Second Pregnancy – Know the Signs and Symptoms

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Having a baby is remarkable, and the second time is nothing less than a blessing. Although you might be relaxing as it’s the second pregnancy, each pregnancy is special and unique; here’s an article to know the signs and symptoms.

pregnant women with her son

What are the Symptoms of a Second Pregnancy?

Most of the signs and second pregnancy symptoms will be the same as the first, but there’s no hard and fast rule. As said, each pregnancy is unique and might come with its reliefs and obstacles. It also differs from woman to woman. For some, complications and problems faced in the first pregnancy might appear again. Here’s what you need to look out about early symptoms and the main differences between both the times:

  • The bump is visible much earlier in 2nd pregnancy.
  • Certain blood vessels and muscles might also be weakened and cause pelvic pain and backache. This is one of the reasons why it is suggested to take at least a three years gap.
  • Some might feel tired and nauseous as they are already taking care of one child.
  • You might exhaust more than in their first pregnancy.
  • You might even experience similar or more food cravings.
  • Averseness to some foods
  • You might gain faster than the first pregnancy because the body has already undergone many changes. This weight might also be challenging to lose.
  • Due to hormonal changes and stress, you might feel heightened emotions irrespective of the number of pregnancies.
  • Baby kicks also might occur quicker this time.
  • Tenderness of breasts
  • The pregnancy belly also differs as women might carry the baby low during the second time.
  • You might notice fetal movement earlier than last time

girl touching the bump of her pregnant mother

How Soon can Symptoms be Felt?

Wondering when do you start showing with second pregnancy or how early do you start showing with 2nd pregnancy? The chances are that this pregnancy starts showing early. This might be because of weak abdominal muscles from the first pregnancy. The breast also becomes tender sooner than in the first pregnancy. You may not also feel the need to have a pregnancy test because you might already notice the signs and symptoms earlier on your own. One can detect signs as soon as two weeks.

Are the Chances of Early Labor more this Time?

The labor time is shorter this time as your body has already undergone this once. Your cervix might dilate already. The labor time lasts for an average of five hours to twelve hours and not more. The pushing stage might also be easy and might last for less than two hours.

second pregnancy- women in labor pain

Are there any Complications?

The second baby’s first trimester can be tough. Pregnancies are delicate, and it is best to avoid any complications and take precautions. Contact a doctor if you feel or notice anything unusual.

  • Issues of gestational diabetes might occur. It is a common type of diabetes that happens during pregnancy.
  • The probability of complications like the risk of placental or postpartum hemorrhage might increase. These conditions occur in women who have multiple pregnancies.
  • At times, these diseases can be life-threatening if proper care is not taken.
  • It is advisable to contact a doctor as soon as unusual bleeding or any other symptoms are visible.
  • If you got your first baby through c-section delivery, it is best to get the second one in the same way rather than attempting a vaginal birth.

second time pregnant mom and son doing exercise

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy:

It is very important for an expectant mother to take good care of herself:

  • The first and foremost thing to do is taking proper rest. Midday naps are most recommended, but if that’s not possible, then try going to bed early.
  • Take a good diet and include all the nutrients in your diet.
  • Add folic acid to your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids.
  • Also, keep visiting the doctor for regular check-ups and physical examinations. If you take proper care of yourself, you will take appropriate care of your baby.
  • It also becomes essential to spend some quality time with your firstborn so that s/he does not feel left out.
  • It is also essential to keep your body moving a little and be fit. Do yoga, meditation, or some exercise to keep your body healthy and fit.
  • Check for vaccinations and when you have to take them. It is vital to plan schedules for vaccinations.

Second-baby pregnancy is easy for most women as the body is already equipped with the changes after the first pregnancy. Take a healthy diet and practice a healthy lifestyle to have a healthy baby. Still, it is best to look out for anything unusual to avoid complications. Be patient and calm, and you will have a smooth pregnancy.

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