Scientists With Learning Disabilities

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Many people are born with certain learning disabilities, but who says that they cannot contribute productivity to the society. Numerous scientists equipped with learning disabilities like deafness, paralysis or dyslexia have brought out number of inventions and discoveries responsible for taking the life standards of people to the next level.

Scientists with Learning Disabilities

Here is a list of scientists who have contributed largely to the benefits of our society irrespective of their learning disabilities.

1. Thomas Alva Edison

The most renowned scientist who ignited the dark origins of the world. Yes, the famous electric light inventor, Thomas Alva Edison was born with a hearing disability and could not manage to develop reading skills until the age of twelve which also impacted his writing smarts. Apart from his popular invention of electric light, he also devised record player and cinematic camera. He didn’t let his ailments intervene his potentiality and talent to create something exotic.

2. Albert Einstein

The German born philosopher, Albert Einstein discovered the concept of relativity. He is the same person whose equation E=mc2 marked tremendous popularity across the globe. The Nobel Prize winner in physics suffered from Aspersers syndrome, having problems while interacting and communicating. He never allowed his dyslexic problem to let him down.

3. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking developed his own set of theories relating to the popular science. Hit by a motor neuron disease which requires him to  dependent on a motorized wheelchair and communicate through a voice generating machine, this English theoretical physicist has given many insights to the mysterious universe, time and cosmos. This amazing personality was not good at health, but brilliant at mind. His theories and philosophies about the nature and origins of universe had blown away people with his realm of possibility.

4. Leonardo Da Vinci

Greatly enveloped with numerous expertises, Leonardo Da Vinci was a master in painting, engineering, music, inventions, mathematics, architecture, sculpting, botany and writing. It is tough to find such diversely skillful personality in today’s generation. Born with dyslexic disorder, he never restricted himself from encouraging technological developments. With the help of a few more scientists, he encouraged new revolution in science and technology.

5. Alexander Graham Bell

The famous personality behind connecting people from different parts of the world has achieved immense popularity in the past. Alexander Graham Bell suffered from learning disability. His quiescent of inventing a telephone proved that people with learning disabilities or disorders do have genius present in them. He intensively contributed to the benefits of society regardless of his learning disability.

The renowned scientists bedecked with numerous learning disabilities and other physical disorders managed to extend quality of life of millions of people by making them vulnerable to endless opportunities.

Having a Special Child at Home

Many people are talented despite being disabled, but are not groomed and encouraged properly to be successful. Self drive does play an important role, but as parents, peers and friends, we can help special children achieve success by ensuring:

  • Accept and acknowledge the disability, do not try either to deny or hide it.
  • Take expert help and guidance – your child may be just needing something that you do not know about.
  • Identify the inherent special talents – and be proactive and preserved. Set achievable goals.
  • Strategize and rework your parenting strategy each time you feel something could have been done better.
  • Create a stress free environment at home. Ensure siblings do not bully the child with special abilities. Treat all of your children as equal.
  • Take support from trusted friends and relatives. Joining a help group for parents of children with learning disabilities will help you cope up with daily challenges and stress.
  • Zero out on schools and colleges that provide specialised education to differently abled children.
  • Always be there for your child. Trust in him. Instil love and compassion.
  • Encourage small accomplishments, and give your child a chance to be and feel independent.
  • Support, support, support.

As parents, you may find life irrevocably harsh and challenging at times, and it is normal to feel frustrated or stressed out. Speak with a friend or relative and get rid of negativity in you. Never let your fears overpower your confidence in your child, your own determination and hard work will reflect in all small and big achievements of your child. It is your connect with the child that makes all the difference.

Having disabilities does not mean that one is not worth living a life. To find mega success, one needs not to be born with proven abilities, but just to have the will to survive and make it big. Disability in itself given one a chance to think beyond the ordinary, and become the extraordinary. If one has the passion and intelligence, he can do wonders in life.

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