How to Choose Maternity Underwear During Pregnancy?

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Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

Pregnant woman in maternity underwear

Pregnancy demands more comfort in all aspects. Your underwear would surely be one of them. When the belly grows, wearing regular underwear could be challenging. Do not worry about the shift to the larger size. You can be back to normal after the delivery. For now, you need to keep in mind that you are carrying two lives in a single skin, which demands comfortable, and specially designed maternity underwear during pregnancy. 

Choosing maternity underwear could is not that challenging. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before going for it. Here in this article, we will give a gist of why should you consider using maternity underwear during pregnancy and some tips to choose the right one.

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Why Do You Need a Maternity Underwear During Pregnancy?

When your bump starts growing more extensive, the regular underwear could be more uncomfortable, and the waistband may become too tight. Even if they fit well, they might stretch and be worn out as the pregnancy progresses. That is why you will need pregnancy underwear designed to suit your requirements and give you more comfort during pregnancy. They are of great use during the postpartum period too.

Why Should You Consider a Maternity Underwear?

woman comfortable in maternity underwear during pregnancy

When regular underwear suits you well during pregnancy, why should you consider pregnancy underwear? It is better to consider wearing maternity underwear because it comes in different types with different cuts to suit your need. If your regular undies are stretchable and low-cut, you can very well choose them over maternity wear. But, keep in mind that you might require a bigger size as the pregnancy progresses.

Benefits of Using a Maternity Underwear During Pregnancy

Choosing products, especially when you are pregnant, must possess more benefits and should meet your comfort levels. 

Here are a few benefits of using pregnancy underwear rather than a regular one

  • Gives more comfort
  • Provides better and free movement
  • Stretchable
  • Reduces the pressure on pelvic muscles

Types of Maternity Underwear

pregnant woman wearing above-the-bump maternity underwear

There are different types of maternity underwear available in the market, and you can choose the type based on your comfort and preference.

Here are a few common types 

1. Above-the-Bump

These are high-waist underwears that cover up the entire belly, and they are more comfortable and supportive than the lower-cut ones.

2. Below-the-Bump

These undies sit below your bump. If you are pregnant during the summer or feel those above-the-bump panties cause discomfort in your pelvic area, then below-the-bump panties are useful.

3. Mid-Bump

Mid-bump is the combination of above-the-bump and below-the-bump panties. It runs through the mid of the bump. That is why you should be more careful while choosing them. It has to be more stretchable and comfortable as they run through the mid of the bump. 

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Top 8 Tips For Choosing Maternity Underwear

woman selecting maternity underwear

Pregnancy is a new phase of life, and choosing maternity underwear requires more factors to be thought of and considered. 

Here are a few tips that you may need to consider before choosing a maternity underwear

1. Size

Choosing the right size of maternity wear is the most important yet most challenging task. You need to ascertain the correct size based on several numerical numbers, including the number of weeks remaining for the delivery and the approximate weight you might gain during the period. Choosing a larger size would be best.

2. Shape

It would help if you chose the underwear based on your waist shape. There are three kinds of lingerie available, high-waist, mid-waist, and low-waist. Choose the one that best suits your body and the one that gives you more comfort.

3. Material

Cotton and microfibre materials are considered best for maternity underwear as they are stretchable and breathable. They give more comfort and do not cause irritation.

4. Durability

Maternity underwear should travel along with your entire phase of pregnancy, and it has to be durable. The type of material and its stretchability are the most important factors which decide durability.

5. Liner

This could probably be one of the rarest things that people notice or think about yet the most critical factor. A maternity panty with a white or light-colored crotch liner could be best as you could quickly identify the changes in the discharge, which gives a clue about what is happening to you as pregnancy progresses.

6. Seams

You may avoid raising if visible panty lines bother you much.

7. Style

You might very well consider style as a matter of maternity underwear—the same type of underwear won’t suit well for every outfit. For instance, textured maternity underwear might appear in light-weight clothing, and over-the-bump underwear might peek out from non-maternity jeans.

8. Budget

You should certainly consider the budget as this is an essential temporary investment. The size could change so quickly, and you might need to invest in a new set of panties sooner.

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When Should You Start Wearing Maternity Underwear?

You can switch over to maternity underwear at any time, and there are no hard and fast rules regarding the time. But, the following symptoms could indicate that it is time for you to shift to maternity underwear.

  • The current undies are uncomfortable
  • The old ones are too snug
  • You want more breathable coverage
  • Your instincts tell you to shift

Care Tips For Maternity Underwear

Maternity underwear requires a handsome investment, and it is not just about buying but also about maintaining them properly. The following are some handy tips for preserving maternity underwear.

  • Use a hypoallergenic detergent as the underwear gets in contact with the sensitive parts of the body.
  • Try using a garment bag, especially for the washer, which could protect the underwear during the wash.
  • You can skip the dryer. Using the dryer can easily break down the elastic of the underwear.

Top 5 Best Maternity Underwear Brands in India

Now that you know the benefits of using maternity underwear, you must consider buying it. But, before you go ahead, we have listed for you the top 5 best maternity underwear brands available in India. 

  1. Fashiol Present Cotton Maternity Underwear 
  2. Lavos Women’s Pregnancy Maternity Panty Underwear
  3. MomtoBe Women’s Cotton Maternity Panty
  4. Pepperika Women’s High Waist Cotton Underwear 
  5. Morph Maternity Panty

While maternity underwear strives to give you more comfort during pregnancy, there are no hard and fast rules about what you need to wear during pregnancy. It would be best if you prioritized your comfort over any other criteria. Choosing the right maternity underwear is not a difficult job, and you need to make sure that the critical factors are considered in determining the best one for you. Please select the right pick, and we wish you a comfortable pregnancy.

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