Cheesecake During Pregnancy – Is Safe or Not?

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cheesecake during pregnancy

Being pregnant brings a load of apprehensions, along with the excitement of being a mom soon. Hunger pangs attack you at various times unexpectedly, and you find yourself craving for various foods which catch your fancy at odd times. One such food that you may develop a craving for during this period is cheesecake- the delectable, rich and creamy dessert.

Now the next issue you would face is whether cheesecake during pregnancy is safe or not. With exotic flavours of cheesecake available these days, they are quite tempting and look delicious to devour while those hunger pangs strike you.

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What Are Cheesecakes?

Cheesecakes are desserts concocted using rich cream cheese. It is made from either sour cream or cottage cheese and has a lovely texture and flavour that melts in your mouth. It can taste sweet or somewhat tangy, depending on the ingredients used and the method of preparation. There are a variety of flavoured cheesecakes one can make or buy these days, and this includes, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, chocolate, vanilla and blueberry to mention a few of them.

There are both positive and negative aspects of consuming cheesecake during pregnancy. Let us examine in detail what they are a safe or not safe pregnant woman.

Difference Between New York Style Cheese Cakes and Regular Cheese Cakes?

New York Style Cheese Cakes

The only difference between both cheesecakes is ingredients only — the difference between the traditional and New York-style cheesecakes is.

1. Regular Cheesecake

Regular cheesecake is made up of cream cheese and egg yolks. These are the ingredients that help with the texture and flavour of the cheesecake.

2. New York Style Cheesecake

New York-style cheesecake is similar to a regular cheesecake, but the essential ingredients are Sour cream, or Heavy cream is added to it. These cheesecakes are also slightly more moist and dense in it.

Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Cheesecake During Pregnancy

Benefits of Eating Cheesecake During Pregnancy

Cheesecake comprises quite a several basic and simple ingredients like sugar, eggs, sour cream and cheese. Just one slice of cheesecake has a commendable amount of calories which includes 32 grams of carbs, 28 grams of fat apart from vitamins and proteins.

1. Rich in vitamins

Having one piece of cheesecake supplies you with 23% of the required vitamin A for your system since cream cheese and sour cream is rich in retinol which is Vitamin A.

2. Proteins

A diet rich in proteins is very vital for you and the life growing inside you. It is crucial for enhancing tissue and muscle development of the baby within you. Since our system has no means of storing protein, we need to have them daily to meet our protein requirements. And around 7% of the protein requirements of a pregnant mom can be met by devouring a single piece of cheesecake.

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3. Sodium and Sugar

One piece of cheesecake also has around 350 mg of sodium and 18 grams of sugar, both of which are absolutely necessary for you during your pregnancy period. Sodium is extremely necessary for prescribed quantities for the overall development of your fetus.

4. Fats

This is yet another ingredient cheesecake is rich in. A piece of cheesecake contains around 8 grams of saturated fat and eighteen grams of fat that is not saturated. You require intake of fats also in moderation during your conception period for a healthy baby.

5. Tasty Too

Since cheesecakes are delicious to eat whenever you feel hungry, your hunger pangs are also satisfied apart from you enjoying your piece of cheesecake.

What Kind of Cheesecake Can You Eat?

When unpasteurized cheeses and eggs are not the right options, you may be wondering about what kind of cake you consume at a period of pregnancy.

1. Baked Cheesecake

Baked cheesecake is the best option for a pregnant women as it contains pasteurized milk and also cooked eggs. It will not cause any of listeriosis, E.coli or salmonella infections. You can eat the delicious treats of chocolate, strawberry, or blueberry flavours in baked form.

2. Cheesecake With Ricotta and Mascarpone Cheese

This Cake is also considered as the best choices as they are pasteurized before using. These cakes are made with ricotta and mascarpone cheese.

3. Cheesecake With No Eggs and Pasteurized Cheese

Cheesecakes made with no eggs and pasteurized cheese is also an another option for pregnant women to enjoy during pregnancy.

4. Mass-Produced Cheesecakes

Mass-Produced Cheesecakes available in supermarkets, are also the best option. They always contain pasteurized milk and cooked eggs. However, check for its ingredients before buying the cheesecake during pregnancy time.

Remember that cheesecake is a high-calorie dessert. So, have it in limited quantity. A healthy weight gain is always very important for both mother and baby also.

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Risks Associated With Eating Cheesecake During Pregnancy

women eating cheese cake

Now read to get an idea about what harm a pregnant woman if you consume too much of cheesecake during pregnancy time.

  • Cheesecakes have raw or unpasteurized egg content in them, which may have dangerous Salmonella lurking inside that can be extremely harmful to you and your baby also. Raw or uncooked eggs during pregnancy must be avoided, and hence you should steer clear of cheesecakes that are made with raw eggs.
  • They may also contain unpasteurized cheese, which may again have risky Listeria bacteria in them, which can trigger unwanted side effects during your pregnancy period. Make sure that the cheese used in your piece of the desert is pasteurized.
  • Consumption of cheesecake during pregnancy in excessive quantities may cause unwanted weight gain as cheesecakes are extremely rich in calories.

Cheesecake Recipes

What is better than a perfect, fresh, creamy cheesecake served Fresh as a show stopping dessert? Absolutely Nothing!

That’s why we worked to find out the Best cheesecake recipes present across the world, and we think you will be completely addicted to these cakes!

No matter the occasion, there is a cheesecake that is the perfect thing for you! Whether you need a treat for a friend or take it to your family, and any other occasions also.

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Precautions When Eating Cheesecake During Pregnancy

The above mentioned ill effects of eating cheesecake during pregnancy make it absolutely necessary for moms to be extremely cautious before binging on cheesecakes whenever they feel hungry.

  • One needs to ensure you only pick up cheesecakes made from pasteurized or cooked eggs while you are pregnant. It can reduce the risks mentioned above.
  • This implies you need to check out labels carefully before buying cheesecake.
  • Baked cheesecakes with eggs that have been cooked or without eggs and pasteurized cheese can be eaten during pregnancy.

You also have the option of preparing cheesecakes at home if you happen to be one of those people who love trying out new dishes at home. There are umpteen recipes online which you can surf and come across something absolutely safe for you and your little one growing inside you. Baked versions of cheesecake during pregnancy may be a safer option and better option at this period.

So if you are pregnant and have been craving for cheesecakes, go ahead and indulge in the mouth-watering varieties of cheesecakes available these days. Just ensure the above-mentioned checkpoints are taken care of before you buy them. Otherwise, they are perfectly safe and healthy to have for moms to be in every sense of the word. But do remember not to overindulge in them as too much of cheesecake may trigger unwanted after-effects, which may be dangerous for you and your baby.


1. Will Eating Cheesecakes Lead to Gestational Diabetes?

Cheesecakes are high in sugar content. If you have gestational diabetes, you may want to stay away from this. If your sugar levels are high, check with your doctor before eating.

2. Will Cheesecake Cause Me to Gain Weight During Pregnancy?

Yes, it can. They are very high in calories. Loading up on them can cause weight gain.

3. Are Cheesecakes Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, as long as you have just a piece or two, once in a while. Regular consumption is not recommended. They are made of raw eggs, which are not safe for pregnant women.

4. Are Baked Cheesecakes Safer For Pregnant Women?

Yes, they are. The eggs and cheese will be cooked. Uncooked eggs and cheese can be unsafe.

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