Best Ovulation Kits And Fertility Monitors In India

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Best Ovulation Kits And Fertility Monitors

For starters, ovulation is a critical stage in the female reproductive cycle where the ovum or egg is released from the ovary. It takes place in the middle of the menstrual cycle. This, however, differs with every woman. Once the egg is released by the ovary, it remains active/alive up to 24 hours. An intercourse on this very day or the next means a very high chance of conception.

Put in simple words, ovulation is indicative of the most fertile period in a woman’s menstrual cycle. In this article we have listed about some of the best ovulation kits and fertility monitors that will help you select the best one.

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What Are Ovulation Prediction Kits?

“Ovulation prediction kits” or OPKs, commonly called ovulation kits are used to detect the exact day of ovulation for those women that undergo a treatment for infertility. Since these ovulation kits are available in the market, many educated women as well as those aware about the product, given the aggressive marketing campaigns run by a couple of brands, use them personally to either plan a pregnancy or prevent it. The kits detect luteinizing hormone (LH), a hormone that is produced in significant quantities to support ovulation, and is found in the urine.

Many brands of such “ovulation kits” are available in India. We have listed about 5 ovulation kits below to help you select the best one.

1. i-Know Ovulation Test Kit

I-Know Ovulation Kit

i-Know is an ovulation test kit from the kitty of Piramal Healthcare. This product was previously known as i-Sure. It is an ovulation test strip and is a very simple method of detecting ovulation at home.

a) Price

One kit contains five one-time use strips and is priced at Rs. 499 only.

b) Availability and Feasibility

i-Know ovulation test strip is available at a medical store or can be ordered online as well.

c) Usage

Collect some urine in a sterile container and insert the test strip in this container or place a few drops in the round window / casette of the test strip. Wait for three-five minutes.

d) The Result

initially a control line is visible. If a darker test line appears then result is positive and indicates that you are ovulating. A result that is negative means there is no detection of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) release and you need to continue with the doing the test daily.

e) Effectiveness

The results obtained for this home ovulation test kit are 99.9% accurate.

2. Homecheck Instant Ovulation Test Kit

Homecheck Ovulation Test

This ovulation kit, from the bag of Homecheck, a leading Australian brand.

a) Price

The kit contains seven ovulation tests. It is priced at Rs. 400 only.

b) Availability and Feasibility

This is a full-imported product available in India either on its home website or on leading e-commerce websites.

c) Usage

The test can be conducted in three effortless steps where one must simply collect urine in a clean, dry container, dip the ovulation test strip in the urine as directed and read the results.

d) The Result

The test provides fast results, almost within three minutes.

e) Effectiveness

Homecheck instant ovulation test kit has shown over 99% accurate results.

3. Pregaplan

Pregaplan One Step Ovulation Step

This single-step ovulation test kit is brought to us by Neclife. It is easy to use, convenient and reliable.

a) Price

One box of 5 tests is available at Rs. 499 only. Similarly, a box of 10 tests is available at Rs. 998 only.

b) Availability and Feasibility

Pregaplan ovulation test is available on its own website as well as on leading e-commerce portals. On e-commerce portals, the order quantity is restricted to 3 units per customer.

c) Usage

As per usage directions, the urine sample must be dropped into the cassette. One then must wait for the results to appear.

d) The Result

A single line depicting a negative result or a dual line indicating a positive result will appear which will denote the levels of luteinizing hormone.

e) Effectiveness

This ovulation test kit offers 99% accuracy and is termed as the most advanced ovulation test kit in India.

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4. First Response

First Response Ovulation Test

The First Response Daily Digital Ovulation Test predicts the most important fertile days, digitally

a) Price

The kit includes 20 digital ovulation tests and one digital reader. A pack of 7 ovulation tests and one pregnancy test is available for Rs. 3,199 only.

b) Availability and Feasibility

This product is available on all international and only major Indian e-commerce portals.

c) Usage

The test can be conducted in the following straightforward steps:

  • Wait at least 2 hours after you last urinated to take the test.
  • Before you apply urine on the absorbent tip, remember to insert the test stick into the digital reader and also remember to reseal the test stick foil pouch tightly, almost immediately.
  • Align the pink arrow on the test stick with that on the digital reader, and then insert the test stick into the digital reader. A clicking sound and a clock symbol on the display screen will indicate correct assembly.
  • Test a sample of urine collected in a clean cup. Dip the absorbent tip in the collected urine sample for 15 seconds.
  • 5 minutes after the clock begins to blink as an indication of the progress of the test, the results will appear.

d) The Result

The EasyRead technology of the product shows results in words such as Yes (denoting a positive) and No (denoting a negative result).

e) Effectiveness

The First Response digital test is accurate, up to 99%.

5. Wondfo Ovulation Test Strip

Wondfo One Step Ovulation

This one-step ovulation urine test predicts the LH surge, which enables women with regular as well as irregular menstrual cycles to plan pregnancy:

a) Price

Rs. 3,766 only for 50 ovulation tests and 20 pregnancy test strip combo packs with collection cups.

b) Availability and Feasibility

This ovulation test is available online.

c) Usage

Collect urine in a dry and clean container and dip the test strip in this container or put a few drops in the round window / casette of the test strip. Wait for three-five minutes.

d) The Result

The results are obtained in up to 5 minutes.

e) Effectiveness

The tests have shown positive results of 99% accuracy.

Apart from ovulation prediction kits, fertility monitors are also used by women to track ovulation at home. 4 best fertility monitors available in India are listed below.

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Top 4 Best Fertility Monitors Available in India

Here we have listed about 4 fertility monitors below to help you select the best one.

1. Inito Fertility Monitor

Inito Fertility Monitor

This excellent product has been awarded the CII Design Excellence Award 2016. The Inito fertility monitor measures two key hormones in the urine sample – estrogen and luteinizing hormone – to suggest up to 6 fertile days specific to your body.

a) Price

A pack including a fertility monitor and 8 test strips is available at a monthly subscription of Rs. 1899 only.

b) Availability and Feasibility

You can order the kit online on the product website. Alternatively, the fertility monitor is available at over 15 hospitals and pharmacies in Bangalore.

c) Usage

The usage of Inito fertility monitor is given below:

  • Download and open the inito app on your phone and connect the device to your phone.
  • Dip the test strip in the urine sample.
  • Insert the test strip in the device.

d) The Result

Get results such as low, high or peak fertility displayed on the app on your phone.

e) Effectiveness

Inito fertility monitor is highly accurate, given that it is clinically validated using the ELISA method, follicular scans and lab grade reader tests.

2. Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor

clearblue fertility monitor

This non-invasive fertility monitor comes with an easy-to-use device called Clea, and tests two ovulation hormones, namely estrogen and Luteinizing hormone.

a) Price

The product is available at Rs 9,988 only. The monitor offers 20 fertility tests for both, Clearblue fertility monitor and Clearblue advanced fertility monitor, and 4 pregnancy tests which are available only for Clearblue advanced fertility monitor.

b) Availability and Feasibility

The Clearblue advanced fertility monitor and Clearblue fertility monitor are available to Indian consumers on online. This original product is directly imported from the United States of America.

c) Usage

This fertility monitor offers users ease of use. The steps are as follows:

  • Mark the first day of your menstrual cycle.
  • The device will prompt you to begin testing between 6th and 9th day until your ovulation is identified.
  • Insert the cassette in a urine sample and put the tip into the slot of the device that is used for testing.
  • Wait for around 5 minutes and then remove the stick and the device will flash your results.

d) The Result

The results are shown as low fertility days, high fertility days or peak fertility days. The high and peak fertility days are the best days for trying to conceive. If your period starts, retune and repeat for the subsequent menstrual cycle.

e) Effectiveness

The results are known to be 99% accurate in detecting the LH surge. The monitor records about 6 readings which can be taken to your gynecologist as records.

3. OvaCue Fertility Monitor

ovacue fertility monitor

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor from Fairhaven is a complete solution that employs the patented electrolyte method as against the urine-based method, uses connected devices with the body and aligns those readings with your body’s biological cues.

a) Price

The product is available for somewhere around Rs. 25,000.

b) Availability and Feasibility

There are two OvaCue Fertility Monitor choices available. The “old-style” OvaCue Fertility Monitor comprises of a handheld monitor with an oral sensor and a vaginal sensor. Ovacue Mobile comprises of an adapter, a vaginal sensor, and an oral sensor.

c) Usage

The hormone estrogen impacts the electrolyte levels in your cervical mucus and saliva. These electrolyte resistance levels in your saliva are measured by OvaCue fertility monitor by keeping the oral sensor in your mouth (on the tongue), once a day.

d) The result

The “cue peak” which signals the beginning of your most fertile days is identified with the monitor. The cue peak trend allows the fertility monitor to point to your most fertile 5-7 days. It does so through a color pattern that ranges from the lightest to the darkest blue.

e) Effectiveness

OvaCue uses the patented electrolyte method to predict and confirm ovulation. Its portability, accuracy and ingenuity makes the product a much sought-after fertility monitor.

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4. BLT Smart Fertility Monitor

This smart fertility monitor offers an accurate ovulation prediction via an oral temperature recorded on smartphones for both, iOS and Android users. It takes the manual paper charting out of the picture. The calendar of the app lets you know your most fertile days, safe period and menstrual cycle.

a) Price

It is available at Rs. 6,249 in India.

b) Availability and Feasibility

It is available online with leading-commerce websites.

c) Usage

Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone as you wake up. Also, turn the thermometer on. Place it in your mouth for about 2 minutes before it beeps to indicate completion.

d) The Result

The temperature reading is flashed on the screen. The date and the corresponding temperature gets automatically recorded.

e) Effectiveness

Customer reviews deem the product to be super easy-to-use and quite accurate.

Ovulation kits and fertility monitors are precise, practical and reliable methods to predict your most fertile days, thereby suggesting days when sexual intercourse could result in conception. Most of them are about 95-99% accurate and help you to record information that can be presented to your gynecologists during a consultation session. It is, however, important not to confuse the two. While ovulation kits predict two days of your fertile period, fertility monitors pinpoint 4-6 days of your most fertile period.


1. Can Ovulation Kits Help Me Get Pregnant?

It can help you identify the fertility window. trying to conceive during this time can increase your pregnancy chances. Ovulation kits don’t increase the chances.

2. What Makes an Ovulation Kit Better Than Others?

The ease of use is very important. Reliable results are a must. Both of these along with affordable pricing can make it a market leader.

3. Should I Use a Fertility Monitor to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant?

You can use it to know your fertile period. Regular sex during this period can increase your chances. The monitor does not improve fertility.

4. Is Inito Fertility Monitor Reliable?

Yes, it is. Infact it is one of the highest ranked monitors in India. It tests two hormones for reliable results.

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