Rattles For Babies – How it Helps in Baby’s Development

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Rattles For Babies

Over the years, you would have seen many babies’ fingers wrapped around the rattles. Now, it’s your turn to buy your baby a rattle because your little one would enjoy the random sounds it makes. They are curious to find out the source of the sound. Rattle brings joy and happiness into a baby’s life. Your baby discovers how to play with toys, and rattles are one of the cutest toys you can consider buying for your baby. Here are a few best reasons to buy rattles for babies.

From earlier times, rattles are a wonderful toy for babies. Probably this is the first toy that a baby receives. Rattles not just keep your baby engaged but, at the same time, keep them fully entertained and indulged for quite some time. Making your kids play with rattles would be beneficial for you as well. Guess why? Because as we discussed, these would keep your baby engaged, and you can focus on your other household tasks.

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When Can You Introduce Rattles to Your Baby?

Rattles are one of the first toys that babies can play with. Before this, they pretty much play with themselves and explore the surroundings and spend time. You can introduce rattles to your baby once they are 3 months old. You can initially play with rattles and show your baby how it is done. Slowly, as they reach six months of age, babies will be able to efficiently play with them. You can buy big bright colored rattles with different colors and patterns.

Different types of rattles are available for different age groups. As babies reach the 9 to 12 month mark, they start teething and tend to put everything in their mouth including rattles. So, at this age, you should make sure that you buy safe rattles that are not harmful for your baby

Top Reasons How Rattles Help in Your Baby’s Development

How Rattles Help in Your Baby's Development

Baby growth milestones are important for every parent. Milestones like crawling, speaking, eating, walking, and expressing are some things you need to focus on when it comes to your baby’s growth.

Rattles can help in aiding a baby’s physical and cognitive skills. Rattles are not merely just a source of entertainment for your baby, but it is something from which a baby starts bringing expressions to their face, curiosity in their minds, and learning several new skills from them.

Here are a few reasons why rattles help in your baby’s development

1. Rattles Teach Babies the Effects of Their Action

When your baby plays with a rattle, it gives a sound that creates curiosity in their minds. The activated sound will then provide immediate auditory feedback. Therefore, this instant action teaches babies that their action has some result.

2. Rattles Promote Cognitive and Motor Skills

Rattles aid in the development of cognitive and motor skills in babies. You can hide the rattle behind sight and encourage your baby to search for it. With the help of rattles, babies can learn to follow instructions and imitate. They try to move forward to find the rattle. For instance, you can ask your baby, “give me the rattle baby,” or “shake your rattle baby,” and then wait for your baby’s reaction.

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3. Rattles Encourage Babies to Explore

As we have discussed above, when your baby sees a rattle, the sounds from the rattle generate curiosity in them, and they begin to search for it. It enhances their curiosity, observation, and manipulation skills. It ensures their learning and positive growth. Rattles make your baby observe and come to a conclusion independently.

4. Rattles are Attention Grabbing Toys

In the early months, you need to have some object in your hand to divert your baby’s attention towards you so you can interact with them. Moreover, with a rattle, you can make it happen. You can shake the rattle and produce different rhythms and sounds that excite the baby, and you would then succeed in grabbing their attention.

5. Rattles Help Babies Grasp

Baby’s grasping skills change with time. In the initial months, they grab an object using their whole hands, but after some months or when their coordination improves, they use their thumb and index finger to hold on to the objects. Rattles are undoubtedly the most comfortable toy, which is easy to hold with hands. Moreover, the attempts made to get will strengthen your baby’s hands and fingers and improves their grasping skills.

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Things to Look Out For Before Choosing Rattles For Babies

Baby Rattles

Are you willing to purchase a baby rattle for your newborn? You cannot just go and buy anything. It would help if you did proper research before buying it. It is because you would want the best for your baby; hence, every rattle has different functionalities.

Here are a few things you may want to consider before choosing a rattle for your baby

1. Is The Baby Rattle Safe?

Rattles will remain with your baby throughout, so it’s better to ensure that the rattle you buy is safe. Babies will shake, chew, bang, and suck the rattle, so make sure it is made safe. Do not buy heavy rattles as it will be difficult for the baby to lift and play with them.

2. Is Age Appropriate?

Not all rattles are appropriate for babies of all age groups. Some rattles might suit younger babies, and others might suit slightly older babies. Hence, it’s better to go for the rattles, specifically designed for your infant’s age. Babies enjoy playing with age-appropriate rattles.

3. Engaging and Playful?

Look for a rattle that will excite and engage your baby to play. Choose attractive designs to attract and grab your baby’s attention. Moreover, you can even go for rattles with different textures, sound effects, beautiful shapes, and lucrative colors. Moreover, rattles with teething support will be the best as they would soothe your baby’s irritated gums.

Among hundred number of toys, rattles are the most enjoyable toys for younger babies. There are many best reasons to buy rattles for babies. They not only help in engaging the baby but can also improve their cognitive skills. If you have a baby at home and don’t have a rattle yet, get one, and see them giggle and look around curiously.


1. Is Rattle Good For Babies?

Rattles promote coordination and control in babies. The sounds given by rattles make them curious and will encourage them to reach for the toy.

2. What is the Purpose of a Baby Rattle?

Baby rattles produce sounds, with which the baby develops the sense of reacting to the sound. It will stimulate them to search for the source and eventually find it until they are perfect.

3. How Do Rattles Help With Teething?

Some rattles come with soft textured plastic, which helps and soothes the baby when they are teething.

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