Pregnancy Boudoir Photos: How and When

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Our generation believes in living in the moment. To live in those moments even after a year, we capture them. That means our generation is “Live, Capture, Remember” type.  We capture on birthdays, weddings, festivals, family functions, and many more beautiful occasions. One of the most beautiful moments is the pregnancy period. The feeling of bringing a new life in the world does not have any comparison. So, we have brought you an idea of capturing the pregnancy period; capture your pregnancy boudoir and behold them for life.

pregnancy boudoir

What Is Pregnancy Boudoir?

Boudoir is a French word which means ladies bedroom or private room. Boudoir is referred to that photoshoot where a woman poses in lingerie or half clothes. Boudoir photography is just beautiful art. These photos show that women should accept their body. They should feel happy about their body and should understand that feeling your body is not just about pleasing others. The women during boudoir photography wear lingerie and pose in the most sensual way they can.
Pregnancy boudoir is a photoshoot of a pregnant woman who wears lingerie or is partially clothed. The aesthetic photoshoot captures the beautiful pictures of a woman with transitions of that baby bump.

Why Pregnancy Boudoir?

From a little girl to a big woman, females grow up facing too many new events. Studying, struggling for a job, getting married and facing pregnancy period are some of those events. The pregnancy period is special to both a woman and her life partner. This period is a unique experience.

  1. You don’t know when you will feel the same vibe again in your life. You should keep this moment captured for beholding it your whole lifetime.
  2. The baby will enter into the world, and you will forget how you looked in that precious and unforgettable period. You should get yourself a boudoir photoshoot because undoubtedly, you don’t know when you will face that ultimate figure.

Ladies, do not miss it! At least, get yourself captured for that ultimate figure and embrace the big change in your life.

How To Do Pregnancy Boudoir In The Right Way?

Given below are some crucial steps that you must take care while posing for your pregnancy boudoir:

  • First of all, make sure that you decide on the time to have a pregnancy boudoir. Pregnancy photoshoot should be done during 32-38 week of pregnancy. Because during this, the bump is fully in the shape which will make the photos look more adorable.
  • Make sure that you choose the photographer you are comfortable. Since it is an intimate photoshoot, make sure the photographer provides you with all the ease and comforts.
  • Choose the perfect location. Baby bump makes the photo look adorable enough, but having a perfect location increases the beauty and raises it to an infinity level. You can also use some cute accessories or stuff like a flower or soft toys.
  • Also, have a look at whatever location you choose you to have proper lighting, and you may decide some sensual or cute poses also.
  • At last, how can you forget to decide the outfits? If you feel uncomfortable in wearing lingerie, try being partially clothed. Wear overpraise outfits which flaunts the baby bump beautifully.

Which Month Is Best To Do Pregnancy Boudoir?

Scheduling pregnancy boudoir depends on how quickly one’s body is changing. However, try to find a photographer and schedule it when you passed 5th month of pregnancy. Get yourself a pregnancy boudoir in the 32-38th week of pregnancy period. It is because the curve of the bump is accurately rounded and can be captured properly. Also, you won’t feel heavy and hectic at that period of the week.

Is Maternity Photo Shoot And Pregnancy Boudoir Photos Same?

The only common part between maternity and pregnancy boudoir photoshoots is that they are both held at the time when a lady is pregnant. In a maternity photo shoot, the lady is not partially clothed or do not wear lingerie. It is a simple photoshoot where the lady does not actually flaunt baby bump or poses sensually. But pregnancy boudoir photo shoot is an intimate photoshoot where the lady is partially clothed.

What Is Maternity Photoshoot?

A maternity photoshoot is done in the pregnancy period of the lady. It captures the beautiful moments of the pregnancy period. The photoshoot is done to behold the memories created during the pregnancy period. The main focus of maternity photo shoot is to capture the overall baby bump visibility. Decide a suitable location and proper lighting so that you can capture some good photos of the maternity period.

What Should I Wear For A Maternity Photoshoot?

Loose clothes like shirts, gown or maxi will flaunt the baby bump very aesthetically.

  1. Choose multiple outfits so that you can have photos in different outfits also.
  2. Choose props and cute stuff to add the beauty in photos.
  3. Try flower printed maxis, and denim loose belted shirts or solid colour gown. You can also try fitted one piece.
  4. Choose outfits which winsome baby bump and increases the beauty of photos manifolds. Also, make sure you are comfortable in your outfit.

Some Final Words

Nothing is wrong in capturing such a beautiful period of pregnancy. After a couple of days, you won’t even remember how you used to look during these wonderful days. Ladies, get your self-captured with your partner and cute baby bump. If you are uncomfortable with a pregnancy boudoir photoshoot, go for the maternity photoshoot. But get yourself captured it will not only provide you photos to behold but will also remind you that how your life turned in perfect motherhood in just a couple of months.

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