10 Hacks That Make Parenting Easy

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Parenting is not easy especially with hyperactive and high energy kids that we have to manage these days. Most often than not, you run out of ideas to make life easier for yourself and your kids. When you look at the messy house and fussy kids day after day, you really wonder if there are tried and tested hacks that can create miracles to ease things out a bit. Indeed there are and you’ll be surprised how some of them are so simple and wonder how you never thought of them! Here are some of them.
hacks for easy parenting

10 Hacks That Make Parenting Easy

Fed up of cleaning up messes and drying up tears… well we all know that moms have a lot on hand. So to make life easy for all the busy moms, we have gone ahead and compiled a list of 10 parenting hacks that are actually useful, save money, time, and sanity but at the same time do not take too much effort to implement. These will only make life easy, house less messy and kids happier. So are you ready? Let’s check them out.

    1. Make Bath Time Safe: To make bath time fun for fussy kids, try this. Make your child bathe in the laundry basket inside the tub. That way the toys won’t float away, they can keep playing while you can quickly give them a bath. Remember to use a baby shower cap for washing the hair so that the water and shampoo doesn’t touch the baby’s face

bath tub 2 pregnancy pillow

    1. Monster Spray: To prevent kids from getting scared of monsters at night, prepare a monster spray. Take an old detergent spray bottle and fill it with water. Decorate the exterior with some monster pictures made of paper, label it and spray a few drops under the bed every night to keep the monsters away

monster spray 2

    1. Save The Soap Spills: To prevent kids from using too much soap from the dispenser, try twisting a rubber band around the top. That way you get to control the amount dispensed at a time

soap dispenser 2

    1. Pacifier Medicine Dropper: Giving medicines to sick child is something most moms dread. To make it easier, cut a hole on top of the pacifier and stick the dropper through it

dropper pacifier 2

    1. Shoe Caddy Storage: If you have a shoe caddy you no longer use, hang it behind your front car seat. That way you can store games, food, toys and much more for a longer trip with your child. If you have a large collection of bath toys and are worried about the storage space for the wet ones, hang a shower basket over the shower curtain rod. If you have too many activity books and are running out of shelf space, use a dish drying rack to organize them along with your art supplies

shoe caddy 2

    1. Keep them Busy While You Play : Every time you have kids disturbing you in the middle of an interesting video game? Try this. Give them fake remote and make them sit with you so that they feel they are playing too, while you can have hours of endless fun with them by your side!

video game 2

    1. Muffin Cup Dripper : To prevent kids messing up while having ice cream, you can insert a muffin cup through the stick. That way they can enjoy without getting sticky and you don’t need to stress over a messy floor. If the muffin cup doesn’t work, use a paper plate. If you want to serve watermelons in a creative way, slice them in triangles, and stick Popsicle sticks at the bottom. It looks great and is easy to eat; kids will love it. Similarly to prevent juice from spilling over from a tetra pack, lift the side flap up and have the kid hold that while taking the first few sips

ice cream 2

    1. Prevent The Doors From Locking: Kids often get locked in and to prevent that, use a rubber band across the knobs in the front and back of the door. That way they can be safe, but this works only till the time your kids don’t learn to remove the rubber band. Once they learn that you have to think of something better

rubber band 2

    1. Anti Slip Socks : To prevent babies from falling down while learning to walk, use some glue to make patterns on the sole to convert them to anti-slip ones. Voila! You have the anti-skid socks ready in no time and without any extra cost

socks 2

    1. Old Shower Curtain Canvas: Spread your old shower curtain on the floor and let your artist kid draw, make designs and patterns on it for hours. That way you save the floor and don’t need to keep supplying papers all the time

shower curtain 2

Wondering why you did not think of them before? Well these are just a few hacks to get started with. There are several more and you’ll be surprised how they make seemingly strenuous and complicated stuff simple. However, these are very essential too to ease the stress that parenting involves and making it a fun experience for you and the child. Parenting is crazy filled with chaotic moments but at the same time a memorable experience where you cherish those first steps and beautiful bright smiles.
What are some of your favorite parenting hacks? Do share them in the comments section below.

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