Jaljeera During Pregnancy- Benefits And Side Effects

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Bindu Raichura

jaljeera during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a famous period for a woman to experience hot flashes. One minute she is feeling cold and wants a cozy blanket in peak summer and the next minute she is sweating as she has just hiked through a desert. A refreshing drink during such heat flashes or just to hydrate yourself can be excellent if it is jaljeera instead of plain old water. But, is drinking jaljeera safe during pregnancy? Let’s find out!

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What is Jaljeera?

Jaljeera is a refreshing drink made by mixing lemonade with jaljeera powder. Jaljeera is a Hindi word; “jal” means water and “jeera” means cumin. However, the infamous jaljeera powder has more than just powdered cumin.

What are the Ingredients of Jaljeera?

The jaljeera powder which is generally used in making this jaljeera drink consists of cumin, ginger, black pepper, black salt, mint, chilly and, some fruit powder/ fruit zest for the citric flavor. The combination of all these ingredients makes it a healthy choice for a drink.

Jaljeera During Pregnancy – Is it Safe?

Yes, jaljeera is absolutely safe to consume during pregnancy (within limits of course!). The citric flavor can also help control morning sickness and digestion issues that are a part of any pregnancy journey.

6 Health Benefits of Jaljeera During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman drinking jaljeera

So, why is jaljeera considered to be very healthy? It has the following benefits:

1. Low Calories

Despite several ingredients added to this drink, the calorie count is low. Low on calories and high on taste can help satiate your taste buds and thirst without adding on calories.

2. Cools You Down

The ingredients are known to help cool down your body by bringing down your temperature. Many women have higher than normal temperatures when they are pregnant. This drink can help regulate your body temperature.

3. Immunity Booster

The jaljeera is rich in Vitamin C. This along with pepper helps improve your immunity – something that is generally low during pregnancy.

4. Rich in Iron

Maintaining a good level of iron in your body is very important during pregnancy. Many pregnant women test to be anemic. Cumin is a rich source of iron and helps to improve blood flow during pregnancy.

5. Jaljeera During Pregnancy Helps with Digestion

Many pregnant women suffer from indigestion and gas. A glass of jaljeera can help in relieving constipation and bringing down acidity in the stomach. It can help with other gastrointestinal problems as well.

6. Helps With Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can be reduced with just a glass of jaljeera a day. However, ensure you don’t overload on this drink and dilute it well before drinking.

How Much Jaljeera Can a Pregnant Woman Have?


While jaljeera is completely safe to consume during pregnancy, you cannot overload on this. No, not even when this is a pregnancy craving. Not more than a glass of jaljeera (not very strong) a day should be ideal. However, check with your gynecologist for dosage recommendations, based on your unique case.

Side Effects of Jaljeera During Pregnancy

Some of the side effects of jaljeera a pregnant woman has to watch out for are:

1. Weight Loss

It is a good drink for helping with weight loss. The ingredients help suppress hunger and also aid better digestion. However, one should not aim to lose any weight during pregnancy. Too much of this drink may not be suitable for a pregnant woman, whose digestive system can be very sensitive.

2. Increases Blood Pressure

Many pregnant women tend to have higher than normal blood pressure. If you are suffering from high BP, you should avoid this drink. The high black salt content may not be safe.

3. Lowers Blood Sugar

Cumin can cause your blood sugar levels to drop. If you are suffering from low sugar during your pregnancy, this may not be a suitable drink for you.

4. Causes Burping

As jaljeera helps with gastric issues and aids better digestion, consuming too much of this drink can increase burping, which is not very comfortable during pregnancy.

Though jaljeera contains all-natural and highly nutritious ingredients, the combination may not be suitable for many – especially pregnant women with a sensitive digestive system or other underlying health complications.

During pregnancy, it is always advisable to check with your doctor, who knows your entire case history and other medications you are on. If you are already on medications for digestion, this may not be recommended for you. Only your doctor will be able to give you suitable advice.


1. When Should I Consume Jaljeera?

You can consume jaljeera regularly as long as:

  • It has been approved by your doctor.
  • Quantity is limited.
  • The juice is well diluted.
  • You don’t have any health issues mentioned above.

2. Is Jaljeera Good for Acidity in Pregnancy?

Jaljeera can help with reducing acidity and aiding better digestion – even during pregnancy.

3. Can Pregnant Women Consume Jaljeera Every Day?

Yes, as long as it is not more than one glass and the jaljeera powder is used in very minimal quantity. It is safer to get a dosage recommendation from your doctor.

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