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8 Effective Foods For Babies During Fever (6-12 Months)

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As the immune system of your baby is not fully developed, they are more prone to infections and fever (which is the body’s way of fighting infections), especially before their first birthday. If your baby develops a fever, obviously, you need to do whatever you can to help your baby feel better. In addition to medicine and attention, you should take care of your baby’s food. Usually, babies refuse to eat during fever. This can make them tired, weak and cranky. Eating healthy food (regardless of the quantity) also plays a major role in their speedy recovery. Read on to know 8 such foods for babies during fever.fever in babies 6 months
Feeding foods for babies during fever

8 Most Effective Foods for babies during fever
When to Call a Doctor
Useful Tips To Feed Your Baby

Feeding foods for babies during fever

Always give priority to your baby’s wish, when he or she is suffering from fever when it comes to choosing foods for babies during fever and the time to feed. When your baby is sick, the first thing that goes for a toss is their appetite. You can try giving your baby some of her favourite food but make sure the food is both nutritious and provides your baby with enough energy to fight the infection. If your little one wants to be on your feed, listen to her wish and breastfeed or formula feed her entirely till she recovers from fever as breast milk and formula provides all the essential nutrients. Never force your baby to eat if she does not wish to. Just keep feeding her at regular intervals to keep her active and remember her appetite will return when she starts feeling better.

8 Most Effective Foods for babies during fever

The foods for babies during fever should be

  • Warm, less spicy, semi-solid, and soft
  • It should be easily digestible
  • Protein intake should be increased. Dal and milk are rich in proteins
  • Include food rich in calcium, sodium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B
  • Avoid oils, butter, ghee, foods which are highly fibrous. Also, avoid cold food

Here are eight foods for babies during fever time and you can give this kind of food given below

1. Breast milk: 

If your baby is down with a fever, feed her as much breastmilk as he needs. After all, it is her primary food during the first year. Intake of fluid is important during the fever. Breast milk not only helps to prevent dehydration but also provides your baby with all the essential nutrients. Breast milk also benefits your baby since it contains antibodies. Breast milk is easy to digest. Moreover, the act of nursing comforts your baby while she is suffering from fever

2. Dal khichdi: 

If your baby is over six months, you would have introduced him to  solids. Moong dal khichdi supplies enough protein to your baby. It is not only easy to digest but is a balanced meal and truly a portion of comfort food. Dal khichdi is light on your baby’s tummy and also provides all the essential nutrients. Give warm khichdi to your baby. Do not try to give your baby the usual quantity she is used to eating. Even if she takes a few spoons, and stops eating, do not force her. View basic dal khichdi recipe here

3. Mashed curd rice:

You can give curd rice to babies above 11 months. Remember to use curd or yoghurt that is at room temperature rather than a cold one. Mash the rice well before giving it to your baby. Curd rice is easy to digest and curd can have a soothing effect

4. Soup:

Giving baby clear vegetable soups help to alleviate any tiredness, and it also supplies essential nutrients. Wash the seasoned vegetables thoroughly, chop them, and pressure cook them with enough water (use only filter water). Add a pinch of salt and a little pepper (optional) and bay leaves. Cook on low flame for 15 to 20 min. Let it cool, and then you can puree the vegetables, strain them and feed your baby this warm soup

5. Dalia porridge:

It is made with broken wheat, Dalia porridge is a good choice to give these foods for babies during fever time. Just cook cleaned, washed, and soaked (for 15 min) Dalia in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes on low flame. Add a pinch of salt. Mash well

6. Fruit And Vegetable puree:

Stewed apples and mashed bananas, pureed peascarrots are good foods for babies during fever to give to him.

7. Rice cereal: 

If your baby prefers to eat, you can try giving him rice cereal, which is also a good source of nutrition. Rice water is also said to help reduce fever

8. Turmeric and Ajwain:

Use these items liberally while preparing food for the baby. All these ingredients are antibiotic in nature and help in fighting the infection and reducing the temperature
feeding a baby with fever

When to Call a Doctor

If your baby is suffering fever and from other symptoms aside, it’s best to take her to the doctor immediately. Some of the symptoms to look out are:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Unexplained rashes
  • Unusually sleepy, fussy, or ill
  • Seizures

It is essential that you give your baby food that is more nutritious and food which provides more energy -give it when your baby is suffering from fever. Be patient and offer the food in small quantities over frequent meals to your baby. If your baby is not eating at all, then you must seek medical help as this lack of appetite, and it would be an indication of something more serious than a fever.

Some Useful Tips To Feed Your Baby When He Has Fever

  • Try and give her frequent small feeds
  • If your baby is too weak to suckle, the mother can express breastmilk and feed the baby with a spoon
  • Be patient but persistent in offering food that your baby likes in order to overcome a lack of appetite
  • Do not feed a baby who is lying down. Take her in your lap and make her sit there while you feed her
  • If your baby throws up, wait for ten minutes and then continue offering her fluids or food
  • Do not force-feed your baby

It is natural for your baby to lose appetite when she has a fever. Foods for babies during fever. As long as your little one is taking breastmilk or formula milk, it is ok if she refuses to eat other food. But if your baby even refuses to take breastmilk, it is important that you contact your doctor immediately.
If we have missed out on anything, please feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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