How To Detect Fertility Period With Cervical Mucus?

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Knowing your cervical mucus can play a key role in detecting your best suited fertility period for conception if in case you are planning a baby. After all, the most important thing for conceiving your child is ‘perfect timing’. Observing mucus can be your strong indicator for fertile and infertile times, as you will be able to know when ovulation is about to happen. Here is how cervical mucus can help your conception efforts-
Cervical mucus

What Is Cervical Mucus?

Cervical Mucus is normal fluid produced by your cervix that maintains a certain level of moisture most of the time. When ovulation approaches, certain changes takes place in volume, color and consistency of mucus which can be a clue for the timing of conception. It is the level of estrogen that rises and results in ‘fertile mucus’ during the time you approach ovulation. You must give plenty of attention to your cervical mucus if you are trying to get pregnant. The more familiar you are with your cervical mucus, the better your chances of getting pregnant by timing sexual intercourse.

How Is Cervical Mucus Related To Fertility Period?

During the menstruation cycle your cervical mucus goes through number of changes depending upon the phase of your cycle. It is only before ovulation it becomes most favorable and healthier to allow sperm navigation otherwise in all other days it functions as a hindrance to the sperm.
When a women is ovulating cervical mucus become alkaline from slight acidic so that sperm can survive easily. The mucus also provide the right kind of nutrition to sperm which is important for their survival and there are even some physical changes in shape so that sperm can have a hassle free passage for swimming with least effort. Once the sperm is able to swim all the way into the ovary, it can fertilize an egg making you pregnant.

How Can I Detect My Fertility Window With Cervical Mucus?

The easiest way to detect the cervical fluid is to gather some on your fingers and then pay attention to how it feels between your fingers. Simply insert your middle or index finger into your vagina, and then remove your finger and observe the consistency of the mucus. You can use your thumb and finger together and roll the mucus between them. Press them together and then move them apart. Checking it on daily basis can give you a best idea how the mucus is changing with the phases of your mensuration cycle.
Below are few points which can help you to detect the fertile period based upon the consistency of your mucus.

  1. When your menstrual cycle is over: Just after your mensuration cycle most women feel dryness or no mucus
  2. Approaching ovulation: After experiencing a little moist or dry period, now cervix has started discharging a thick, sticky, creamy or white colored discharge. Most of the time this kind of mucus doesn’t stretch much between fingers
  3. At the time of ovulation: Just before you ovulate, your mucus will be like an egg-white. This is called egg white because it resembles the same, it is clear, thin and slippery which can usually stretch one inch between the fingers. During this discharge you are most fertile and its best suited for coitus and sperm. Sometimes the volume of discharge can increase tremendously and you can have a feeling like your period has started but don’t worry this is your special fluid which can help sperm by making the conditions most favorable for fertilization
  4. After ovulation: After you have ovulated, you will realize that mucus has returned to its previous thick consistency and the volume has also decreased which will lead up to your period. Sometimes a women can experience a gush of mucus prior to getting their period, which is infertile and should not be confused

Cervical mucus and fertility
Once you know how your cervical mucus looks during your ‘fertility window’, then your next step should be making sure to check your cervical fluid almost every day. Keeping a track of the cervical fluid will not only help you to know your fertility period but also can help your doctor if in case any fertility issues arise.
Best method will be to keep a chart and record your mucus findings. Checking your cervical mucus will help you in monitoring the various phases of your cycle and most importantly it is most accurate and cost effective method which can be done at home with a little bit of attention on your part.

What If I Still Do Not Get Pregnant?

If in case you have properly followed the cervical mucus method and have timed your coitus accordingly for last 8-9 months then it’s better to consult your doctor for an expert evaluation. For most effective results, you can combine cervical mucus method with basal body temperature method to increase your chances for getting pregnant. Read more about detecting ovulation <b>here

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