12 Amazing Benefits of Ginger During Pregnancy

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ginger during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate phase in a woman’s life. When you are pregnant, you will be coming across relatives and friends advising you on what to eat and what to steer clear off. Undoubtedly a balanced diet provides you with the right amount of nutrients and minerals required for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

What to consume and what not to will be a matter of debate during this phase. Consuming a safe herb like ginger will also fill your mind with doubt around its safety during this time. So, is it safe to eat ginger during pregnancy? Read on to find out more on this.

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Is Ginger Safe to Consume During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to consume ginger during pregnancy. But try to consume fresh ginger only and avoid its dried form. This is a wonderful herb that is found in almost all kitchens and has umpteen medicinal benefits [1]. So, ginger is ideal to consume during pregnancy. Known as a “super food”, this lovely herb provides a wonderful flavor to any food [2].

How Much Ginger Is Safe To Consume During Pregnancy?

How much Ginger is safe to consume During PregnancyGinger is considered one of the safe root spices gifted by nature. Due to the presence of several volatile compounds, particularly Gingerol, it has been used many times for medicinal purposes. However, its consumption during pregnancy is a matter of concern. Around 1 gram/day for 2-3 times is the most acceptable and tolerable limit to be consumed during pregnancy without any negative concerns [3]. Still, it is always recommended to consult a healthcare expert to get proper understanding.

Top 12 Amazing Benefits of Eating Ginger During Pregnancy

Benefits of Ginger During Pregnancy

Here are 12 amazing benefits of having ginger during pregnancy:

1. Averts Morning Sickness

Morning sickness and nausea are common during pregnancy. If persistent, it results in dehydration and nutrient deficiencies [4]. Since ginger is a known soothing agent, it provides relief from morning sickness and keeps nausea at bay. You can consume homemade ginger ale or ginger tea in order to soothe those tummy issues. Ginger combined with other therapy like Vitamin B6 [5] are considered as safe options during pregnancy however its limit is decided by healthcare team

2. Helps to Control Cholesterol Levels

Ginger is ideal to keep cholesterol levels in check especially during the pregnancy phase. The presence of antioxidant properties decreases the formation of proinflammatory compounds – prostaglandins and thromboxane which thereby reduces blood clotting and platelet aggregation.

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3. Hikes Up Blood Circulation

Ginger has been proven to hike up the circulation of blood in the system and ensure that there is a proper supply of blood to the fetus as well as relieves from cramps and pains to a great extent.

4. Helps to Check Levels of Sugar in Your Blood

Gestational Diabetes is one complex complication seen during pregnancy [6] accompanied with insulin resistance, gestational hypertension and metabolic dysfunction. Ginger has an important role to play in ensuring that blood sugar levels are regulated in your body. Combining lifestyle and dietary interventions, it greatly maintains HbA1C levels [7] and ensures the safety of both expecting mother and the unborn baby. This lovely herb is also ideal in combating tiredness and exhaustion and provides you with a boost of energy by strengthening the immune system.

5. Helps Your System to Absorb More Nutrients

Due to various reasons, like improper diet or some infection, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients lowers. Ginger has been proven to be excellent in supporting your system to absorb the nutrients by acting as a bioenhancer which calms the stomach giving more time to the stomach to absorb more nutrients and also supply it to the unborn baby.

6. Prevents Heartburn and Bloating

Ginger is also is found to be a wonderful medicine in relieving heartburn that most women often experience during pregnancy. It helps to combat the acids the trigger heartburn. Having ginger tea with a few drops of fresh lime is excellent to prevent heartburn during pregnancy. Digestion also becomes quite slow when you conceive in order to ensure the fetus is able to absorb all the required nutrients. This leads to bloating and a feeling of heaviness. Sipping ginger tea just before you go to bed has proven to be quite effective in averting this feeling of heaviness and bloating during pregnancy.Interestingly, consuming ginger or in the form of fresh drink aids in improving saliva flow- a great boon for improving digestion.

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7. Cures Inflammation

With anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is the best remedy for swelling and any inflammation that you may experience during your pregnancy.

8. Lowers Pregnancy Pains

Any kind of pain that your suffer during your pregnancy like lower back ache, stomach ache or any joint pains can all be reduced to an extent by consuming ginger.Ginger inhibits prostaglandins which in a way decreases the inflammation greatly and reduces the pain also.

9. Combats Cough and Cold

Ginger is a wonderful cure for treating minor infections, irritating cough and common colds. When you are pregnant, your immune system becomes quite sluggish, making you susceptible to infections. Ginger is found to boost your immune system and help you recover soon from any minor ailments.

10. Provides Relaxation to Overworked Muscles

Pregnancy takes a toll on your muscles and bones. The muscles become quite worn out and also makes you feel extremely tired. Ginger tea can provide you with wonderful relief from sore bones and muscles that normally results from back ache, sore feet or sciatica during pregnancy.

11. Helps to Keep Sex Desire Alive

Most pregnant women find their sexual desires on the decline during pregnancy. Ginger is found to be a great libido booster. Ginger helps to warm your system and increase the blood circulation in the body especially towards the genital regions.

12. Makes Your Baby Robust

Using fresh ginger during pregnancy will provide your body with vitamin C and iron. This in turn supports the immune system of the unborn baby and also lowers any congenital disability risk in your baby.

Side Effects of Eating Ginger During Pregnancy

Consuming fresh ginger in moderation during pregnancy is perfectly safe, but still you need to take care of certain things while eating ginger. This includes:

  • Make sure your doctor gives you the green signal to have ginger before including this herb in your daily diet if you are on any kind of medication.
  • You need to steer clear of ginger if you happen to have any kind of medical history like prior abortion, vaginal bleeding, clotting disorder or dizzy spells.
  • If you are a suffering from gestational diabetes, you should avoid ginger as it can affect your sugar levels.
  • Have ginger only in moderation as excessive consumption can lead to miscarriage or can have adverse effects on you or your unborn baby.
  • It is better to consume homemade ginger ale during pregnancy. But if you are using store bought ginger ale, read the ingredients list as some brands do not use ginger at all in it.

How to Include Ginger in Your Pregnancy Diet

ginger infusion

Be it ginger candies, capsules or even chewable tablets, these become a great life saver whenever you feel nauseous. Making ginger tea or adding it as a spice to your veggies and meat are all ways to include ginger in your diet. Some more ways to include ginger in your pregnancy diet are:

  • Drink ginger infusion. For this you can mix one teaspoon ginger juice with one cup of hot water. Let it brew for five minutes and then consume it.
  • You can add shredded ginger to your soups or any curries that you make.
  • You can make a soothing tea by boiling an inch piece of ginger, some fresh mint leaves and a small piece of cinnamon stick in water.

Hope the above information will be helpful to you. Do share with us in the comments section below if you consumed ginger during pregnancy and how did you include it in your pregnancy diet? How this herb benefited you in your pregnancy period?

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1. Can Ginger Cause Indigestion During Pregnancy?

Ginger helps with digestion. It can cause heartburns though. Do not consume it in excess.

2. Is Ginger Heat Inducing Food?

Yes, it is. This is why consumption has to be limited. Over consumption can harm pregnancy.

3. Can I Have Ginger Tea When Pregnant?

Yes, you can. In moderation. Have homemade teas with fresh ginger if possible.

4. Can Ginger help The Fetus Growth?

There are no studies to show it does. High dosage of ginger can cause miscarriage. Ensure you don’t over-consume it.

5. When Not To Take Ginger?

It is better to avoid ginger during excess heartburn, labor time or even those with a history of miscarriage, clotting disorders, and vaginal bleeding.

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Jyoti Pachisia,M.Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics),PG Dip.(Dietetics & Applied Nutrition)

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