Is Eating Neem During Pregnancy Safe?

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Neem During Pregnancy

Neem is known all over the world for its excellent therapeutic properties and is widely used for the preparation of different medicines. If you are pregnant and want to know if eating neem during pregnancy is safe, we have everything you need to know in this article. You can understand the best way to use neem and the types of usage that must be avoided. Neem has many medicinal properties, with each part of the tree providing a range of health and wellness benefits. The leaves of this tree are ideal for any type of skin ailments. Chewing neem leaves in their raw form can build the body’s immune system.

Neem oil is used in the preparation of cosmetics, medicines, organic pesticides, and home cleaning liquids. Even its twigs are supposedly good, the flowers, barks, and roots are also used in one way or the other. People scatter fresh leaves near the patients suffering from flu, fever, or any other disease as they believe these leaves can fight off the germs. Neem helps in treating ulcers as well as in the purification of blood, flushing the toxins from the body, etc. Yet, the usage of neem during the pregnancy phase is something to be cautious about. Let us understand the benefits of neem when pregnant, whether its usage leads to miscarriage, words of caution, and a few frequently asked questions.

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Benefits of Neem During Pregnancy

Neem has a plethora of benefits. However, the consumption of neem during pregnancy is not a good idea. You can use neem for external application, but chewing or swallowing during pregnancy may not be safe. You can apply it to your skin and enjoy its healing benefits and antibacterial properties.

Given below are some ways in which a pregnant woman can use neem for skin application.

  • A paste made from neem leaves or any creams with neem as an ingredient work wonders in reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the belly.
  • Neem juice decreases the pain in the vagina. Massaging this juice lessens the labor pain.
  • Taking a neem bath helps you get rid of germs and is excellent for the skin.
  • If you are pregnant and stay in areas where mosquitoes are prevalent, taking a neem bath works as a protection against mosquito bites.
  • Neem bath helps reduce common pregnancy rash that often extends to legs, arms, etc., especially in the last trimester.
  • Having a neem oil massage is incredibly soothing and helps get rid of itchiness that happens due to stretching of the skin.
  • Neem-based products help fight acne and other skin ailments during pregnancy.

Can Neem Cause Miscarriage?

Does neem cause miscarriage

As per Ayurveda, women should abstain from the consumption of neem through the initial five months. This is because, neem can produce excess heat in the body, which is not safe for the fetus. Too much heat generation can even result in forcing out the baby, ultimately resulting in a miscarriage. With that being said, there is no concrete evidence to prove this fact.

Some research studies conducted on animals like apes show that f high intake of neem leaves can lead to miscarriages. In humans, however, there is no evidence-based research to prove this. Having small quantities of neem during pregnancy by mistake may cause no significant harm.

However, never consume neem knowingly, as it could prove dangerous for you and the baby growing in your womb. It is difficult to say how much consumption of neem can prove dangerous. To be on the safe side, you can avoid consuming neem altogether or have it in small quantities.

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Safety Tips While Using Neem During Pregnancy

Neem contains many components that can regulate blood sugar, help in healing ulcers, avoid plaque, kill bacteria, and treat eye ailments, urinary issues, hemorrhoids, wounds, etc. Despite the many benefits, pregnant women must stay cautious and remember a few pointers for safety.

  • The neem extracts, whether pure or diluted, should never be used in large amounts.
  • Neem is good for health, but its regular use could create problems while conceiving.
  • Having a smaller quantity of neem might not be dangerous. But pregnant women should avoid it as a precaution.
  • Pregnant women can safely use neem-based cosmetics and other skincare products.
  • Never use any potent neem extracts in the inner parts of the vagina as they can be harmful to the fetus.

To sum up, never consume neem leaves internally, as excessive ingestion can produce internal body heat and lead to miscarriages. You can always use neem in the form of pastes, scrubs, neem baths, etc. Neem is known to alleviate many skin issues. In case, for some reason, if you feel like eating neem, have it in in small quantities after due consultation with your doctor or gynecologist.

The neem leaf has a magical influence on all sorts of skin ailments as it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal as well. This plant is also known for its anti-viral as well as bacterial characteristics. Even though it has immense benefits, but its ingestion should be totally avoided during pregnancy.

But it is completely safe for applying it externally. You can use it in the form of paste, scrub, taking a neem bath, etc. Neem is known to alleviate many skin issues. However, it is not advisable to be consumed as it generates excess heat leading to miscarriage.  Yet, for some reason, if you feel like ingesting it, it is best to find out the quantity that is safe to be taken.

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1. Can I Drink Neem Juice During Pregnancy?

No, drinking neem juice should be avoided during pregnancy as it generates too much body heat leading to miscarriage.

2. Can I Take a Neem Bath During Pregnancy?

Yes, pregnant women should take a bath in neem water. Neem bath is good for skin rashes. It also helps to fight germs and bacteria.

3. Can I Use Neem Oil During Pregnancy?

No, there are no pieces of evidence that neem oil is safe during pregnancy. Therefore it is preferable to refrain from neem oil during pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding the baby. They should never be ingested as they have a toxic effect.

4. Can Eating Neem During Pregnancy Improve my Immunity?

Neem has a lot of medicinal value. It can help build your immunity. However, eating it is not at all safe during pregnancy.

5. Can Eating Neem During Pregnancy Cause an Abortion?

Neem has the ability to kill sperms. Ingesting neem during pregnancy can in fact cause a miscarriage. It is best to avoid it.

6. Can I Use Neem Topically, When Pregnant?

Ask your doctor before you start using. An overdose of neem can also be bad for you. Inhaling the smell constantly can cause issues with the pregnancy.

7. Isn’t Neem Safe During Pregnancy?

Neem has many medicinal properties. These are generally safe. However, when it comes to pregnancy, it is best to avoid it as neem can cause severer complications.

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