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Pregnancy Workouts During First Trimester: Routine Tips

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While Pregnancy is a wonderful phase in every woman’s life, particularly the first time moms, it is also a time to exercise caution. It is very essential to stay healthy and consume the right food in the right quantity throughout the nine months, but equally important to exercise. And the most crucial is the first trimester when the fetus is in its early development stage. Mums-to-be need to take care, stay informed and do just the right exercises to have a safe and enjoyable pregnancy.
Let’s take a look at the workout routines that is most suitable in this most crucial period of pregnancy.

First Trimester Pregnancy Workout Routine:

Pregnant women don’t feel or notice any external bodily changes in the first trimester. However, it is definitely a time when a lot of things are happening internally. Therefore, it is a good idea to exercise to help regulate weight gain, prepare yourself to bear more weight and get good sleep.
Most women are in a dilemma and are often advised against exercising in the first trimester. This is a myth. You can safely exercise under a trained instructor, but for it to be effective, remember to keep it short. If you have never exercised before, probably this is a good time to start keeping in mind your health as well as that of the baby. Begin with something light that doesn’t call for too much exertion. 30 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times a week is just about right.

pregnancy workouts first trimesterIs It Safe To Run In The First Trimester?

Contrary to popular beliefs, running as an exercise is perfectly safe in the early stages of pregnancy. However, if you have never been a runner, you might want to think of some other form of exercise to start with. But if you have been one, you can safely continue to run on flat tracks or a treadmill with safety bars to prevent accidental falls. But remember to stop when you feel exhausted. You must not try to push yourself. Consult your doctor before you start to be sure that you are safe and doing it right.
The reason why running is generally not advised for first timers, especially during the first trimester is because of the possible flip side associated with it which are:

  • You could overheat your body and this could be harmful for the fetus.
  • Pregnancy relaxes the joint. Running might not allow that to happen.
  • You might sustain an injury while running

In case you are planning to continue this as an exercise in early pregnancy, here are some safety tips you might want to keep in mind.

Can A Lot Of Exercise Cause A Miscarriage?

Exercise when done regularly and under the guidance of an expert who is trained to help pregnant women does wonders. It is a myth to believe that exercise causes miscarriage. In fact, regular workout reduces stress, aches and pains and builds up stamina. However, don’t go overboard and remember to stay hydrated. In case you feel too hot, nauseated or dehydrated, experience vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, it is best to avoid exercise for a while.

Workouts To Avoid While Pregnant:

If you have loved to stay fit even before pregnancy, it is a good idea to know how to go about it now. Though exercising is a great way to stay fit during pregnancy, you must be aware of the ones that need to be avoided. Some of these include:

  • Fall- prone exercises like leaping, horse riding, skiing
  • Exercises to lose weight
  • Contact sports like soccer and football
  • Deep sea exploration like scuba diving
  • Exercises that require you to hold your breath
  • Exercises that require hopping, skipping and bouncing
  • Deep knee bends, full sit ups, straight leg-toe touches.
  • Exercises in hot, humid weather
  • Exercises that may cause even the mildest of abdominal trauma like jarring motions or rapid changes in direction

workouts to avoid while pregnant

Are Planks Safe During Pregnancy?

Many fitness trainers advocate that planking is absolutely safe during pregnancy since it does not put too much pressure on your stomach. However, traditional planking could cause overstretching, could hurt your elbows and wrists and can get a bit tedious as pregnancy advances. May be you could try using props that might make things easy for you. In case you feel uncomfortable discuss with your fitness instructor to try something alternate.

Safe Exercises During First Trimester Of Pregnancy:

Technically speaking most exercises are safe during pregnancy if done with caution and if you make sure not to overdo it. However, the safest among them is swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary cycling, low-impact aerobics which can be safely continued until the birth of your baby. Tennis and jogging are also safe but need to be done under supervision and in moderation. Take care to choose exercises that do not require balance and coordination
Whatever exercise regimen you plan to follow, always begin by warming up for 5 minutes and stretching for the next 5 minutes. Include about 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercises followed by some aerobics for 10 minutes before stretching and completing it. Remember to keep in mind a few things:

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes and a good bra.
  • Choose shoes with good grip that prevent injuries and fall.
  • Choose a flat surface to exercise.
  • Eat well and at least an hour before you start exercise.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • After exercising, get up slowly and carefully.
  • Don’t strain too much.

Exercise is the best way to stay fit and feel good throughout. Remember to choose your instructor carefully and consult your doctor if you don’t feel comfortable. Stay healthy and build up stamina for labor and delivery. A little effort every day can do wonders.

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