Prega News Pregnancy Test – Use, Accuracy, Interpreting The Results

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Prega News Pregnancy Test

The most trusted and recommended home pregnancy test- Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit is widely popular in the Indian Market. Learn more about the Prega news home pregnancy test, and be sure whether you are pregnant or not.

It’s impossible to ignore some great actors like Kareena Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty Kundra endorsing the Prega news Pregnancy kit. It makes the product more familiar to every woman when it comes to testing your pregnancy without stepping out of your home. The product is manufactured by Mankind Technologies and is easily available in all online and retail stores all over India. If you are in a dilemma, whether you are pregnant or not, Prega news is the easiest and the trusted home pregnancy test available in the market.

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How Does Home Pregnancy Kit Work?

Prega News accuracy is credited to the generalized working of home pregnancy test kits. The most common and easy pregnancy test is the urine test; it avoids daily doctor’s appointments, gives privacy, and all types of cons. In these tests, you have to add some drops of urine directly into the dropper explicitly marked.

Hold it upwards and wait for the period mentioned in the instruction before checking the result. Pregnancy test strips are readily available at most chemists and departmental stores across the country and do not require a medical prescription to be purchased.

The presence of HCG is tested in the urine, which is released only when an egg is fertilized and implants itself and gives one of the two answers – pregnant or not pregnant. If the test is not done correctly, the strip may not display any result, and you can opt for a new trial. Prega News works on the same principle.

When Should You Take the Home Pregnancy Test?

It entirely depends on a specific type of home pregnancy test; some can give the result soon than others. Some pregnancy tests claim to have high HCG sensitivity and can detect the pregnancy even in 2-4 days before your period date.

Unless your periods are irregular, the chances of getting accurate results with a pregnancy test 7 days after missing a period are about 95%-98%. Hence, the right solution to the question that when to use Prega News is clear. Many also claim to give 99% accuracy, but you need to pick the one who had a higher sensitivity level to HCG hormone.

Most home pregnancy tests detect HCG levels at 20 to 25 MIU/ml- the lower the number on the home pregnancy test, the higher the sensitivity to HCG, and hence, the more accurate the results. However, guarantee that the pregnancy test has not lapsed before you use it to recognize pregnancy.

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How Should You Use the Prega News Pregnancy Test?

how to use prega news

The most trusted and recommended home pregnancy test- Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit – is widely popular in the Indian market. This simple one-step procedure test card can detect the presence of HCG to the level of 20MIU/ml. You can get the result in just 5 minutes with Prega News, and it is a quick, efficient, and hassle-free way to confirm pregnancy without you having to step of the house. There are some steps you need to follow to get accurate results:

  1. Go to a chemist or any retail shop and get a pack of Prega News home pregnancy test kit.
  2. Go to a private place and collect your morning urine in a dry and clean container that is not washed with any detergent.
  3. Use a provided dropper and add a few (2-3) drops of your urine into the specimen on the Prega News test strip.
  4. Ensure you dropped it directly on the test strip, and there is no spillover; in case it happens, use the silica granules to wipe it off.
  5. Just wait for the longest five minutes of your life and get the result from the Prega News pregnancy test.

How to Store the Prega News Pregnancy Test?

Prega News pregnancy test kit is advisable to store in a cool and dry place away from the kids and pets. The Prega News kit packaging must be kept intact to maintain its effect when being administered.

Does Prega News Pregnancy Test Give Correct Results?

The accuracy of all pregnancy tests is considered to be 95% to 98%. Thus Prega News results are highly accurate. There are several facts on which the accuracy of the pregnancy test depends:

  1. The product should not be expired.
  2. The exact process of dropping the urine on the test strip; if done correctly, there is a high chance of getting accurate results.
  3. In case of a negative result, you can be not pregnant, or you have tried the pregnancy test too soon.
  4. There is a chance that you can be pregnant even when your HCG level is as low as 5 MIU/ml, but Prega News can detect the levels at about 20 MIU/ml.
  5. If you get no lines or faded lines, then you can try taking the pregnancy test a few days later.
  6. The test results are also more accurate when tested with the first urine of the morning – given concentration of HCG is high during the time.

How to Read Prega News Test Results?

read prega new result

Prega News enables you to know whether a baby is being formed inside of you or not through a straightforward and convenient process. Follow the instructions below

  1. A single pink line demonstrates you are not pregnant.
  2. Two pink lines demonstrate a positive pregnancy.
  3. Differently shaded lines, a darker and a lighter, recommend that the test probably won’t have been taken effectively. You may retake the test following 4-5 days.

If the test is sure, you are unquestionably pregnant. In such a situation, fix your first antenatal meeting with a picked gynecologist right away after the Prega News result. If your test is negative, and however, you do feel pregnancy side effects do check again following a couple of days or get yourself checked at a clinic.

Once in a while the outcome can be influenced because of the admission of specific drugs – do check the handout with the Prega News pack that rundowns the meds affecting the test’s result.

How Much Does Prega News Cost?

Prega News is as modest as Rs. 50, and comes in pack sizes of 3 and 5. It is a highly cost-effective pregnancy test and is accessible at the most medical store the nation over. Prega News price is highly affordable, and you needn’t bother with a doctor’s prescription to get one.

When Should Prega News be Avoided? Precautions and Warnings

  • Prega News is not a standalone tool for detecting the pregnancy, and its accuracy is also affected by the improper handling of this kit.
  • If you have any doubt, it is necessary to visit a gynecology doctor for a blood test to know the occurrence of pregnancy.
  • Prega News test kit is not meant for internal use should be noted down.
  • The Prega News pregnancy test kit is only meant for one-time use. It must be disposed of it after the use of one time.
  • Prega News is meant for self-testing purposes only, and some chances are there it may not give an accurate result.
  • It may also show false results in females having a hormonal imbalance or taking certain medications.

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Other Pregnancy Tests Available in the Market

women holding pregnancy test
There are numerous other basic pregnancy tests like I-Can, Velocit, Acutest, Clearblue, and Pregcolor that are likewise accessible in the market and a shot at recognizing the degrees of hCG in the pee. Prega News tops the market with high functionality, easy to use, and has great accuracy.

Prega News is one of the most reliable and safe pregnancy testing kits. It is trusted by millions and has a good name in home-based pregnancy tests. Hence, you can go for the Prega News testing kit confidently.

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1. How to Use Prega News?

Nothing matches the ease of Prega News use. All you need to do is just put three drops of first-morning urine on its sample strip. You can see the results in the next five minutes only.

2. How to Use the Prega News Kit?

Prega News test kit consists of one card, one dropper, and silica granules. The dropper is used to put urine on the card. The silica granules soak the excess urine and keep the kit safe.

3. How to Check the Prega News?

It is super-easy to check the Prega News kit. Two pink lines in the result window indicate that you’re pregnant. A single pink line suggests that you’re not pregnant.

4. When to Use Prega News?

It is best to use the Prega News test kit after completing one week of the expected period date. It works well at this time as the kit detects HCG hormone levels. Further, you must use your first-morning urine only.

5. How Many Times Can We Use the Prega News Kit?

Prega News kit is a single-use kit. Hence, you must discard it after first use only. However, you can repeat the test with another kit.

6. What is the Accuracy of Prega News?

Prega News accuracy is estimated to be at 99% true. Thus, the chances are good that you’ll know whether you’re pregnant or at home only. However, blood tests are even more reliable.

7. Can Prega News Give Me a False Positive Result?

Yes it can. The accuracy is only 99% accurate. Meaning there is still a 1% chance for error.

8. Can I Reuse a Prega News Test After a Negative Result?

No you cannot. These home pregnancy tests are designed for single use only. Always use a fresh test only, never reuse.

9. What Does a Faint Second Line on Prega News Pregnancy Test Mean?

A faint pink line could be a positive result. However, it is recommended to take another test to confirm the result. You can also take a blood test or a urine test at the lab to be sure.

10. Is Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit Better Than Other?

Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate like lab tests. Majority of the home pregnancy tests in the market claim a 95% – 98% accuracy. Prega news has a 99% accuracy.

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