Things Parents Should Always Have In Their Car

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For some parents, travelling with their kids is a nightmare. The kids get cranky, they get motion sickness, they get demanding – all of which mean that as a parent you do not get one moment of peace inside the car.
Kids and parents in car
And then there are other parents who seem to love road trips with their children. Of course, some kids are just easier to manage during trips. That said, one thing that sets these parents apart is how well they stock their cars with things that they anticipate the kids will need during any travel.So, here goes, ensure you have the following items in your car.

15 Things Every Parent Should Have In The Car
    1. Towels: Extra towels always come in handy. If there is an accidental spill of water, you would need thick towels to clean up the seat and the kids. It is also an excellent sun blocker for the car windows (roll down the glass a little, spread out the towel over the rim and bring the glasses up)
    2. Band aids: Basic first aid kit is something you should always have handy, whether you anticipate cuts and bruises to happen or not. Band aids are definitely required. Additionally, you can also keep a roll of cotton, some antiseptic and cleaning alcohol
    3. Plastic covers: If you have a child who tends to get sick during car journeys, then you know how useful plastic covers can be. Keep a stash of plastic covers in your car always (that is, do not wait for a trip to pack them). Have one or two of them in the dash board so that you can reach for them quickly
    4. Disposal bags: If you have a kid in diaper, you definitely need few disposal bags handy to put used diapers. Even with grown kids, it is a good idea to have disposal bags handy, so that you can put chocolate wrappers, snack left overs etc. in it (a good lesson on not littering the road and keeping the car clean)
    5. Blankets: Your child wants to take a quick nap in the car? No problem! Your kid feels cold when the AC is on? Or he just wants to feel home while relaxing? You have got the blanket ready!
    6. Snacks: Okay, this is an all-time hit to keep kids engaged in the car. They invariably get hungry even during a short trip. Keep some dry snacks handy. Popcorn, biscuits, chips etc. are children’s favorites. You can also keep dry fruits and raisins, if you want to keep the snacking healthy. Even banana makes for an excellent car snack!
    7. Water bottles: When we talk about eating, can drinking be far behind? Keeping your child hydrated is a good way to ensure they don’t get too tired. Do not use bottles with a wider opening as the chances of spilling are higher with them

Kids in car

  1. Wet wipes: Nothing like wet wipes to clean the hands and face after snacking. It also helps refresh the face during car rides in hot sun. Of course, if you have a small child, wet wipes also come in handy during each nappy change
  2. Coloring books / crayons / toys: If the ride is going to be long, then pack an “entertainment kit” for your child. It should contain small toys, hand held puzzles like Rubik Cube, a small note pad and crayons, at the very least
  3. Tissue box: Most cars already have tissue boxes. Even if you have packed wet wipes and towels, tissue boxes come in handy for smaller needs. Further, the box pacts upwards of 200 tissue papers! Definitely handy!
  4. Umbrella: It is always a good idea to keep an umbrella permanently in your car. For any untimely rains, you do not need to worry about your child getting soaked
  5. Jackets or coats: Often times, you go from your warm house directly into the car. And finally when you reach your destination and get out, you realize how chilly it is outside! You would not have to exclaim “I forgot to take kids’ jackets!” if you already have them in your car. Keep one handy in your car always, just like umbrella
  6. Hand sanitizer: This is a good hygienic practice. After cleaning the hands with wet wipes, a hand sanitizer can be used to ensure the kids are catching no unwanted infections
  7. Sunscreen: Much like the description above for carrying a jacket, you might not always realize how sunny it is outside. Having a kid-friendly sun screen and hats in the dash board can definitely minimize tanning and sun burns
  8. Extra clothes: Yes, they might throw up. Yes, they might spill water all over them. Yes, they might do “fabric” painting instead of using their books. Always keep a pair of clothes (and clogs) handy

So get ready to stock up the car because being prepared is very important. Having things to clean, entertain and feed your child within your reach could also mean you are more calm and peaceful. Moreover, when your child knows that things he/she requires is inside the car the child is peaceful too! Happy tripping!


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