How to Calculate Safe Period To Avoid Pregnancy?

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Description- ‘Safe period’ suggest the days when a woman has less chance of getting pregnant. Thus, if you don’t need a baby and would prefer not to utilize contraceptives either, this is the time you ought to have intercourse with your partner. Wondering How to Calculate Safe Period To Avoid Pregnancy? Well, we know every woman does have an emotional connection with their periods. The concept of safe period is a little tricky to understand so to know in detail read more.  
For several years, people have been deciding infertile days or safe periods for intercourse to keep away from pregnancy. When you comprehend the menstrual cycle and what occurs in each stage, you can ascertain safe days with higher precision. The reason behind a Safe period calculator is to stop an undesirable pregnancy, with no symptoms. While there are several birth control measures – utilization of condoms, hormone shots, contraceptive pills, IUD, hormone plants, etc. – there are many couples who don’t lean toward these “artificial” birth control medication strategies. Simultaneously, they need to have intercourse without agonizing over getting pregnant. How would they approach doing this? By calculating the Safe period during the woman’s month to month cycle and having sex on days that are considered “safe”. 

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  1. What is the Safe Period ?
  2. Why do you need a safe period calculator? 
  3. Stages of Menstrual Cycle. 
  4. How to Calculate Safe Period for Not Getting Pregnant?
  5. Who Can Use Safe Period Calculator
  6. How Do FAMs Work?
  7. What are other Fertility awareness-based Methods? 
  8. How effective is Fertility Awareness Methods
  9. Things you should know while having Sex in the Safe Period 

What is the Safe Period (Unfertile Period)?

‘Safe period’ suggest the days when a woman has less chance of getting pregnant. Thus, if you don’t need a baby and would prefer not to utilize contraceptives either, this is the time you ought to have intercourse with your partner.
Naturally, this is the time when the egg is absent to be fertilized. If you engage in sexual relations when there is no egg, you can’t get pregnant because this is the infertile period in a menstrual cycle
For most ladies, ovulation happens roughly 14 days before the following menstrual cycle begins. It is difficult to know precisely when you would start your next menstrual cycle. However, if your periods are for the most part healthy, it is anything but difficult to figure the times of ovulation. To do this, you have to utilize the date of the last menstrual cycle as a beginning stage. Note that an egg can be prepared just four days before ovulation and three days after ovulation. This isn’t a safe period. Thus, you ought to maintain a strategic distance from sex during this period. 

Why do you need a safe period calculator?

Calculating your safe period is beneficial in light of the fact that it will enable you to comprehend what days it is excellent to engage in sex without the assurance and with no pregnancy alarms. Realizing how to figure your safe period is fundamental if you don’t wish to have a child immediately. However, the safe period calculator is an incredible strategy for contraception since it doesn’t include utilizing an IUD, ingesting hormonal birth control pills, or hormone infusions which can affect various ladies, running from extraordinary emotional episodes to weight gain and different issues that hamper one’s prosperity. 

Stages of Menstrual Cycle. (Help in calculating your safe period)

The duration of the three stages of the menstrual cycle differs from one woman to the next and from cycle to cycle, yet the standard term would be 28 days. The menstrual cycle can be isolated into three stages: the follicular stage, i.e. pre-ovulation stage, the ovulation stage, and the luteal stage, i.e. post-ovulation stage). 

  1. The Pre-Ovulatory or the Follicular phaseIt happens in the middle of the days 2 and 14 when your body discharges hormones that animate the eggs in the ovaries to develop. The hormones will likewise thicken the uterus coating to get the treated egg. 
  2. The Ovulation phaseIt is in the ovulation stage that a well developed ovarian follicle bursts and releases an ovum (otherwise called an egg). The time just before and after the ovulation is generally called as the ovulation stage. It is the most delicate stage where a lady has a full chance to get pregnant. 
  3. The Luteal phase/Secretory stageThe luteal phase is the last stage of the menstrual cycle. It is set apart by the formation of the corpus luteum and ends in either pregnancy or degradation of the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum is a temporary endocrine structure that helps produce estrogen and progestogen. The body needs estrogen and progestogen to keep up the endometrial, the inward coating of the uterus. It is the last stage, which starts after ovulation and finishes either in pregnancy or in the following menstrual cycle. In this stage, the uterus covering turns thicker, get ready for pregnancy. 

How to Calculate Safe Period for Not Getting Pregnant?

You should be cautious while figuring safe period because doing it on your fingers or noticeable all around could prompt wrong outcomes. Keep in mind that you should dodge sex or use condoms, cap, diaphragm or other contraceptive techniques during risky days. 
Utilize these demonstrated online-based figuring strategies to know your safe period days: 

  • Safe Period Calculator 
  • Fertility Awareness-Based Methods 

Safe Period Calculator

This calculator expects you to know your menstrual cycle changes with the goal that you can decide the protected days to engage in sexual relations. Realize the protected period by entering the primary day of your last period and the duration of your previous menstrual cycle. It encourages you to locate the safe and unsafe dates for engaging in sexual relations. 

Who Can Use Safe Period Calculator?

You can utilize this strategy if the average duration of your menstrual cycle from the previous a half year is somewhere in the range of 26 and 32 days, and the variety between the most limited and most extended cycles is seven days or less. The average disappointment pace of this technique can be as high as 10% per client per annum. 

  1. Who Cannot Use Safe Period Calculator? 
  • You can’t utilize this strategy if the average duration of your menstrual cycle is under 26 days or over 32 days, and the variety between the briefest and most extended cycles over the most recent a half year is eight days or more. 
  • After giving birth, you can utilize the Safe Period Calculator directly after six regular menstrual cycles. 
  • Teens and ladies arriving at menopause can’t depend on this strategy. 

2. Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FAM): 
Fertility Awareness, otherwise called natural family planning, is a method for foreseeing safe period days. These techniques are typically founded on specific signs your body gives because of the hormones that reason ovulation. 
FAM depends on the beneath presumptions: 

  • One egg is discharged in each cycle. 
  • Egg alive for 24 hours. 
  • Sperm live for six days and can prepare an egg during this period. 
  • A woman will be fertile for very nearly six days before ovulation and a few days after ovulation, so the complete number of productive days is seven to eight in each cycle.

How Do FAMs Work?

The work of FAMs is to alarm you on your ovulation days. When you know your extended periods of ovulation, you can maintain a strategic distance from sex or utilize a contraceptive to ward off the sperms from the vagina. 
It will assist you in knowing the unsafe days that arrive before and after ovulation. You can follow the fertility design, denoting the days when you are fertile, and days you are not. You ought to do it cautiously as the example changes from month to month. 

What are other Fertility awareness-based Methods?

How to Calculate Safe Period To Avoid Pregnancy? There are a few FAMs to repel you from undesirable pregnancy.They additionally help you to follow your fertility patterns when attempting to conceive. 

1. Basal Body Temperature Method:

Basal body temperature relies upon your internal heat level (body temperature), which you have to follow each day to know when you ovulate. There will be a rise in temperature if you are ovulating. 

2. Cervical Mucus or Ovulation Method:

It includes checking the adjustments in the cervical mucus consistently in the primary phase of the menstrual cycle until you ovulate. The vaginal release changes when you ovulate. 

3. Calendar or Rhythm Method:

Here, you will outline your menstrual cycles on a schedule to foresee ovulation dependent on the preceding periods. 

4. Sympto-Thermal Method:

This is the most effective technique since it is a mix of all the above mentioned. It includes body temperature, Ovulation Method, Rhythm Method alongside following cervix changes, breast tenderness, slight spotting, abdominal heaviness, and mild abdominal pain.

5. Standard Days Method:

If your menstrual cycle falls in the middle of 26 and 32 days for quite a while, this strategy attempts to record your month to month time spans and decide your fertile days.

How effective is Fertility Awareness Methods?

Before understanding How to Calculate Safe Period To Avoid Pregnancy? You should be aware of one thing. “Safe period’s days” can’t be 100% solid with regards to keeping away from a pregnancy. Even though a few women depend on their reliability, there is a decent possibility of disappointment as your periods may get irregular or some unexpected hormonal changes may happen which you may not know about. You are bound to expand your odds of not falling pregnant during safe period days that lessen the potential risk: 

  • Be careful with the safe period figuring and tail it strictly and precisely 
  • Have a partner who is similarly committed to engaging in sexual relations according to safe days
  • Know, understand check and outline your indications of fertility 
  • Use different types of contraception during the remainder of the days

Things you should know while having Sex in the Safe Period

  • One of the most significant things to comprehend about the safe period is that no period is 100% safe. Hormones can act interestingly and unpredictably, bringing about pregnancy in any event, during safe periods, although that isn’t exceptionally common
  • The safe period calculation, for the most part, works if your menstrual cycle (days between the beginning of one period and next) is between 26 to 32 days. If the cycle is under 26 days or over 32 days, at that point the protected period estimation doesn’t work for you
  • In the instance of crises, use contraception to abstain from getting pregnant

Hope all your  doubts about How to Calculate Safe Period To Avoid Pregnancy? cleared now.

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