are some effects of cinnamon that aids in boosting fertility:

1. Effects in Men

Low sperm count is the major cause of infertility in men. Cinnamon is known as a hot food that provides warmth to the body. It increases the sperm count in men by improving the blood flow in the pelvis due to the warm effect it has on the body.

2. Effects in Women

There are various causes of infertility in women. PCOS, insulin resistance, overweight, irregular menstruation, heavy bleeding, and endometriosis are some of them. Here is how cinnamon helps deal with each of the cause:

a) Effect of Cinnamon on PCOS

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), is a hormonal issue that results in the formation of cysts in ovaries, and is one of the most common causes of infertility. Intake of cinnamon with lemon is found to ease the ill effects of PCOS on pregnancy. It also helps to bring down the inflammation and irritation in ovaries due to cysts.

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b) Effect of Cinnamon on Irregular Menstruation

Cinnamon affects fertility in women by giving a kick start to metabolism and regulates normal menstruation flow. The intake of cinnamon is found to increase the flow during the menstrual cycle, thereby increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

c) Effects of Cinnamon on Weight Loss

An increase in metabolism causes improved weight loss.

d) Effects of Cinnamon on Insulin Resistance

High blood sugar reduces the chances of a successful pregnancy. This is because ovulation and blood sugar levels are interconnected. Cinnamon improves insulin resistance, thereby, helping to manage blood glucose levels in women.

e) Effects of Cinnamon in Heavy Bleeding

Cinnamon has been found to be very useful for women experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding associated with endometriosis and uterine fibroids.

How to Use Cinnamon For Fertility?

drinking cinnamon water

There are a large number of ways to include cinnamon in your daily diet. Some of the ways are discussed below:

1. Add to Tea

Love having tea? You can add cinnamon powder or a cinnamon stick into your regular cup of tea.

2. With Vegetables

You can add the cinnamon powder to your daily vegetables by using it as an ingredient while cooking.

3. In Water

You can consume it early in the morning by boiling a stick of cinnamon in one glass of water. Go ahead and add honey and lemon for taste. Add a small piece of cinnamon in your regular water bottle. Consume that water instead of your regular drinking water.

4. Cinnamon Ice-Cream

You can go for a cinnamon ice-cream to give yourself a tasty treat once in a while. Also, adding cinnamon to milk will double the result, as milk also helps to enhance fertility.

Everything is beneficial if consumed moderately. It is important to note that excess intake of anything could be harmful. So, it is advisable to consume cinnamon in the given following amounts for better results in PCOS and type 2 diabetes patients:

  • 2 to 3 grams of cinnamon powder on a daily basis, preferably with honey.
  • 2 to 4 ml of cinnamon tincture on a daily basis is advisable to be taken along with water.

How Long Should You Take Cinnamon For Positive Results?

cinnamon milk

Various studies prove that cinnamon is an extremely beneficial spice for the human body. However, if you want to have some positive results, you need to have some patience. You should at least take 1500 milligrams of cinnamon powder daily for six months to treat infertility.

It can be taken along with milk that is also known for its great benefits in the case of infertility. For better weight loss, it could be taken along with honey and lemon that is proven weight loss aid.

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Tips and Precautions

To make the best use of cinnamon to treat infertility and have effective results, here are some precautions and tips you should keep in mind:

  1. Cinnamon has mild effects in the blood-thinning process. So it is recommended not to take it along with any blood-thinning medicines.
  2. Spices are not recommended when you suffer from oral or peptic ulcers. So avoid cinnamon in such medical conditions.
  3. It is advised to avoid intake of any kind of supplements during pregnancy and lactation. Even though if they are cinnamon supplements.
  4. Do not take cinnamon with any kind of mint candies or gums. It can be dangerous and cause oral ulcers and inflammation in the throat and mouth.
  5. Do not forget to consult your doctor first to use cinnamon in case you suffer from diabetes and PCOS.
  6. Moderation is the key. Do not take high doses of cinnamon. It could harm your digestive tract by causing inflammation or damaging digestive tract mucosal lining.
  7. Species of cinnamon-like cassia or Chinese cinnamon have a bad effect on the body if taken for a long interval of time. It causes the formation of blood clots and damages the kidney and liver.

How Safe is Cinnamon While Trying to Conceive?

cinnamon powder

The safety of consuming cinnamon depends on how you are consuming it. Consuming it as food or as a food ingredient is absolutely safe while trying to conceive. On the other hand, using it as a herbal extract in the second half of your cycle can be problematic when you are trying to conceive.

These reasons prove why cinnamon is considered effective in boosting fertility. Other than that, it has various benefits as well, including aiding weight loss, boosting immunity, preventing heart diseases, treating diabetes, among others. It can be included in your daily diet to gain these benefits. But don’t forget moderation. There are very few cases of side effects caused due to the extra dosage of cinnamon, but prevention is the key.

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1. Is Cinnamon a Fertility Drug?

No, cinnamon is a spice used in a variety of foods. It has many medicinal properties that can help boost immunity. It can be considered as one of the home remedies for improving fertility.

2. How Does Cinnamon Help me Lose Weight?

Cinnamon generates heat in your body when consumed. The more the heat, more is the fat you burn. Thus cinnamon is believed to boost your immunity and help lose weight.

3. Is Cinnamon Good for Pregnancy?

Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties. Pregnancy can cause your joints to swell and ache. Adding cinnamon to your food can improve your health as well as the taste of the food.

4. Can Consuming Cinnamon Lead to a Miscarriage?

Moderation is key when you are pregnant. Consuming cinnamon as a food-enhancing spice or in limited quantities is ok. However, if you are consuming cinnamon-loaded teas or cinnamon supplements, it can be risky. Please consult your doctor to know your limits.

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