Garlic for Fertility – Does It Really Help?

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Garlic for Fertility

In the present times, the process of childbirth has become a major concern and so has fertility. There are many treatments available for the couples who are struggling with this issue. However very few are aware that a very important kitchen ingredient, garlic, can serve as an ideal solution to their worries. There are cases when garlic for fertility has been used.

So how does garlic help in increasing fertility? The goodness of garlic for male as well as female fertility and recipes that are made from garlic which boost the fertility will be discussed here.

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Is Garlic Good For Fertility?

It is important to have foods that can resolve fertility issues. Do you know that daily consumption of 4 or five cloves of garlic can do wonders in your reproductive system? It is always advisable to take food that has more nutrition so that the body can get the best results for its fertility purposes. And therefore, it is ideal to add garlic while cooking to add the extra zest and spice and even to boost the love life. Let us now see the reasons that prove that garlic is good for fertility:

  • Garlic is enriched with medicinal properties that boost the quality of sex life and can even work as a great solution for impotency.
  • Regular intake of garlic helps in keeping the sperms and eggs healthy and also maintaining the health of the body.
  • Intake of garlic helps to keep the body as well as the reproductive system healthy.
  • It also helps to purify the blood and boost the blood circulation.
  • Garlic has selenium and vitamins that help to alleviate any chromosome defects.
  • Aids in boosting the blood flow to all sex organs.
  • Raw garlic and ovulation are strongly interconnected.
  • It helps to keep the male sperm healthy and thus the intake of garlic and fertility treatments work simultaneously.
  • Garlic is one of the antioxidants that help to treat impotence, especially in men, by decreasing any damage to the cells.

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How Does Garlic Help to Improve Male Fertility?

Garlic is famous for boosting the potency quotient in males. It is even loaded with nutrients and vitamins that are important for a healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system. The ways in which garlic can help boost the male fertility are as under:

  1. Allicin: It helps in better blood supply to the sex organs and even helps in protecting the sperms.
  2. Selenium: This works as a natural antioxidant that enhances the motility of sperms.
  3. Vitamins C and B6: These ensure the sperms are healthy.

Male fertility and garlic are inter-related as the daily consumption of the latter helps to keep the blood pure. When this pure blood reaches the male sex organ on erection, it helps in better movement and in healthy production of sperms.

How Does Garlic Help to Improve Female Fertility?

Women holding Garlic

Just like the relationship between garlic and male fertility is connected, so is the female fertility and garlic as well. Garlic is famous as it helps to arouse ovulation and even helps in preventing chromosomal defects. Women who take garlic on a regular basis have a pain-free menstrual cycle and even healthy pregnancy. Let us now see what role garlic plays to enhance female fertility.

  • Vitamin B6 that supports ovulation is a major constituent of garlic.
  • Garlic enhances the quality of blood, leading to a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • It is loaded with nutrients that help to keep the egg in healthy condition and prevent any damages to chromosomes.

Even though garlic has a strong and pungent smell, it has major health benefits. It even helps to prevent breast cancer as well as other ailments and helps to maintain the weight issues and even keeps the skin, nails, and hair in healthy form.

Healthy Garlic Recipes to Boost Fertility

garlic recepies

Knowing that garlic is a super food that can help in having a baby, it is suggested to make this ingredient a part of the meals taken. It is recommended to take 1-2 cloves of garlic in raw form everyday. Few people take garlic milk as a cure for infertility issues, but it’s strong odor could be a deterrent for others. Let us have a look at a few recipes that involve garlic:

1. Garlic and Honey Tea

  • Clear 1 or two garlic pods and boil in water to get the extracts.
  • Add honey to it and consume as tea.
  • This should be taken in the early morning hours to boost fertility.

2. Garlic Infusion

  • You will need 1kg of garlic, which needs to be ground and kept in a jar.
  • Add boiled water to the ground garlic.
  • Close the jar with a lid.
  • Keep this jar away from light, in a dark place for almost a month.
  • Keep shaking the jar regularly.
  • Have one teaspoon daily in the same manner or with a cup of milk.

3. Garlic-Vodka Infusion

  • Take 1 kg of garlic and grind.
  • To this add 500 ml vodka and keep away from light for a week.
  • Take this one tablespoon thrice daily before all meals.

4. Garlic and White Wine

  • Boil 1 clove of garlic in 200 ml of white wine.
  • Keep it in a glass for one day.
  • Consume 1 spoon daily almost one hour before the meal.

5. Garlic With Nuts

  • Mix 100 gms cooked garlic, 300 gm ground walnut, 100 gm hazelnuts, 1 kg honey and 50 gms Rhodiola Rosea roots
  • Take one tablespoon once daily after a meal.

Thus, it can be said that garlic is the mantra to all childbirth and fertility issues. One needs to just have patience to be able to benefit from the goodness of garlic. It is prudent to enjoy and reap benefits and enhance the fertility levels by making garlic a must ingredient in all your meals.

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1. Can Garlic Improve Sex Drive?

Yes it is believed to. Regular consumption of garlic can boost your blood flow. This in turn, can increase the sex drive in both partners.

2. Can Garlic Increase Testosterone Levels in Men?

Yes it can. Garlic can increase nitric oxide levels in blood. This helps dialate blood vessels, promoting a better flow.

3. Can Garlic Help Reverse Chemotherapy’s Impact on Fertility?

Chemotherapy is known to affect the quality and quantity of sperms produced. A study shows garlic can protect sperms against this negative effect. This claim is not backed by enough research.

4. Can Garlic Help IVF Success Rate?

Garlic is a rich source of Allicin and selenium. While Allicin protects the sperm from damages, selenium improves the motility. However, we are not too sure if garlic can increase the IVF success rate.

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