Sex Positions to Skip When You’re Pregnant

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Some women consider sex a big no during pregnancy while some are hesitant to go ahead and enjoy it as they dread that it could harm the unborn baby. But this is not true and you can have an active sex life during pregnancy, but of course with some care. However, you should be aware of certain sex positions to skip when you are pregnant.

Check with your doctor and once he gives you a go signal to have sex during pregnancy, there is no harm in taking the plunge. The doctor will permit you to have sex only if you have an uncomplicated pregnancy. Find everything about the sex positions to skip when you’re pregnant.

sex positions during pregnancy

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Can I Have Sex During Pregnancy?

In a normal pregnancy, you do not have to stay away from mating with your partner as long as both of you are comfortable doing it. Even though you can enjoy sex during pregnancy, there are certain precautions that need to be taken.

There are certain sex positions to skip when you’re pregnant. Using condoms during intercourse and cleaning the vagina after intercourse ensures the safety of your unborn child and reduces the chances of any kind of infection.

There are some positions that favor pregnancy and some positions that should be avoided when you are pregnant. Read on to know which sex positions to skip when you’re pregnant.

Trimester-Wise Sex: What to Look Forward to and What to Avoid?

Let us divide the pregnancy period trimester-wise and discuss the positions that are favorable and positions that need to be avoided during each trimester. Before you try out any of the below-mentioned sex positions or even before you have sex while you are pregnant, speak with your doctor and get clearance.

Try these sex positions only when you get a go-ahead from your doctor.

1. Sexual Positions During The First Trimester

The first trimester is the most favorable period of pregnancy for sex. All your private parts will be extra sensitive as there is increased blood circulation and your belly will still not grow. As a result, sex can be fun.

Also, having sex during the initial months will help you to take your mind off the pregnancy-related fatigue and nausea that are very common during the early weeks. Your hormones will be all charged up during the first trimester.

In addition, your breasts and other parts will be super sensitive and reciprocal to touch, your urge to have sex may rise during this period. Therefore, during the first trimester of your pregnancy sex will be fun and pleasurable and you can enjoy sex without any inhibitions.

Read here to know what is safe and what is not when making love in the first trimester.

Safe Sex Positions

All positions are safe during the first trimester of pregnancy. You can explore all positions, even the hardest one from Kamasutra to the simple missionary position.

However, oral sex is safe only if you take these precautions:

  • Do not blow into the vagina. Blowing air into the vagina during oral sex can be very dangerous.
  • Blowing air into the vagina increases the risk of air embolism (blockage of the blood vessel by an air bubble). An air embolism could prove fatal for you and your baby.
  • Always clean the vagina thoroughly after having oral sex.

Positions to Avoid

  • Even though all positions are safe during the first trimester, vigorous or rough sex should be avoided.
  • Definitely, keep away from scented lubricants. Avoiding lubricants altogether is better.
  • Avoid anal sex as it increases the chances of infection passing from the rectum to the vagina (especially if the anal sex is followed by vaginal sex).

2. Sexual Positions During the Second Trimester

The 13th week to 27th week of pregnancy is considered the second trimester. By the second trimester, most of your pregnancy nausea and fatigue will either be gone completely or come down to lower levels. As a result, you will feel fresh and enthusiastic about sex.

The pregnancy hormones will still be super-charged and make you want to do all that much more in bed with your partner. You will also begin to detect your baby’s movement between the 16th and 22nd weeks of your pregnancy.

That is, during your second trimester, you can likewise feel the movement of your baby when you are having sex. The movement will increase when you have an orgasm, which is quite normal.

Read here to know what is safe and what is not when making love in the second trimester.

Safe Sex Positions

sex during pregnancy

You can try out the following positions during the second trimester.


In the spooning position, you and your partner can lie down side-by-side. This position will not put pressure on your belly. The vaginal penetration will be shallow, providing more comfort.


Considering yourself on the top during sex is a good idea to keep off the pressure from your belly. In this position, you can straddle your partner from above. While you try out the woman-on-top position, you can take some extra support by holding on to your bed or the back of the couch.

As your pregnancy progresses, there will be a gradual shift in your balance. So it is always better to have some support which in turn will also help you to move up and down while you straddle your partner.

Doggy Style

This is the most favored position during the second trimester of pregnancy. In this position, you will kneel on all fours as your partner takes position behind you.

In Doggy style, your partner will penetrate from the back of your vagina. The doggy style position is especially helpful if you experience any pain in your lower back or pelvic region, as it takes the pressure off from these areas.

Scissor Position

Here lovemaking is done while lying down face to face. This is a less penetrating position.

Positions to Avoid

It is better to avoid the positions in which you have to be on your back such as the missionary position. This is because when you are on your back in a missionary position and your partner is on top of you, the growing uterus may squeeze the main blood vessels, which can slow the blood flow to the placenta.

3. Sexual Positions During The Third Trimester

Once you enter the third trimester, the belly becomes bigger, and you will have to try out positions that make you comfortable and work less. Some of the concerns during the third trimester are amniotic fluid leakage, bleeding, back pain, fatigue, cramps, etc.

So, it is recommended not to engage in sexual intercourse for four weeks preceding your due date regardless of how you feel. Read here to know what is safe and what is not when making love in the third trimester.

Safe Sex Position

Some safe sex positions during the final trimester are doggy style, spooning, woman on top, or rear entry.

Positions to Avoid

  • Strictly avoid those sex positions in which you have to be on your back like the missionary position.
  • Avoid all sex positions that require deeper penetration (like the turtle, on the lap, anvil, etc.)

couple using condom

Should You Use Condoms During Pregnancy?

Using a condom while you are having sex while you are pregnant will help to prevent the risk of some STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). STDs can increase the chances of infection to you and your unborn baby. In case your partner is suffering from any such disease, it is better to avoid sex altogether, with or without a condom.

When You Should Not Have Sex While You are Pregnant?

It is better to avoid sex altogether in the following conditions:

  • If you have had premature labor and birth in your previous pregnancy.
  • If you are experiencing spotting or bleeding.
  • In case there is leakage of the amniotic fluid.
  • In case of multiple pregnancies.
  • If you are suffering from cervical incompetence.
  • If you are suffering from placenta previa.

Also, there is a common belief that having sex during pregnancy can harm the unborn baby. But this is not true as the unborn baby is protected in amniotic fluid inside your uterus.

Having sex will not harm your unborn baby in any way until you have extremely passionate sex in which your body shakes a lot, or a lot of pressure is exerted on your tummy and the uterus.


1. Is the Missionary Position Safe During Pregnancy?

Initially it can be safe. As pregnancy progresses, it is not recommended. Lying on her back can compress blood flow to the baby.

2. Is the Side Lying Sex Position Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is. This is one of the safest. The mother is not on her back and there is no weight on her.

3. Can Pregnant Women Have Sex in Elevated Position?

As the pregnancy progresses, it is not safe for the woman to lift up her hips too much. The baby’s weight will roll back into the mother’s chest. This can cause discomfort.

4. Is Standing Sex Position Safe During Pregnancy?

It cannot hurt the baby. However, with a big pregnant belly, it can be difficult. The man may not be able to hold up the woman properly, with a protruding belly.

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