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Letting Your Baby Sleep In A Swing – Is It Safe?

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Many parents love to use swings to lull their children into sleep. However, some parents contemplate the consequences of using swings. Well, using anything too much even for the babies will create dire consequences which parents need to avoid. Too much use of swings will lead to developmental issues for the baby. Moreover, through swings, parents are preventing the natural way of sleeping for their babies. Therefore, in this article, let’s have a look at the possible consequences of allowing your baby to sleep in a swing.

Letting Your Baby Sleep In A Swing – Is It Safe?

Letting Your Baby Sleep In A Swing – Is It Safe?

Should Your Baby Sleep In An Infant Swing?

Swings don’t allow your baby to fall asleep in a natural way. However, parents tend to use it more often because it helps the child to fall asleep quite easily. As things that come easily may not be good for your child, sleeping in swing should not happen on a regular basis. It is fine to use it every now and then. (but it is seen that your child tends to fall into that habit if you are not on your guard). Conversely, overuse of swings has its own drawbacks.

Drawbacks Of Using Baby Swings

Your child can have a great time while sleeping in swings. However, allowing your child to sleep on the swings for a longer period of time will ultimately cause more harm than good. There are various issues that can occur if your baby sleeps on swings for a longer period of time.

  • Developmental Problems In The Child:

Babies require space to move so that he or she can explore the world around. However, keeping the baby inside the swing for a longer period of time will limit the movement of the baby and will also limit the growth and development of the baby.

  • Risk Of SIDS Due To Sleep Problems:

If your baby is failing to sleep in a proper manner then it will increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Due to the lack of movability inside the swing, the baby finds it difficult to breathe. Also, your baby could wake up even at the slightest of movements which is quite common in swings.

  • More Chances Of Injury To The Baby:

Numerous babies have suffered injuries and bruises due to the swing. Suffocation due to entanglement inside the swing is also very common. Also, as the material of the swing may not be very tough, it can cause fatal damage due to breakage.

How Long Can I Leave My Baby In An Infant Swing?

My Baby In An Infant Swing

My Baby In An Infant Swing

There are no prevalent guidelines regarding the proposed duration of a baby in an infant swing. Even then, most experts suggest limiting the time of a child in a motorized swing to an hour or less per day. This is for the reason that the child needs to build up the motor skills and simply sitting in a swing will delay it. also, never leave your child unattended in a swing even for a short time.

Measures To Be Taken Before Putting Baby In A Swing:

  • Don’t stuff the swing with loose pillows or blankets. This will increase the risk of
  • Fasten your baby with strap and maintain the seat in the most reclined position till your baby can hold up his or her head by them self.
  • Turn off the swing immediately after your baby falls asleep.

How To Break The Baby’s Habit Of Sleeping In A Swing?

If you have made a habit for your baby to sleep inside the swing then there ways in which you can break that habit as well. Here are some simple ways of breaking the habit of sleeping inside the swing for your baby:

  • Take Your Child To The Crib:

When you take your child out of the swing, he or she will put up a strong protest against your actions. When you put the kid inside the crib when he or she might cry a lot. But, in the end, many babies fall asleep in a sound state. If your child is too stubborn to sleep in a swing, let him sleep in the swing. However, avoid rocking it. Once he or she falls asleep, you can shift him to the crib. Eventually, he will start to sleep in the crib.

  • Keep The Baby Awake Inside The Swing:

When the swing is in motion, don’t allow your baby to doze off at that stage. Allow the swing to become stationary and then let your baby fall asleep. After that, you can safely transfer the baby to the crib. Eventually, the necessity of motion will fade away and thereafter you can directly make him sleep on the crib

  • Keep Slowing The Pace Of The Swing On A Regular Basis:

Babies like the swing to be in a stationary position and move back and forth when they are awake. If you want to ensure that your baby loses the inclination with the swing then reduces the speed of the swing at a slow pace.

  • Understanding The Signs Of Sleep:

One of the biggest reasons for the inclination of the babies for swing is that they start to see the motion of the swing as a definite sign of sleep. Change that sign with lullabies or other things to make the baby understand different sign of sleep.

Alternatives To Swings

Alternatives To Swings

Alternatives To Swings

As sleeping inside the swing can be very harmful to the spine of the baby, here are some alternatives that you can try as a parent:

  • Play natural sounds such as wind, rain, etc.
  • Rocking the baby as he or she is in your arms
  • Consult with your doctor if your baby is having trouble with sleeping


Here are some of the common questions that parent do have regarding the use of swing:

  1. If My Baby Is Fussy, Will A Swing Help?

As your baby sleeps in a swing, he or she will get naps very commonly. It can also help in soothing your fussy child.

  1. How Long Should I Keep My Baby Inside The Swing?

If the baby is 6 months or older, you should start keeping your child off the swing quite frequently.

  1. What Should I Do If My Child Struggles To Sleep Without A Swing?

When your child falls asleep inside the swing, take him to the crib.
Finally, there are certain drawbacks of allowing your child to sleep in a swing too often. If you know to what extent you can allow your baby to sleep in the swing then it helps your baby to develop the proper sleeping habit.

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