Sweating In Babies: Causes & Treatment

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Bindu Raichura

baby sweating

Sweating is a common part of our life. It is our body’s normal process for cooling down. But do babies sweat? According to various studies, sweating in babies is very rare as the sweat glands are still not mature enough to produce sweat. So the answer to the question: do newborns sweat is a no. But as the baby’s body develops and adjusts to the new environment, it starts reacting according to the temperature properly.

Thus sweating in babies can be completely normal and the main reason can be simply the heat. But there are other reasons that can cause your baby to sweat as well. And you need to notice the signs of abnormal sweating. Here is all you need to know about baby sweating; when it is normal and when to see a doctor. pregnancy pillow

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Why is My Baby Sweating?

There can be a lot of reasons behind the sweat of your baby. Your baby may feel hot. It can be due to extra clothing or extra crying. Mild fever also can be the reason. But sometimes it indicates serious problems like a congenital heart problem or sleep apnea in babies. It can also be caused by suffocation or indicates hyperhidrosis. We will discuss these in detail in this article.

Causes of Baby Sweating

Following are some of the causes of baby sweating:

Excessive Crying

As babies cannot talk, the only way to express their discomfort is by crying. Thus sometimes they cry a lot if the discomfort is not resolved quickly. It can be due to an empty tummy, or wet clothes. As crying is an extremely strenuous job for the baby, sometimes its face gets red and sweaty due to excessive crying. This is completely normal. You will have to figure out the reason for your baby’s crying and calm the baby as soon as possible.

Head Sweat Due To Deep Sleep

head sweating of sleeping baby

Babies are used to sleeping soundly and without many movements. And as unlike adults, the sweat glands of babies are located close to their heads, which results in baby head sweat during sleep. So the reason behind the sweaty heads in babies is that they do not change their head positions while sleeping. Thus, for a remedy, you can change your baby’s head position from time to time while they are sleeping.

Extra Clothes

If it is summer then your baby can sweat just like you. Also, parents try to wrap up their babies to give them womb-like warmth and comfort. But this can lead to the baby sweating as its skin cannot breathe properly. We know it is your concern that makes you put the blanket on your baby, you don’t want them to catch a cold. But if it is causing sweat, then reduce the clothes.


Sweating is normal if your baby has a fever. You can easily recognize it by measuring the temperature and other cold-related symptoms like a runny nose or cough.

What are the Complications that Lead to Baby Sweating?

Complications that Lead to Baby Sweating_

The symptoms are quite visible. You can see the tiny water drops on their foreheads and armpits or feel the moistness when you touch their hands and feet. Babies usually sweat very less but if the baby sweats a lot without any of the reasons we mentioned above, then there can be serious issues. It can be-

Heart Disease

If the baby has a heart problem then doing any effortful work like playing or eating can cause the baby to sweat excessively.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is the condition where the baby stops breathing for some time while sleeping. It can be for 20 seconds or more. This leads to their body being overworked and sweating abnormally. Other symptoms of sleep apnea are pale bluish skin, and wheezing along with excessive sweating.


It is a condition that causes excessive sweating in babies without any reason. The symptoms of hyperhidrosis are babies’ sweaty feet and hands. Talk to your doctor. It can get resolved by a bit of medication or applying ointments. However, it can also require a surgical procedure, according to the condition.


Allergies can also lead to baby sweating so keep a check on any rash or runny nose to ensure that your little one is not suffering from any allergy.

What is the Treatment of a Sweaty Baby?

baby sleeping in crib

Treatment for a sweaty baby is very simple. You just need to check what causes them to sweat and treat them accordingly.

  • Keep the room temperature between 20 to 22 C.
  • Keep the baby hydrated, especially before sleeping
  • Use comfortable cotton clothes, especially in summer, so that the baby’s skin can breathe properly.
  • Keep your baby’s crib free from stuffed toys, blankets, or any sleep positioners as they can suffocate the baby while sleeping.

When to See a Doctor?

You need to talk to the doctor if the baby is-

  • Having long pauses in breathing while sleeping
  • Wheezing or gasping while sleeping
  • Sweating while eating
  • Not gaining weight
  • Snoring
  • Grinding Teeth

A bit of baby sweating is completely normal and there is nothing to be worried about. Often it gets resolved by lowering the room temperature or using more soothing clothes. But in case of continuous excessive sweating, you need to talk to the doctor and do the necessary tests to find out the reason for it.

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