There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period. Some of it are myths, without much scientific proof, yet passed on from generation to generation. Some of these talks are factual with sufficient scientific explanation. One of the first instructions that most probably your mom or grand mom gives you after your delivery is to drink only warm water and warm beverages and avoid cold water or any cold beverage. What if you deliver a baby during hot summers? It is quite natural for you to desire for cold water or refrigerated juices, cold milk, cold buttermilk, etc. But can you drink cold water after delivery? There have been mixed reactions regarding this question and this article can help you get some enlightenment regarding this issue.
cold water after delivery

Why Is Drinking Cold Water After Delivery Not Good?

Not much research has been done on this so there is no substantial evidence to prove that cold water is not good after delivery. But you may have been told to drink only warm water after delivery for the following reasons:

  • The main reason for advocating against having cold water after delivery is the belief that warm water and warm beverages promote speedy recovery as heat is always been linked to the healing process
  • Another reason for encouraging drinking warm water is that heat aids in shrinking of the womb to its original size. The cold water is believed to delay this process
  • Also, drinking cold water is believed to cause infections like cold and cough. To some extent, this is can be true for some people who are sensitive to anything cold and cold conditions. But in many countries, women have been drinking cold water after their delivery without any harmful effects
  • Cold water along with food can affect proper digestion and can result in gas formation. It is quite painful to develop gas, especially after a C-section
Can I Drink Cold Water After Normal Delivery?

Water plays an important role during the postpartum period too just like it did during pregnancy. It is important to consume around 12 glasses of water while you are breastfeeding your baby. Water is important to keep the nursing mother hydrated. It plays a significant role in the production of breast milk and to prevent constipation in breastfeeding mothers. Constipation after a vaginal birth, which needed an episiotomy can be a tremendously painful.
If you don’t like drinking hot water it will eventually reduce your water intake. This can adversely affect the health of the growing baby as he will not get adequate breast milk which is necessary for his growth and development.
However, in spite of all the arguments against drinking cold beverages and water after delivery, there is no evidence that the temperature of water is important in the healing process after delivery. Therefore, if you have delivered your baby in the scorching hot summers and you yearn for cold water to refresh yourself in the heat, go ahead and indulge. Don’t feel guilty about consuming cold water as long as it is not too chilled especially if you are using an air conditioner.
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Will Drinking Cold Water Affect My Baby?

Never. Drinking cold water won’t affect your baby. Your breast milk will still be warm and the antibodies you pass on to your baby through your milk will protect her from catching any kind of infection.

When Can I Start To Drink Cold Water After C- Section Delivery?

The standard methodology after a C-section is not to give mother something to drink until the doctor can perceive how well the patient acclimates to the post-operation medications. Once the doctor gives green signal to drink water, you can start drinking plain water (cold or warm as you wish) and also beverages that are not aerated.
Water is essential for the healing process post a C-section. It helps to improve the milk production during breastfeeding, prevents constipation and may even be helpful for those trying to loose the baby weight. Water can help suppress one’s appetite and having 2 glasses of water prior to your meals can assist you with your weight loss regime.

Does Drinking Cold Water After Giving Birth Slows Recovery?

Despite so much of speculation against drinking cold water after having a baby, there is no scientific evidence which supports this theory. The only thing to watch out for is making sure that you sip pure drinking water which is no too chilled especially if the weather outside is cold. If you used to have health issues whenever you drank cold beverages, it is better to avoid it at least during the recovery period after delivery.
Clearly, the belief that drinking cold water after delivery is unsafe is not true. It is just another old wives tale. Water irrespective of its temperature is essential for breastfeeding moms as your body needs lots of fluids for proper production of breast milk. Having adequate breast milk is essential for proper growth and development of your baby. So go ahead keep yourself hydrated! If you are still concerned about taking cold water, it’s best to consult your doctor and understand what the right choice is for you.
Were you also told not to have cold water after delivery? Did you consume cold water after your delivery? Did it have any side effects on you? Do share your experience in the comments section below.