How to Choose Panty Liners During Pregnancy?

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Written by Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

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During pregnancy, you might experience vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is one of the common symptoms and is not a cause of concern. It helps maintain the pH levels in the vaginal area and protects from bacteria. This is when you may need panty liners, to stay clean and dry during pregnancy. 

Well, are you new to panty liners? Can you use them during pregnancy? To answer your doubts, let’s discuss more panty liners and how it helps you during pregnancy.

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What Are Panty Liners?

Panty liners are small pads similar to menstrual pads. They are made of paper and superabsorbents. It also has wings and comes with an adhesive that sticks to your panty. Though they resemble small menstrual pads, they are best suitable for light vaginal discharges. The panty liners give you a helping hand to make your pregnancy more comfortable.

When to Consider Using Panty Liners During Pregnancy?

woman holding panty liner during pregnancy

During early pregnancy, many women experience vaginal discharge and spotting. Spotting will end, but the vaginal discharge is going to be there throughout the pregnancy. Also, during the third trimester, your uterus exerts pressure on the bladder causing urinary incontinence. Panty liners help in securing yourself from all the discharges. It will keep your underwear clean and unsoiled.

Benefits of Using Panty Liners During Pregnancy

Here are a few benefits of using panty liners

  • Protects from vaginal discharges, light spotting, and urine leakage
  • Helps in keeping moisture away
  • Keeps your underwear free from staining
  • They are useful when you experience urinary incontinence during pregnancy

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Types of Panty Liners

types of panty liners

There are different types of panty liners based on thickness, size, and body shape. Let us discuss each of them.

1. Ultra-Thin Panty Liner

The ultra-thin panty liner is thin and flexible. It is best suitable if you have lite vaginal discharge, and is suitable for everyday use. Moreover, its ultra-thin nature can make you forget that you are wearing one. 

2. Regular Panty Liner

The regular panty liner is a bit thicker than the ultra-thin panty liners. It is suitable for slightly heavier vaginal discharge and spotting in early pregnancy. It is more absorbent and keeps you from sweating and odor in hot climates.

3. Larger Panty Liners

As the name suggests, the giant panty liners are much thicker and longer than the regular ones. The thickness makes them more absorbent. They are best suitable for leukorrhea during pregnancy.

4. Panty Liners with Aloe Extract

Panty liners with aloe extract are best suitable for women with sensitive skin. It protects the skin and makes them more breathable. The structure is so soft that you won’t feel the presence of liners.

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How to Choose Panty Liners During Pregnancy?

There are several types of panty liners available in the market. Choosing one among them is a challenging task. The following are some of the tips that could help you in choosing appropriate panty liners.

  • The market consists of both branded and unbranded panty liners. Always choose the branded ones. They are the best in terms of quality.
  • If you are looking for pregnancy panty liners, choose the ones specifically meant for pregnant women. Do not choose the normal ones. The pregnancy panty liners are designed in such a way as to give you comfort during pregnancy.
  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid using scented panty liners. Use cotton or aloe-based ones.
  • Based on the structure of your underwear, you need to choose the panty liner in such a way that it should fit well within the space.

Top 6 Best Panty Liner Brands in India

If you are looking for the best and hassle-free experience in using panty liners during pregnancy, here is the list that you must consider looking at. 

  • Carefree Breathe Panty Liners
  • Sofy Daily Fresh Panty Liner
  • Rebelle (Pack of 8) Eco-Friendly Reusable Panty Liners
  • PEESAFE Aloe Vera Panty Liners
  • Bella Panty Intima Normal Panty Liners
  • Plush Daily Ultra Thin Panty Liners

Pregnancy is a phase where women undergo several changes in the body – one of them is vaginal discharge. Panty liners make your journey much more comfortable. Some women also experience light spotting. If you notice any other kind of discharge that is unusual, make sure to contact your doctor and get it clarified. Happy Pregnancy!

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