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It is believed that babies can hear and identify sounds while they are still in the womb. It may sound weird and bizarre, but you start to bond with your baby the moment you conceive him. While the baby is still developing in your womb, he listens to you and understands your feelings. So this shows that you can shape up your baby’s first responses by listening to good music, reading good books, massaging, gently meditating and keeping a positive frame of mind. This brings forward the importance of Garbhagraha Sanskar. To know more on this keep reading.
music in pregnancy

  • Can Your Baby Hear You In The Womb?
  • Benefits Of Music During Pregnancy
  • What Is Garbhagraha Sanskar?
  • Benefits Of Garbhagraha Sanskar
  • How To Perform Garbhagraha Sanskar?
  • Effect Of Music In Garbhagraha Sanskar

Can Your Baby Hear You In The Womb?

At about 16 weeks of pregnancy, fetus starts detecting sounds. It can notice sounds like gurgling sound in the stomach or the whoosh of air in the lungs. For the next few weeks it starts detecting sounds in the external world and by 24 weeks it starts moving its head towards the source of the sound.

Benefits Of Music During Pregnancy

It is said that music has a healing capacity. Although studies have not proved anything in concrete, however, listening to your favorite music brightens you up and makes you happy. It creates a positive vibe that passes on to the unborn baby too.

  1. Improving auditory senses – Although at this stage, babies do not understand music at all and perceive music as rhythmic sound waves, however, they try to concentrate on it. This, in turn, helps in stimulation of the baby’s cognitive skills and auditory senses
  2. Improves reflexes – when you listen to the music, your unborn baby also receives the rhythmic vibrations and try to sync to it. This improves the reflexes and overall movement of the unborn baby
  3. Overall personality development – it is believed that listening music during pregnancy can impact the overall personality development of the unborn baby. For example, a soothing music can make a baby calm and quiet while a loud and jarring music can make the baby aggressive in behavior. However, these are just common beliefs and no studies have been conducted yet to back up this theory
  4. Lullaby – Many researchers are of the opinion that music listened to during pregnancy helps in later stage too. A mom who has listened to certain soothing songs during pregnancy can make their newborns listen to it to help them calm down. Babies can recognize the same tune which has helped them in the past to relax
  5. Reducing stress level – Many women experience pregnancy stress level which can lead to mood swings and other complications. In such cases, soothing music helps to calm down and reduce the pregnancy related stress level to a great extent

What Is Garbhagraha Sanskar?

The word Garbhagraha means fetus and Sanskar mean educating the mind. So the word Garbhagraha Sanskar basically means educating the mind of the fetus. According to Garbhagraha Sanskar, a baby starts developing its personality, traits, and beliefs as soon as it is conceived and to a large extent, a mother’s state of mind can affect directly Garbhagraha Sanskar. Ancient Hindu texts like the Vedas which date back to 1500-500 BC speak about the Garbhagraha sanskar. References of the same can be found in the Mahabharata. It also finds a place in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in order to educate the pregnant women.

Benefits Of Garbhagraha Sanskar

  • Positive thinking, listening to soulful music and staying happy and relaxed definitely helps the baby to develop a positive personality. The Scientific evidence further proves this theory. Babies who were exposed to soothing music while still in the womb have a better listening ability
  • Doctors encourage Garbhagraha Sanskar practice to benefit both the mother and the baby. Listening to soulful music, reading a good book and positive thinking helps the unborn baby to become more content, confident and composed
  • It is said that from 7th month onwards, the fetus can listen to the sound. The first sound that the fetus can hear to is its mother’s heartbeat. So it is extremely important to keep the mother surrounded by calm and soothing sounds

How To Perform Garbhagraha Sanskar?

  • Read loudly – Read books loudly to your unborn baby in the womb, especially books that have a positive message
  • Talk to your baby – Put your hands on your baby bump and talk to your baby. It is said that the first sound the baby can detect is his mother’s voice. Keep talking about all the positive things every day, this will also help you to bond with your baby once he/she is around
  • Listening to music – Listening to good soulful music is always advisable. Not only it helps to soothe your soul but it helps the baby to stay calm too
  • Spreading positivity – It is very important for expecting moms to stay positive and keep herself surrounded with as much positivity as possible. Stay happy and relaxed and your baby too will be happy
  • Yoga and meditation – Prenatal yoga are helpful to keep you fit, healthy and positive. Meditations also help to keep your nerves calm

Effect Of Music In Garbhagraha Sanskar

It is possible to give energy for the development of soul, body, and mind of your unborn baby by listening to a special kind of music. Listening to instrumental music like the veena, flute or the Samaveda mantras are known to have a soothing on a pregnant woman and the baby in the womb. In the market today, there are various music albums of “Garbha sangeet”.
benefits of music during pregnancy
To get the most out of Garbhagraha Sanskar it is important that your lifestyle is healthy. Focus on eating well, staying happy and relaxed which will also benefit the overall physical, the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of your baby.
Did you all listen to garbhagraha Sangeet during pregnancy? How did it help you and your unborn baby during pregnancy? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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