Eating Singhara Fruit During Pregnancy: Water Chestnuts Benefits and Usage

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Singhara fruit During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of joy and celebration for any woman and her family. This is also a time when the weirdest food cravings set in. Don’t be surprised if you start craving something you have never eaten before. But remember, everything which you consume must have proper consent from your doctor. During pregnancy, you must take care of yourself and your baby’s health and hence it’s better if you eat as healthy as chestnuts. Singhara(सिंघाड़ा) or chestnuts are counted among the best superfoods and are powder packed with nutrition. These properties make the food excellent for pregnancy. If you have landed here wanting to learn if you can eat singhara fruit during pregnancy, we have got you covered.

Chestnuts are also known as ‘Singhara’ and are entirely safe to consume during pregnancy. Even doctors recommend that pregnant ladies consume chestnuts during pregnancy. Chestnuts provide pregnant women with several cooling and keep them satiated. Another benefit of consuming water chestnuts during pregnancy is that they provide the body with several vitamins such as B6, B, and E which ensures safe pregnancy. It also releases hypertension from women’s minds as it can directly impact the baby’s health.

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Is it Safe to Eat Water Chestnuts During Pregnancy?

Consuming water chestnuts is completely safe during pregnancy as they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. If you are suffering from joint pains or any other pains during pregnancy, you can prepare a paste of water chestnuts and apply them to the affected parts. This will give instant relief to the pain and ultimately provide relief to the swollen areas.

Relish your pregnancy period by eating Singhara and keep you and your baby healthy and happy.

Nutritional Value of Water Chestnuts

Undoubtedly, consuming water chestnuts is completely a healthy choice during pregnancy. Let’s have a look at the nutritional table below:
Nutrients Value
Calories 50
Fat 0g
Sodium 8.5 mg
Carbohydrates 9g
Fiber 2g
Sugars 0g
Protein 0g

Top 5 Benefits of Eating Singhara Fruit During Pregnancy

pregnant women siting in sofa

As discussed earlier, eating singhara can be highly beneficial for a pregnant woman as it helps her release bad toxins from the body and protects her from catching infections such as UTIs. At the same time, the fruit is devoid of calories and full of fibre, both of which are highly beneficial when you are pregnant.

Let’s have a look at several benefits of eating singhara during pregnancy.

1. Helps to Minimize Weakness

Pregnancy phase makes a woman lethargic, and she tends to feel weak all day long. When you feel lethargic, your productivity can go down. Eating water chestnuts helps combat fatigue, and you can go about your daily routine as usual. When you are active, you need not worry about gaining unnecessary weight.

2. Maintains Bone Health

Just like milk and curd, water chestnuts are excellent for your bone health. They have the potential of maintaining the mother’s and baby’s bone health by providing the much-needed calcium. In addition, they also maintain oral health and prevent oral infections.

3. Keeps You Away From Inflammation

When you are expecting, there will be several changes in your body. These changes can disturb your cells and increase the amount of inflammation in your body. Singhara fruit helps reduce inflammation in your body. It can also help you protect yourself and your baby from inflammation-related ailments.

4. They are Fibrous

You must eat a meal that contains a lot of fiber during pregnancy. High-fibre diet helps in digestion and keeps problems such as constipation at bay. Fibrous food can also help to keep blood sugar levels in check and regulate cholesterol levels.

5. Keeps the Allergies at Bay

As an expecting mother, you might observe several new reactions in your body. This is because of hormonal changes in the body or due to a bad diet. Water chestnuts are an ultimate option to keep you away from allergies and related symptoms such as itching, swelling, rashes, etc.

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How Can I Eat Water Chestnuts During Pregnancy?

Singhare Ka Atta

Are you looking for some ways through which you can easily consume water chestnuts during pregnancy? Doctors recommended various ways by which you can consume singhara to take the complete benefit of it. Scroll on to read the ways of consuming singhara during pregnancy.

1. Make a Paste

As discussed earlier, a singhara can be applied like a paste to the affected areas as it has the potential of providing instant relief from pain. It also curbs itchiness and swelling and helps in quick healing.

2. Prepare a Singhara Pulao

Who doesn’t like pulao? Pulao incorporates several vegetables with rice and spices, and is quite a delicacy. You can add singhara to the vegetable medley to add to the taste and nutrition factors.

3. Singhare Ka Atta(FLOUR)

Singhara flour is commonly used during fasting. You can use this flour to make chapatis which are filling and nutritious. You can use singhara flour during pregnancy to keep you satiated for a long time and help you curb cravings for junk.

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1. What are the Benefits of Eating Water Chestnuts?

Eating water chestnuts can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy as they are

  • Highly nutritious
  • Low in fats
  • Reduce the chances of stroke
  • Keep you feeling full for longer

2. Does Singhara Increase Weight?

Absolutely No! It is a no-starchy food and does not cause your weight gain but ultimately helps you lose it.

3. Can we Drink Water After Eating Water Chestnuts?

It would be better if you could avoid drinking water for at least 15 minutes after consuming singharas. This is because immediately taking in water can cause a dry cough.

4. Is Singhara Fruit Healthy?

Yes! Singhara fruit is healthy to be consumed during pregnancy.

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